Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We Need To Start Dreaming More

What I am writing here I feel is something very important. It is something that has shaped my life, as well as the lives of several other people who have gone on to do something. Over they years, I have seen how every since I was a child people around me constantly discouraged dreamers. When I started investing I was only sixteen and barely had Rs. 750. All this because I had a simple dream.

Children who said they wanted to be doctors or engineers or lawyers, were always given a pat on the back by elders and teachers, while if anyone dared to say that I want to be a millionaire or an actor or bestselling author was usually discouraged. They were told only one a million became that and it would be 'safer' to not think on those lines.

If we want India to become a superpower, we need to encourage people to dream and not be restricted by formal academics and conventional learning. Imagine what would have happened to our country if people like Shah Rukh Khan had listened to the conventional school of thought. What would have happened if Rakesh Jhunjhunwalah had not decided to become an investor? Our nation would be poorer, not just in terms of wealth and global power, but also diversity.

If you dream of being a doctor and curing diseases as a child, my love and support is there for you. May you become the best doctor, but don't become a doctor just because it is supposed to be a 'safe' career option and you will make money. In today's India creating wealth is becoming easier and easier for all those people who are powered with knowledge, and that makes it easier for you to follow your passion.

I think the biggest mistake people make is that at some point or the other they give up dreaming. They got caught up in what everyone around them is telling, they let their past failures stop them from thinking about the future and they let the world around them dictate their future, in the midst of all this they stop dreaming.

Our country needs more dreamers than ever today. We need people to dream and envision what the future will be like, the most successful investors aren't people with fancy degrees from fancy institutes or people with IQs and people good at accounts and maths - they are simply dreamers.

I too have a dream for this nation and I dream that one day each and every Indian will be financially empowered. Each and every Indian will have the knowledge to create wealth and use this wealth for the betterment of India. I dream of an India where wealth goes on to create a better nation and a better life. I dream of a nation where people look at each other with love and happiness in their heart, rather than ego and arrogance. I dream of a nation where humbleness, helpfulness and smiling becomes natural to our existence. I dream of a nation where everyone has a decent home and nice warm food on the table. I dream of a nation where corruption and hate are no longer existent - and to be honest something inside me tells me that this will be possible one day. I dream of a nation filled with Happionaires.

Today when I watch the media or read the newspapers, I realize that there is an urgent need for people to start envisioning and dreaming about the future. All the noise in the media somehow has stopped people from thinking and dreaming.

We all need to start dreaming much more! It will make us better investors as well as better people.

Keep smiling and may God bless all those dreams you have!
Yogesh Chabria

P.S: For all fellow Happionaires in Allahabad: I am going to be there for a talk at
HOTEL MILAN Palace, Govind Tower, 4/2 Starchy Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad on the 26th of March at 10 in the morning. CNBC-NSE (National Stock Exchange) have organized an investor camp. Hope to see you!

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Gautam Mishra said...

Yogesh ji,

I been a great follower, admirer and fan of your work for over two years now. And the journey for me has been wonderful. But this post really made me realize so many things about our life. We just think about going for dinner or coffee or work promotions, but never pay attention to letting our dream flow.

I will share this with my children and will support you in this dream. I pray and am sure this dream will come true. Or a Happionaire India.

Lots of love,

naina said...

I wish people like you became leaders of our nation Chabria ji. Please tell us when you will visit our city of Bangalore? We are all waiting to meet you and be in your presence and get some positive energy from you.

Anonymous said...

You are actually translating dreams into reality. Wish you the very best.

Bhim said...

Dear Yogesh,
I've been regular reader of your blog since last one year. This was the most thought provoking and touching email I've read so far. Infact, I too like others would have encourged my son to take up safe career option like medicine and engineering. But my mind is changed now. These days I tell him that why don't you aspire to be a Saharukh Khan or Sachin Tendulkar. These people are known worldwide. People will remember their works even when they'll leave us. But how many good doctors/engineers in India are hugely famous unless you become Devy Shetty:)


Anonymous said...

I think you will want to place a twitter button to your site. I just marked down the site, although I must complete it manually. Simply my advice.

Dp said...

DO you think the Indian market correction is over or it has not completed yet.I have been waiting in the sidelines to buy .The real estate problem as spoken by you has become as isolated case in the market.