Friday, January 7, 2011

We Need You!

Once there was a small ant. Everyday the ant would gather a small piece of gravel and carry it along with it inside the forest. The other creatures in the forest would look at the ant and wonder what it was doing, some made fun of the any saying that the ant has nothing to do - everyday it comes and gathers a worthless piece of mud. The tiny ant was ridiculed by larger creatures who didn't understand what the ant was doing. But the ant paid no attention and continued doing what it was doing. There was no immediate gratification or result, but the ant continued working.

Then gradually from one ant, the numbers started to grow. From one to to two, then to ten and then hundreds of ants started coming. Each ant encouraged other ants to join it. All took just a single piece of gravel. Still the other creatures in the forest didn't realize what was happening. Until one day the creatures in forest discovered a very large, strong and secure hill that had been built gravel by gravel by the tiny ants. They hill protected them, provided them with food and helped them grow their any community. The ants all worked together towards a single goal - in the beginning nobody realized what was happening, until one day everyone discovered it. A lot of things in our life are also that way - provided we have a set mission and goal in life.

Little by little we are moving towards our goal.

This is the first post I am writing in 2011. As I write this I feel very optimistic about the coming year. 2011 is going to be a very important year for us, because something very important is going to happen.

The Happionaire movement has helped more and more people learn about investing and finance in a fun, simple and interesting way. It has helped people get excited and interested in the world of investing and wealth creation. But as I have always mentioned there are several billion people out there who need our message. We have still just touched the tip of the iceberg with our message.

We still have a lot more to do, if we don't want our nation to be fooled because of a lack of financial knowledge. The Citibank scam where people lost over Rs. 400 crores would not have happened, had our message reached them. People would not be investing in ULIPs at all if our message had reached all of them. People would not be blindly following 'hot' stock tips and investing in over priced real estate by taking excessive debt if our message had reached all of them.People would actually make use of any Crash that comes to make Cash and would start thinking for themselves.

For our message to reach each and every person on the planet, we need everyone to work together. We need to learn from the ants. You are amongst the lucky few who have made an effort to learn and invest in your finances, that is why from all the millions of pieces of information floating around the world you are reading this - but not everyone is aware that they need to be financially literate. Not everyone realizes the value of happiness, smiling, love and sharing for wealth creation. We need to reach out to all of them.

For that to happen, we need volunteers from all over the world. We need Happionaires with all sorts of skills to help us take our message ahead. The most important thing we need from you is a passion to share the message and help people discover a simpler way of investing and living. In the process you will definitely end up learning more, having fun but will derive immense satisfaction by sharing knowledge, ideas and giving back. There is immense pleasure in giving. As a member of the Happionaire family I call out to you from the bottom of my heart, to join us and help spread the message.

We need you. Now.

Yogesh Chabria

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The Most Important Thing To Do In 2011

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ajay said...

an excellent idea Chabria ji. i would love to volunteer and meet other fellow happionaires. have sent an e-mail.

Ranjan said...

Let me know how I can contribute. Thanks

Sanjay said...

Hi Yogesh,
I always love your idea. It will be our please to spread the happionaire message to the world, have sent an e-mail.

Kuldhir said...

CASH THE CRASH... CASH THE CRASH.. market tumbling down... hurreyyyyyy.. happi-nw-year :))