Friday, November 26, 2010

26/11 - We Want Justice

26/11 is a day which I will never forget. On this day two years ago, something very sad happened in our country. A bunch of barbaric terrorists backed by religious fundamentalists in Pakistan, attacked and killed innocent people. They killed people of all religions, communities and cultures.

But what is shameful is that our government had done nothing to give justice to people who lost their lives. Our politicians have behaved in a rather spineless manner, a brave policeman risked his life to catch kasab, and even today nothing has happened to kasab. We have not yet put any pressure on Pakistan to make sure people behind this are brought to justice. Instead we have allowed them to question us and make a mockery of the whole thing. Today the entire world knows that the Pakistani military, ISI and government are one of the biggest exporters of terrorism. In their pursuit of hate and religious fundamentalism, innocent Pakistani’s have had their lives destroyed.

It is sad when I see our politicians and media, requesting Obama to interfere and bring Pakistan to justice. Why should we call someone else to solve our own problems, are we not strong enough to deal with them ourselves? Obama has is own problems back home, and he was here to sell American goods and products, which is not a bad thing.

We need politicians and leaders, who are strong and are not willing to adopt tactics of appeasement towards terrorists. We need someone who is not spineless and is willing to take bold steps, irrespective of the short term consequences. Gradually, we are seeing winds of change entering Indian politics. Today fortunately politics is moving away from issues like caste, religion and dynasty towards ‘economic growth’, security and opportunities.

Democracy’s true power comes in when people throw out politicians and governments that have done nothing for the nation. The entire nation is a victim of 26/11 and I want our politicians to punish the culprits behind this. Watching kasab making a mockery of our nation on TV, is not something we can tolerate.

Since 26/11 I do not see any visible increase in security, I do not see our brave police force with better equipments and bullet proof jackets, I still see our government busy involved with one scam after the other. I don’t think in the past there has been anytime in India, when so many scams were exposed at one go.

I pray to God that those who did this horrific act are punished. I pray to God that people have a feeling of love and compassion to fellow human beings. I pray to God that the souls of all those who lost their lives rest in peace. Deep inside my heart I know God will listen to me.

God bless everyone.

Yogesh Chabria



DPM said...

Hi Yogesh,
Somehow same people are ruling in Mumbai and Center who were ruling at the time of terrorist attack. It would be foolish to expect a solution from the rulers who were busy in filling their own pockets. Nobody has been convicted for Bullet proof jacket scam yet. Sometimes I feel impatient and irritated.Cowards & weak people will always beg in front of Obama.Unfortunately,Mumbai has to wait for another 4 years for a change.

Thanks for your comment on Silver.

Magesh said...

Fully endorse this frank article with hearty thanks to you.
May the blessings of god be with us and all who are righteous be properly appreciated.

rahul said...

I agree. What our government needs to do today is have someone with courage who can stand up against terror.

Terror has no religion.

May there be more love.


Dear Sir,
God have noting to do. It is the duty of our-self and the general people. I feel more than 90% Indians are made of mud, who have no stand. It is the fault of our cuture of give and forgive and forgat.

With Best Regards

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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