Friday, December 31, 2010

The Most Important Thing To Do in 2011

I came to India around ten years ago. A lot changed in the past ten years, on one hand ten years seems like a long time period. But on the other it seems extremely short. The India of 2000 was very different from the India of today. Things were just starting out. I remember the first coffee shop (Barista) opened their branch in Juhu and then Bandra. I remember hearing the brands Airtel for the first time. Airports used to have an extremely run-down set up and seemed very uun-inviting. There was no GMR or GVK running them.There wasn't any Spicejet, Indigo, Go Air or Kingfisher Airlines. We didn't have so many mobile companies and neither did we have a Big Bazzar or Pantaloons. Nobody knew about Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

BMW hadn't officially entered India, nor had Audi or Volkswagen. There was no Blackberry either and people used to go to the cyber-cafe to surf the net. People used to visit travel agents to buy airline tickets.

I feel lucky that I came India in those days, because I somehow was amongst the lucky ones who could benefit from the economic growth that took place. I feel anyone involved with sectors like the stock market or real estate would have done very well, provided they had a long term belief in India. Anyone who invested in assets then would be happier today.

But at the same time, the income gaps have widened. Wealth has gone into the hands of a few, mainly people who owned businesses. Even though salaries have risen, asset prices have also risen. Inflation has risen and caused quite a few people to worry about how they can fight it.

We witnessed a major global economic meltdown, which honestly was one of the best times to create wealth - the returns made during that period were phenomenal. But once again, not many benefited from it.

The thing is, if you are constantly in a worried and depressed state you can not think clearly. You can not keep your mind open to new ideas and opportunities. That is the reason we as Happionaires stress the importance of smiling and being happy first - then automatically as if by magic all good will be attracted to you. People say we will be happy only after we are rich, we will be happy only after we grow our business or only after we get that special person to love or only after we get that promotion. They fail to realize that all they need to do is smile, keep a pure heart and be happy and thank God for whatever they have.

I have noticed that how a simple smile from the heart has the power to attract the most powerful of forces to you. Wealth likes to be in the company of positive energy and happiness. New ideas and opportunities like to be in the company of cheerful and enthusiastic people. When I look back into the last decade, I realize that people who created wealth weren't necessarily the ones who were the most educated or the ones with the largest amount of capital to invest - but people who were positive and optimistic about the future. On the other hand, I meet so many highly educated people who weren't able to benefit from the growth because of their lack of openness to new ideas.

I'm sure all of you must be remembering the bank manager and my college professor's I had gone to for advice on how to start investing, they still are in the same place they were ten years ago - doing the same thing. I do not blame them, the problem is that the conventional system has trained people to think that creating wealth is evil and not something they should do. So a child can think about becoming a doctor or lawyer or engineer, but if a child thinks about becoming rich he is evil or still worse teachers and parents tell him 'he can't do it'.

They advised me not to, I'm glad I didn't listen to them. People who create wealth have always done things that others don't. When I invested in India first, it was out of a sense of playfulness, enthusiasm and desire. Luckily for me, I don't have a habit of listening to people who tell me I can't do it. I didn't have lots of money, not did I have any specialized degree.

As we enter 2011, I take just one vow and that is to continue being a Happionaire. To continue being open to new ideas. To continue smiling and sharing my smiles. To continue making the most of life. To continue sharing knowledge and at the same time learning as much as I can from everyone around me. To continue believing that wealth can be enjoyed only when one has peace of mind, happiness and a sense of purpose in life. Being a Happionaire and spreading the Happionaire Way will be the most important thing to do in 2011.

I wish each one of you, from the bottom of my heart, a very Happy New Year and the journey with you has been wonderful and I want you to share this wonderful experience with your family, friends and loved ones.

Yogesh Chabria


Ravi P said...


Wonderful post. Exactly what someone would like to read on Day 1 of 2011. I wish you and your family a very Happy New year and may god help us in achieving our goals.

True, we should be happy and smiling regardless of our state. Last night at 11:45, I was talking to myself only within as I believe God is within me. Together united, we form the God. The power controlling us is within us. I hope we'll be able to tap this energy :).

Shabu's said...

Dear Yogesh,

Excellent thoughts and the most appropriate message for the eve. Its one of the most inspired column I read today, out of some 30.

Let me quote a bit of your lines attracted much to me.

"People say we will be happy only after we are rich,

we will be happy only after we grow our business


only after we get that special person to love or only after we get that promotion"

Reasons are unlimited from which u filtered...

Anyway, richest always not the happiest, Happiest always not the richest,Happiest is the people who have unlimited dreams and works for that, moreover who learned to smile first as you said, but they hardly laugh out loud. And the unhappy segment is again who have unlimited dreams and only
dreams, but they usually laugh out loud.


Samant said...

Thanks Yogesh ! Hope you continue giving us more "regular" articles like this in 2011 and beyond !

Wish everyone a happy 2011 !

Sunil said...

Hello All,

Wishing all the fellow Indians A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEREOUS 2011.

Yogeshji please keep up the good work of sharing your knowledge with us. I am sure there are many People out there who feel good after reading your Post (ur Positive thoughts). Sir your Fellow Mumbaikars are eagerly waiting for your Happionare seminar.

Meganathan Balasubramaniam said...

Thanks Yogesh!

Wish you a happy and fun filled new year!

dr barve nashik said...

dear yoeshji it is always a pleasure to read you. wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. it will be extremely useful if you can guide in few letters for the branch managers and friends who are at same stage and missed the bus totally.quite a lot of them. can they even make wealth and how in infalationay economy where everything appears to above its intrinsic value.your vision and insight will be helpful to majority. please do consider. thanks dr barve nashik

Ghalib Sarkar said...

Wishing you too a Happy, Smiling, Peaceful and then a Prosperous 2011.
I agree with yr philsophy and it is so much like BK ( Brahama Kumari Organisation )
Have you attended to their lectures. The lectures are on life, people & positivity. I am sure you will enjoy them. I do.

Best Regards



venkataramu said...

Dear Sir,
It is called "Simmavalokana" meens, normally Lions
after travelling a
long distance it stands at a point and looks back.
I have not taken the print of your letter, but written
it in 1st page of my
Diary. Thank you.

Thanks & Regards

Shreekanth Holla said...

Thank You Yogesh.. Wish you too a wonderful year ahead!

Your work is much appreciated, you have been of greater service to the people in terms of financial aspects.


Chirag Shah said...

Hi Yogesh

It is always wonderful to read your post. I wish you all the happyness and wealth in this new year. And keep up the good work. Keep Smiling ;)


Arup Rudra said...

Hello, Sir,
It is always wonderful to read your blog. thank u very much for your inspirational words.

Unknown said...

happy new year to yogesh. i have been reading ur message since last 4 years. also i bought ur 2 books & read it. both books are good to understand about stock market. eveything is fine.
but u always keeps saying about invest in knowledge but you never give us any suggestion about where to invest so that we can get good returns.

however, on 11 march 2009 you had send email to every about " Why A Crash Is Good For The Economy" in this email you said still 70% property rates will come down but it didnt happen. because of ur email i didnt buy property hoping that rate will go down.
but now property rate have gone up. thats why i dont belive in you what u right will happen.

god bless u.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,
Thanks for the post. I am a reader of your blog for past 3 years.I would like to say that your point about Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook does not seem very exciting to me. All these rich people like Mark end up at places like Bildberg conf and start harassing common man around the globe. You know much more than me. You know abt the evil between GoldmanSachs and Facebook as well.