Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where Had I Disappeared?

I only write when my heart tells me to, over the past few months my heart somehow didn't tell me to write. I didn't write, because I was in the process of experiencing a new world and learning new things. Every time I learn something new, I realize how much more there is to learn in the world and the more I learn the more I know how little I know.

I was missing, no blog posts, no articles, no interviews, no book signings, no talks, no lectures, nothing! I know this might sound strange to a lot of people, I know many of you have sent several emails, posted messages, dropped SMS's, called, etc. all telling me to come and write. It makes me feel nice and humbled, to know all of you are there. That so many people out there want to share ideas and are hungry for knowledge. I thank all of you for the love and support. My sincere apologies to all those who emailed, and I was unable to reply. I missed you all, but in the pursuit of knowledge, sometimes you need to cut away from everything and single mindedly go behind the mission you have taken.

I had several interesting experiences, I met new people, experienced new things, things I never imagined I would ever experience. Learnt things, that are absolutely new for me and widened my horizons.
Since my disappearance, I experienced new things, from meeting tigers and riding elephants in the wild jungle, living in a tent with nothing, to learning martial arts and being ready with a brand new book (this book is slightly different from the others.....because it just isn't a book, will reveal more just in time!)

While I was not here, several interesting things happened in the world of finance. Gold touched a new high, dollar touched a new high, the Indian Rupee became weaker than it ever was, the Indian political strata once again disappointed everyone by not making the right decisions. A lack of conviction in making policies, led to an outflow of capital by foreigners.  Inflation sky-rocketed, fuel prices touched a new high, challenges grew, Kingfisher almost went bust. Some people got richer - some others got poorer. India is heading into truly dynamic times and our Politicians, Policy Maker, RBI, need to be very careful about what they do.

Quite a few women, became members of our Happionaire family, through Happionaire's Investment Secrets For Women. In fact my experience with women was so lovely, that I ended up co-authoring a book with an amazing woman, Anubha Singhania. The book is called, Fundamentals of Investing in Equities and Assets That Create Wealth. How this book happened and how it came into being is truly amazing. This book is proof that dreams do become a reality. I will share the story with all of you soon. It is truly an incredible book - I want each one of you to go out there and read it. It is not just another book - but something that is part of a larger mission. A mission which we all need to achieve. 

In the time I was away, all that I learnt, I will share in the coming times. I also look forward to learning more from all of you about what your experiences have been.

God bless and as always keep smiling! There is nothing as lovely in this world as a smile and nobody as rich as someone who is happy!

Yogesh Chabria


Deepak said...

Thanks a lot. Please write frequently.

Sudhir Mehta said...

So nice to once again read your lovely words right from the heart Yogesh ji. I missed you for so long and would always wait to see your blog. Yes lots has changed and now I look forward to learning more from you and am very curious to know what all your have been learning and doing. Please share with us.

Also where do you see Dollar headed and with dollar becoming strong what is impact on IT companies?

nikunj said...

nice to see u afer long time. i hav personally apllied ur thoughts & ideas & learned a lot from it. may god bless all of us. bye.

nikunj said...

hi, its great to see u after long time. i hav personally learned a lot from ur ideas.

bhupinder said...

so happy to read a lovely innovative post good new xperience wonderful--bhupinder

Sonia said...

I loved reading Happionaire's Investment Secrets for Women. I wanted to ask you Yogesh, what is your view on the present rise in petrol prices and falling ruppee. Please share and what you feel will hapen to India?

Haresh said...

Yogesh ji, wonderful to see you back. Really missed your pearls of wisdom. Also congratulations for the new book, have already ordered it. Would love to know what is your take on the mes the government has put India in.

Krishna Ippalpalli said...

Dear Mr. Chabria,

This is nice to see your blog after long time. Hope we will have more blogs with full of ideas in coming months.

Best Regards

Krishna Ippalpalli

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading your latest book.

After reading all your blog posts (since 2008), all books and all the educational reports, I have to say I am extremely disappointed with this book.

Below is my feedback:
1. Acknowledging this book is more technical then your previous ones, I do know that you have the ability to make it easy, fun and understandable.. like you did in one of the technical chapters in Cash the Crash.
2. Never felt I was reading a Yogesh Chabria book. If this is how co-authored books are, requesting you to please avoid it.
3. The title is also misleading, its only about Equities and not about any other asset classes.

--Happionaire since 2008