Friday, October 7, 2011

The Happionaire Mantra and Women!

For a past few days - I have been silent. As mentioned earlier too, periods of silence are needed when nothing new is happening. What we spoke about in the past - started happening now. Anyone with observation power would have realized that happening.

Markets going haywire, correcting, real estate in overheated areas going down -Lower Pare in Mumbai for instance, Gold over the long term (In the recent few weeks there have been corrections in the two - the reason behind this is simple, manipulations by vested interests, but in the long term it is hard to suppress prices in physical gold. We can now realize the power of buying physical Gold over an ETF.) If you hold physical Gold - don't worry you are safe. Don't worry if you hold Rupees and are planning to invest and spend in India. The weakness in the Rupee is more to do with the strengthening of the Dollar against all currencies.

But at the same time the deadliest mistake people make is to believe that they can predict the exact movements of markets. Anyone who went 'short' in the hopes that markets are going downwards, would be wiped in a single day when markets rose 500 points. Similarly anyone who went 'long' thinking markets would rise would have lost. The Happionaire Mantra has always been simply of holding for the long term and sleeping peacefully at night.

What we did in 2008 - 2009, we are once again entering that zone. The zone of bliss where you can buy things in your own prices. With real estate prices falling aggressively, there will be good opportunities for investors.

Thanks for all the e-mails regarding the market now - my simple answer is read our earlier posts - the companies we shared earlier, continue to be excellent buys and are amongst the rare few who continued to rise since the market fell. (Alternative Energy Investment to Petrol and Invest in Oranges When Pests Attack) I'm glad almost all of you have made investments in these companies and are smiling - irrespective of where the market is headed. These companies still have a long way to go.

With God's grace soon we are launching our new book meant specially for women - Happionaire's Investment Secrets for Women. I would like to thank all fellow Happionaires here for constantly giving me the support and love to continue writing. You can all pre-book it now - I need all of you to order a copy for yourself or the women in your life or even for yourself, in case you want some insights into the way women think. Writing this book was quite exciting and my journey took me too interesting places, will speak about it more soon. I have always felt that finance, investing and money needs to be made more fun - especially for the women out there.

I honestly hope I'm able to please all the women out there! Fingers crossed!

Happy investing and don't let the small things around you bother you. And to be honest everything around you isn't as big as it looks. It's all small.

May Steve Job's soul rest in peace and may he be one with God.

Keep smiling!
Yogesh Chabria


Sanjay said...

Great to read your beautiful post after so many days Yogesh ji, beautiful to know about the new book for women am sure to get it for my wife and will do wonderfully well for all the ladies.

Yogesh ji thanks for bringing in our confidence back in gold, please share more views on the present real estate?

Rahul Paliwal said...

Which area real estate prices are getting corrected, Dear Yogesh..

Also I would love to read your book if priced attractive as we are value investors..:-)...

Sahil said...

Great post after sometime Yogesh ji. Real estate prices are falling in select areas - Lower Parel in Mumbai has fallen a lot. I will try to get both my daughters to read this book, might even read it myself for fun.

Looking forward to it. Please share more reports besides the two already shared.

Keep smiling all Happionaires!

Rajeev said...

Thanks Yogesh ji for sharing your words of wisdom as well as motivation. Please tell us what you think is the direction of Greece and Europe in particular? What is really happening behind the scenes?

rohit said...

Sir what is your opinion about the Occupy Wall-street protests? Which event of history can you relate it to? Has something of this sort happened in the past? Also everyone knew that the Rapidly rising gap between the rich and poor is going to result in a revolution one day which is happening now, the common man all over the world is full of angst, what will all this lead to? What effect will it have on asset prices? I feel it will be bad for the financial sector as a whole for the next many years.

Sunil said...

Dear All,

Wishing all Indians A very happy Diwali and a Prospereous New Year.

Satish Patel said...

Happy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year to Yogesh & all the fellow happionaires.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,
i need ur view abt ur orange comp, now can i avg it as come down by 50rs from my purchased price..i can hold it for two yrs..

and also need ur view abt lakshmi energy and food,,. book value is 101, pe is 2 and eps is 9. now its trading at 19.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir,
i need ur view abt ur orange comp, now can i avg it as come down by 50rs from my purchased price..i can hold it for two yrs..

and also need ur view abt lakshmi energy and food,,. book value is 101, pe is 2 and eps is 9. now its trading at 19.

Ravi P said...

Yogesh - where are you man? Running out of posts. I think you should write regularly. I suppose each one of us was expecting a post from you at least on Diwali. Hope everything is alright with you!

Debi Mishra said...

Hi Yogesh,
Where are you?
I am mailing at but no response.


Anonymous said...

2 months and still waiting.

Is everything Ok?

KULDEEP said...

Yogesh ji is coping Manmohan singh ji
doing nothing saying nothing,acting as a Mauni baba

Rahul Paliwal said...

Knock Knock! Dear Yogesh. Whazzup? Real estate price did not drop yet..

Dp said...

Yogesh Bhai,
Any idea whether to Buy more oranges or not.

Should we buy now?


Dp said...

I mailed couple of times for report on Alternative energy report few months back. But, no reply.


Samant said...

Yogesh Bhai - why this Kolaveri Da ? :) said...

Dear all
Happy new year n happy investing

Jagan said...

Where are you Yogesh ? You had been in hide for more than 3 months now...This is the time to give some insights, please come out and write for all of us.

Hope all is well with you

Anonymous said...

Any news about A defector's strange disappearance?

Naresh Pisharody said...

Hi Yogesh, New year and any new ideas? The Oranges have got juicier, in valuations

Anonymous said...

Yogeshji ,
Maun Vrat kab totega?

Anonymous said...

Not feeling Happy :(

-A Happionaire

Anonymous said...

4 months since your last post & counting

Anonymous said...

Is it true that you are no longer working for FAMS. said...

yes Yogesh ji is no longer with FAMS,I invested in FAMS thinking that its assosiated with Yogesh ji but lost 40% of investment

Anonymous said...

Mr Yogesh Chabria a young financial advisor has been missing from long time,if any body has any clue pls inform

Dp said...

People suspect that you are missing. But, You are moderating all comments. Come lets talk something. Do not you feel bored after not writing anything for last 6 months.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,

Kindly keep your readers / happionaires informed of when you will be back.

Naresh Pisharody said...

Hello Yogesh and all,
I had recently wrote about events that shape up great opportunities to make real returns and are forbidden to many of us.

Any ideas?

Deepak said...

Yogesh Bhai,
You have not posted for 7 months now. Why? Ek post kardo ..Plzzzzzzzz