Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Is Your Dream?

It was lovely meeting fellow Happionaires at our program that happened last weekend at the Bombay Gymkhana organized by Quantum Dynamics. It was fun, we had some good laughs and gained some insight into looking at investing slightly differently. We had lots of interesting discussions, and to be honest besides sharing a few ideas of my own, I got to learn a lot more from all those had attended. I always believe that each one of us has an infinite amount of knowledge within us – we just are afraid to tap it. Investing, business and a lot of other things in life are all inborn. We all ‘know’ within us what is right and what is wrong.

We had a few Happionaires who had travelled from Pune, Surat as well as Dubai. It encourages us to go out and spread the message to more and more people. It is a very simply message, but at the same time very important and powerful. I request all those who had been a part of the program to share whatever they learnt with all those around them.

Also the few companies shared in the program, I would like to give it to all those of you who were able to figure it out and e-mail it. A fellow Happionaire, Kamal Barbaria, was fun and shared an interesting company for all of us to guess. The company happens to be in the agricultural sector – linked with micro-nutrients for plants. It has an excellent distribution network already in place and has prime land in areas of Mumbai. The existing distribution network restricts competition. Any guesses which company this is? (I have been doing some research on it myself!)

I’ll like to take some time out and meet more of you. Do let Quantum Dynamics know if you want them to organize something in your city too. I would love to see you.

A lot of people asked me what is being a Happionaire about. I don’t have any particular definition for it. It is like asking to define what is it to have wind blowing through your hair and face near the sea. Life can have no definition, it is just a wonderful experience. I thought I will share what the Happionaire experience is all about. Just a few words that are from my heart.

Once there was a small boy. He had a dream, he wanted to do something incredible. He wanted to do something that would change the world forever. Something that nobody else had ever done, something that he loved. Something his heart had always told him to do. He had this dream even before he went to school. Even before he was trained and taught by teachers. He knew he would do this. But then school happened. Studies happened, tuitions happened, he was taught that failing and making mistakes was wrong. He was forced to memorize things. He was forced to kill his creativity and desire to learn. He was forced to kill his dreams because everyone told him that he should do something that was ‘safe’ something that everyone else was doing. He was told not to think from his heart – because the real world doesn’t think from the heart.

He was forced to take up a job he didn’t believe in, follow orders and do things his heart didn’t want to. Tolerate 20 hour work days, live his life burdened with stress, anger and hate. He had never been encouraged to learn about money and finance and now the only thing he longed was for his monthly pay cheque. He spent it on things that didn’t make him happy. He lived a life for others. He lived a life that wasn’t his own. He started drinking and smoking, trying to forget his life.

Had he just listened to his heart. Had he just followed what his innocent, pure, filled with creativity mind and heart had told him as a child. Wouldn’t life be life today? It still isn’t late for him. He can start living once again. He can be what the child in him wants to be.

He can once again laugh, smile and do things he loves. He can stop constantly thinking about buying things he doesn’t need, he can stop living for others, he can start enjoying things he really wants. He can stop worrying about money and finance, because he has made the right decisions and if financially independent. He doesn’t have to be scared of anybody because he owes them anything. He lives free. He lives happy. He simplifies everything and isn’t afraid to make mistakes. He is finally living life.

He just has to dare. He just has to embrace a new way of life and thinking. That is what being a Happionaire is about. I welcome the world to being Happionaires!

Keep smiling and having fun!

Lots of Love,

Yogesh Chabria



EkVeer said...

I am happy to be the first person to post a comment about the stock discussed.

I think the stock being discussed is Aries Agro.

Is there a way to validate the same?

nabendu said...

If "Ek Veer" is happy to be the first person then i am more than happy to be the second person to post about this company.

The stock being discussed is surely "Aries Agro". It has huge distribution network and operates in niche micronutrients (Chelation Technology).

Conserv said...

I think its Bayer Cropscience.

Shabu's said...

Hi Yogesh,

Excellent conversation as always.... just wish to indicate a probable spell mistake I noticed which may disturb the rhythm of reading such worthy contents..

"Had he just listened to his heat." at third last para.. I think its HEART...


Harshang Shah said...

Yogesh somehow I couldnt attend the event in Mumbai. Please let me know when next is it scheduled in Mumbai would love to attend it.

Ravi P said...

Amazing post Yogesh, loved reading every bit of it. I don't know which company you're referring to, didn't got time to look into it but will certainly do.

However, I would like to share a company that I've found and am sure is a multi-bagger. The company already has handful number of patents and still continues to file every now and then - Niche business model is always good. I was introduced to this company since my sister worked there as a trainee and I got interested in the business model. I've personally met its management and later figured a connection. It's amazing how just one talk can make you feel connected to the company.

The Market Cap is 1x times its revenue per year which is amazing. It is like 1 crore sales in your business by just investing 1 crore. Above all the company is debt free.

Few hints:
1. The company is into a sector which we all are anyhow dependent to.
2. Market Cap 200 - 300 Cr - Small can always outperform big :)
3. Keep guessing for Book Value ;)

Do you want to go ahead and find this company? Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

Ravi..Can you mention the company name or else give some more details about the company since you haven't given much hint below.

Satish Patel said...

Hi Yogesh,

I will be sending a request to Quantum Dynamics to see the possibility of hosting an event in Dubai.

With about 44,000 distributors, more than 4000 dealers, 25 branches spread over 20 states in India the comany in discussion seems to be Aries agro limited.

Ravi P said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have given enough hints about the company to begin your search. You can start filtering by Market Cap, look for revenues, think about industry where Patents filing is quite prevalent.

To help you further, Company also has operations in Europe primarily Germany.

I cannot name the company since the market cap is just 200-300 cr that will bloat the price and give chance for people to manipulate as well.

Keep hunting...

Until then cheers,

EkVeer said...

I think Ravi is talking about Venus remedies.

@ the price of 252.45, their market cap is Rs 229 Crore and their sales are 357 Crore.

They have started their German operations in 2005 and they have a German website as well.

Venus has filed for 341 patents and received grants for 74 patents from Various countries.

Satish Patel said...

Ek Veer,

Venus remedies isn't debt free.

EkVeer said...

I agree on that but I could not find any other company with the given parameters by Ravi.

Dp said...

Gold is rocking. Thanks for your advice.


Satish Patel said...

Hi Yogesh,

Is it possible to know your latest views on Gold & Silver?

Kuldhir said...

Great Recession is BACK!!! :))) :D :D :D

Dp said...

I hope , you will tell us at right time.