Monday, March 7, 2011

Registrations Open For The Happionaire Delhi Institute!

It has been very exciting getting things in place for our first Happionaire Financial Literacy Institute in association with Quantum Dynamics coming up in Delhi. Our institute will be unlike any other institute in the country, because it will look at learning, not from the point of view of getting a job or a degree, but from the sole point of view of enhancing practical knowledge. Practical knowledge that can be used in life. Practical knowledge that become a tool for you to use through life. A tool that can be passed on from family to family, from generation to generation.

So many people run after degreess that will give them jobs and a stamp on their head, failing to reazlie that when it comes to life, it isn't just about having a degree but having the knowledge to make the msot of all the wonderful opportunities available all around us. I'm no MBA nor do I have any formal degree in finance or investing, but that has never stopped me from doing what I truly desire. I want everyone to believe in themselves and realize that if you really dream - and work towards your dream, whatever you desire is possible. Life is the best teacher and we are constantly learning from it.

While, our focus if going to be on finance and investing, we are also going to look at business, entrepreneurship and life in totality. Investing is an integral part of life, you can't be a successful investor without being happy and satisfied with life at large. Believe it or not we will not have a fixed course content, because I believe that if life is so dynamic, how can knowledge imported be fixed? Everything is constantly changing and so will what we teach.

I also feel through our institute I will be able to connect better and meet more and more Happionaires. I am very excited and have a very good feeling about it. Just like our first book, Invest The Happionaire Way, I pray to God to ensure that we can help reach as many people as possible and help them make the most of every opportunity available. We will have Happionaire Teachers at the institute, but I personally will also come and share ideas on a regular basis. I'm sure I will learn a lot in the process to.

I from the bottom of my heart thank each one of you for making this possible. If it wasn't for all you lovely readers and supporters who constantly give me feedback and spread the word. I don't think this would have been possible. We still have a long way to go.....but I am happy that we are on the right path!

To pre-register for the course contact:

Registration Office Address: 109, Rectangle One, District Center, Saket, Behind ITC Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi
Or e-mail:

Do get friends and family along. I hope to see all of you! It is my personal gurantee that it will be one of the most enlightening and useful courses ever!

Also since it is our mission to reach as many people as possible, we had to do this - we have a brand new soft cover out of Invest The Happionaire Way. Do check it out here.

Happy investing!

Yogesh Chabria

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Unknown said...

Dear Yogesh,
Congratulations on the Happionaire Delhi Institute.. Its a very unique and strategic beinning.. Wishing you the very best..
However, for people who cannot attend the same, do you have an alternative means of communication? Will the people overseas be able to gain the knowledge through the e-channels?
Hetal Shah.

karuppiah said...

Hi Yogesh,

Wonderful efort!! I am happy to hear about this. I would like to learn more about Investing and business. It would be great if you can make it online so people like me who cannot travel to Delhi can be benefited.


Harish said...

Wonderful concept and beautiful to see the Happionaire way growing and reaching more people Yogesh ji. I hope to see you in Bangalore also as there are lots of followers here.

Lots of love and smiles.