Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Continue Investing in Knowledge

It was great seeing so many e-mails and people wanting to learn more about investing and eager to attend our program in Delhi this Saturday, December 18, 2010 at The Park Hotel, Connaught Place after our last post. Also it is always incredible to see people get curious to learn more about investing and finance, specially about people questioning me how they can benefit from a rise in onion prices, will be speaking about it on Saturday.

But once again I noticed that lot of people constantly think about investing as something that requires money Unfortunately there is nothing that could be more wrong than that. Investing doesn’t require money it requires knowledge. If it was only about having the most amount of money, people like me could never enter the world of investing. So many people constantly miss out opportunities, because they think “I know steel prices will go up. I work in a steel company, but unfortunately I don’t have any extra money to invest.” or “I always knew cement prices would rise, but somehow I didn’t have money to invest.” Or they complain about petrol prices rising, and don’t spend a few moments to think about what even a 5% rise means in petrol prices.

Every now and then, we have people questioning this thought process. They tend to be people who don’t look at things from a mentality of abundance but from a mentality of scarcity, who tend to constantly look at the negative rather than the positive. The truth is that money is always looking for new opportunities. Capital, likes to move to the best and most creative opportunities available. It doesn’t like to rest in a place that isn’t giving it the best possible returns.

To prove my point that knowledge is what is the most important, I decided to do something small – to back anyone who believes in knowledge. I want to start by giving a million rupees at our Delhi program to anyone who has the most creative of ideas when it comes to investing. They would be free to invest this money anyway they desire, in addition to that they get to keep 50% of the returns.

Now for the ‘knowledge’ based ideas I am looking for, there are no guidelines or rules. Life has no fixed rules or guidelines, nor does investing. Of course a million rupees is a small amount of the entire capital available to back knowledge. At this very moment, there are billions and trillions of dollars constantly moving from one place to the other – all looking for the next big thing, for the next big investment opportunity – there the challenge is of finding the right investments.

But yet, it is surprising how many people let go of their dreams, imagining that capital is not available. Thinking that they can’t start a business or can’t invest, because nobody will back them. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala invested Rs. 20 crores in A2Z maintenance in 2006, today that is worth over Rs. 500 crores. We capitalists are constantly looking to park money; it is high time people stopped thinking about scarcity of capital.

I look forward to investing a million in your idea – this is just the beginning!

Yogesh Chabria


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Vaibhav said...

WOW would you really give someone a million rupees. I wish i would be there to see the seminar.

rajat said...

Psssttt.....a million rupees in Rs. 10 lakhs Vaibhav....not that much....for...him..... but certainly a good step to encourage people Yogesh. I'm in New York, but would have been a great chance to meet you..........really happy to see the Happionaire way spreading fast!

naresh said...

thanks you so much Chabria ji, for encouraging us to think this way.....many times when i feel little low and down, suddenly i see your message in my in-box and it makes me have a smiile and realize....ther eis so much you....have..s.ent...the e-mail...:-) :-) waiting for it

Anonymous said...

A 'WOW' from me too!!! Your style has always been very radical Yogesh ji and to be honest first I didn't like(or may I use the word understand) your style. It came across as if you didn't want ot reveal anything and hide everything. But then after reading Cash The Crash and using the strategies in the crash, I actually benefitedd a lots. Am a really big fan and have sent my e-mail to be registered. I hope to meet you and also other Happionaires in Delhi. I will be specially coming from Dubai, so please block me.

rajeev desai said...

Dear Yogesh ji,

Am trying to book my tickets so can come from Dubai to meet you for this program. Am really hoping to make it and finally meet you, it was very useful for me to read Cash The Crash and helped me a lot. Hope you share more ideas on investing like you did with Indian Hotels - taj in that book. If posisble in future organize something in Dubai as lots of people here are your followers.


Krish said...

Would Like to meet, can you please come to south part of our country ?? Chennai, bangalore ??

If your coming please let me know, I will be the first person to meet you !!!

Satish Patel said...

I would agree with Rajeev. I am from Dubai, and even I would like to attend your program.

It seems a lot of people would love to attend, but are unable to attend due to various reasons. May I suggest, you to arrange a video recording of the entire event, which could after a few days be added to your educational reports section that people like me, who really want to, but were unable to attend, purchase it at a small fee.

I hope you consider my request.

Satish Patel