Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Best Alternative Energy Investment To Petrol

Let me ask you a simple question - what would you do if prices of a certain product kept rising? Let us say prices of red apples kept rising? They doubled and tripled - while a small minority will continue to buy red apples, the masses will stop buying it and will look for an alternative - maybe they will not start buying green apples. One very interesting part of the investing world is what I call the concept of "Replacement Investments" - these are things that have the power to replace something else. So when the e-mail came to power - it might have been an excellent replacement for the local post. Now I feel we have an excellent Replacement Investment opportunity.

Petrol prices have been rising constantly. In fact petrol would have been one of the best investment someone could have made in the past year - with several price hikes. While there were ways people could and still can benefit from these rises - another interesting question comes to my mind, what happens when petrol prices become too expensive? What is the best alternative fuel one can invest in that will help create investor wealth.

Being an investor, is a mix of being a psychologist and being someone who can predict trends and the way masses will behave to being a philosopher who can use what spirituality has to teach us. The theory of Karma which teaches us about what we sow, so shall we reap fits beautifully in the world of investing. It is one of the most exciting areas of human life. The rising petrol prices in India will automatically cause millions and billions of people to move to this alternative energy source and a few companies will benefit immensely from this new demand.

Demand for this energy source will rapidly grow in the coming few years, and the company I have started investing in will be one of the beneficiaries of this demand. The same way with the Pest affected company, this investment too is based on a few simple facts about the way people will behave when it comes to energy. On one hand people will continue to pay higher prices - but at the other hand they will constantly try to come up with new ways to reduce these costs. While with the first option - with the Pest ridden company, we are benefiting from price rises, with the company I am sharing now, we are securing the future post that in terms of new alternate energies.

While I am sharing one company from this sector, I feel the entire sector has immense potential. In the future we could see it emerging as a large scale sector that tributes to India's energy needs with almost every major business group trying to enter it.

Like all our other reports, this too is educational in nature and I will discourage anyone who has a short term view from reading it. Also anyone who has a purely academic view is advised not to purchase it, because like all our other reports, this too comes from the practical point of view of an investor. It is simple and easy to understand, because that is how I like to invest.

You can e-mail Karan at info@happionaire.com to find out how you can access this report on The Best Alternative Energy Investment To Petrol.

Happy investing and learning!

Yogesh Chabria

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Happy Singh said...

Here are the companies in this sector
Nitin Fire Protection Industries
Everest Kanto
Gujarat Gas Company Ltd

Muthu said...

U.S agencies Ordered to Buy Alternative Energy Vehicles. By 2015 US wants to see many hybrid card on roads.
A lot of initiatives going on in India as well for Hybrid Electric Conversion Kits. IITs did some research work on this. Google it and you'll find more information.

Honda is also launching plug-in hybrid, electric car in 2012.

In addition to what Happy Singh mentioned "Bharat Forge Ltd." developed these kits. Search in Google and you'll get to know the different companies in this space.

I guess Toyata Prius was the first vehicle using this technology.

Unknown said...

Which sector are talking about here then....

Power or automobile?

nabendu said...

Its IndoWind Energy....
IndoWind is in the business of producing energy the cheapest way...and many biggies are contemplating to enter in this space.

Raj said...

I think it is natural gas companies.
One name i can think of is: IGL

Bridge said...

Nice article. In fact I was thinking about alternative energy from a very long time.

I agree with what Happy Singh has suggested.

However, all the alternative energy are still very far from being popular. Also, we dont know whether the alternative that we are talking or investing will actually become popular or something else will become popular.

You have, ethenol blending companies. You have windmill making companies. You also have companies making equipment for solar energy. And you dont know which energy will get traction in the future.

I think its a good idea to create a fund for all such companies who are in the field of alternative energy sources :)

In addition to what Happy Singh has mentioned, think of Praj Industries in the same league.

Anonymous said...

The best alternative energies to petrol could be
Nuclear Power
Hydroelectric Power
Wind Power
Solar Energy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly glad to discover this. Good job!

Rahul Paliwal said...

Hey Yogesh, Nice thought Man..You have a inherent nature of thinking Contra or in other words Against the Wind..

Well, Off-course Govt, Businesses, people have to think of alternate energy wrt global warming, oil price, limited natural resources blaw blaw.

Now direct replacement of Petrol is CNG so the business in Indraprasth gas.

Other one is adding Ethanol to Petrol so one known name is Praj Ind but they are in to technology not in commodity as per my limited knowledge..

So I would bet on IGL.

So Yogesh, Where do you see GOLD in 5 years?

Keep Sharing your view, Dear.

Anonymous said...

it might be petronet lng.i guess

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would agree with this option.

Samant said...

another aspect..http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/newsbyindustry/etcetera/Solar-powered-plane-on-second-international-flight/articleshow/8817935.cms

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am certainly happy to find this. Good job!

Anonymous said...

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Suresh J. said...

Yogesh ji - please looking forward and missing your views with what all is happening in the world. Please share a few words. We are addicted to you.

A fellow Happionaire.