Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Will Come Out Stronger

I was in Delhi preparing our first financial institute and that is when I got to know about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. It looked like a scene from a disaster movie when I saw it on the news. Waves washing away cars, planes and ships as if they were toys. For a few moments I was in shock.

Homes and lives being disrupted and destroyed. It makes us all realize that no matter how rich, successful or powerful we are - we are nothing in front of the forces of nature. We are nothing in front of the supreme and almighty powers that control this universe. it makes us realize that we need to constantly pray and ask for the blessings from the Divine Force. Everyone has a different name for that force, but at the end we all know it is one and the same,

My heart and prayers go out to all those who have been affected by this. It is sad when such things happen and while yes on the financial sector billions will be lost by insurance companies and now the risk of a nuclear meltdown looming, all I want to say is that Japan will come out of this crisis and will be much stronger.

The Japanese are wonderfully strong and hard working people. They were the only country that had cities wiped out because of nuclear bombs, but they came out of the second world war to become one of the strongest and fastest growing economies in the world. They became a developed nation, from being a developing country.

What will happen now is that trillions of Yen will be invested back into Japan to re-build the infrastructure and they will be prepared even better now. Japan in the past was a victim of regular earthquakes - what did they do? They re-invented their cities to make them earthquake proof - it is just that they were not prepared for a Tsunami - now they are. I suggest Indian - mainly architects, town planners and developers to learn from Japan and implement their strategies to ensure our infrastructure can withstand earthquakes.

The buying of Yens by the Japanese government will affect America the most, as the US dollars will be sold to invest back in Japan. I am sure that Japan will come out much stronger and believe it or not, it will see a revival in its economy. For over two decades the Japanese economy had not grown, real estate prices had not risen and the stock markets had been in limbo - all this will change now.

In the coming months, the world will go through a lot of financial chaos - but in the midst of this a lot of good will come out too. The problems in Libya and the rest of the Middle East, will eventually cause money to be attracted to India. While in th short term India will be affected by the global chaos, in the longer run things will be very good for anyone investing in value.

All those who invested in our last report, will agree with this sort of thinking. I am sure. I also thank all of you for the wonderfully positive feedback and to be honest it inspires me even more to hunt for value all around me.

It is great to see so many people interested and eager to register for our courses - but we need many more people to ensure that we can reach each and every Indian and help them benefit from the immense growth that is going to happen in this nation. I want each one of you to tell everyone you know about our institute and ensure they enroll for a course. In fact I am so confident that they will benefit if they implement what they learn, that in case someone doesn't I will personally return them the entire course fee. We will come to your city too, but first we should make sure we reach each and every person in Delhi.

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Hope to see all of you soon!

Yogesh Chabria


Gagan said...

Chabria ji you have wonderfully explained to us what others are not seeing. Also during global crash you gave all of us positive hope and energy. I am glad you are speaking about investing and life also as always.

Your institute has support of all Happionaires and since the mission is so beautiful am sure will reach the message to millions and will be a huge success.

ramesh said...

Yogesh ji please also talk a bit about prices of copper, steel, gold and silver.

Will look forward for you to come to Gujarat.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Japan will come out stronger. I know of the Japanese and they have a never give up attitude, we in India should be inspired from the godo they have.

May everything be good there.

- Subhash

Dipender Singh said...

Dear Yogesh ji,

Hope Japan recovers soon and just wanted to add that the report share dby you is so wonderful. I nfact just after reading it I got to know some inside news about developments in the government and why the stock price will rise.

Thanks for guiding us on this wonderful journey and path.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
Your observation may be right. But, Japan is lying about disaster. It seems, as if, similar to a weak and corrupt practice in a weak economy(eg Union carbide in Bhopal).
Only those people will go to Japan to construct who do not understand the consequence of exposure to Radiation. Japan is worse than Chernobyl. Who will go there and construct the roads. Yen carry trade may reverse.They may monetize more.The rise is much far .May be another 10 years.
Let's pray that our country gets rid of Nuclear industry as Germany has started.I do not have much hope from Indian Congress Mafia.

One thing is sure Oil will rise a lot due to this.


Anonymous said...

What is the use of such "growth" numbers which is because of rebuilding a destroyed city by adding to the already balooning debt and swallowing the debt with creating inflation by printing yen. Real growth rewards the savers with relative deflation not the borrowers with inflation. The argument that growth is only with increasing financial numbers and can be only with inflation is rubbish

Siva said...

Japanese are very tough people... they rose out of ashes after WWII.. they are used to natural calamities and they improvise with each incident..and most important Japan stays among the first 20 LEAST CORRUPT NATIONS year after year.. that should speak volumes in itself... when a nation has hardworking people and is led by less corrupt individuals Pheonix doesn't really remain a myth..

Anonymous said...

Could you please elaborate more on the decreasing fertility rate in Japan? How can they have such a poor fertility rate. Do not say that it is foolish to have a child. Do you know japan imports labour for farming from china.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
I posted the 5th comment.I said that the Japanese govt is lying.I said on 17th March. Now see what the Japanese govt is saying in the link :

An aid of prime minister has come out to say that it will take some of months.

But, I think Japanese admitted so early. India or even US would not have admitted it at all.

I think , you have better info than a normal people like me has.Please keep on enlightening us.


Anonymous said...

Please see the link below. now it has reached last level 7.It is worse than chernobyl.

Do you think people will still go there as the evacuation zone is more than 20 Km.

Do you think It is similar to a weak and corrupt practice in a weak conomy(eg Union carbide in Bhopal)exposed by the nature.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
I wrote the 5th comment here.
Now they are planning to shift people out of Tokyo.


Are you still positive on Japan.
I would say the country where Japanese might relocate will grow.