Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did The Rise in Petrol Prices Benefit You?

As predicted earlier, the petrols prices were raised and if international crude oil prices rise, petrol prices will continue to rise. This is a reality that everyone needs to realize. Today our government has lost lakhs of crores to various scams and they desperately need money. They are finding it more and more difficult to subsidize petrol and will make sure the common man bears the brunt of global rises in crude prices.

I'm sure all of you who must have paid attention would have seen the effect the rise in petrol prices had on people. On one hand, we had lots of people complaining about rising prices and how everything is becoming more and more expensive. Complaining how this price rise will further affect their monthly budgets as everything around them will become more and more costly. They are justified in doing so, because it is true prices are rising and people without the right knowledge will start feeling more and more helpless.

The problem is that most people haven't been taught about the practical side of finance and investing in school or college. So when petrol prices go up, they end up in panic mode, they rush to the petrol pump to fill as much petrol as they can. No wonder we have such long queues outside the pumps, just before a midnight price rise. It is okay to rush to the petrol pump and fill petrol a day before the price rise, but what about the long term? What will you do when after three years petrol is selling at Rs. 90 a liter? What will you do when it rises to Rs. 100?

Let us say it is fair to rise prices when global crude prices rise, but what happens when international crude prices fall? Will petrol prices come down? These are things that very few people think about, no wonder they miss out opportunities. The reality is that even today the capitalists control a large part of the world - but the good thing is that capitalism in the new world has moved towards knowledge. Today Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has more power than someone owning hundreds of acres of land. Today Bill Gates has more capitalist power than someone manufacturing nuts and bolts. A hedge fund manager sitting with a laptop controls more money than a hundred managers running steel factories all over the world.

The world is changing and it is changing fast. All those who do not change, will lose a major opportunity and at the same time all those who detect opportunities in these changing times will benefit immensely.

The Happionaire Way of thinking still has to reach a lot more people all over the world, but what makes me smile is that a few people have started taking action. I had a small group of Happionaires thanking me for helping them invest in companies that benefited from this petrol price rise. Anyone who has followed these companies, would have realized how their stock prices went onto rise. I am glad these people benefited because, firstly they tried to learn more on their own, they invested time and effort into research and knowledge and secondly they had the courage to take action.

Now honestly think for yourself, did the rise in petrol prices benefit you? If it didn't, I want you to seriously start thinking about it!

Will see you all in Delhi this Saturday!

Yogesh Chabria


Ravi P said...

Dear Yogesh,

We understood the concept that one needs to invest in Oil Companies to hedge the impact of rising petrol prices. The money will definitely shift from pocket of common man into few people who own these companies. Who would not like go their pie from it?

Since you predicted crash, don't you think it makes sense to invest in these companies at the time of crash? The crash is near everyone knows it - why not wait now and jump when everything crashes?

Please do comment!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,

Really good one......Keeping sending such motivational articles so that all of us can be educated and benefitted...


Sandesh Prabhu

Anonymous said...

Thank You. I have been benefitred from rise in petrol price as I had purchased shares of IOC and HPCl and still continue to hold them.

Thank You and if you have any meeting in mumbai I would like to attend seminar. Pl. let me know whether any such programme is there..

Mrs. Sadhana S Joshi

sumit said...

Yogeshi ji, I am sure the program must have been great on Saturdya please share what all happnened and if their is some recordings would be looking forward to see them. Wish to have you here in Bangalore soon.

girish said...

i agree with sumit, please share some videos and am getting really curious to know more about it.


ps: onion prices rose further - am wondering how we can invest in

Akash said...

..Sir ur book ITHW ...really awesme..Thanks for giving guidance ...SIR really helped me in Investing

Akash said...

Dear Yogesh .
Your article is very motivational .Your two books cash the crash and ITHW , ihave read ..and share all article to my colegue and my friend..Its very insperiable..Thanks Yogesh