Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Guys, Ambanis and Volunteers Needed For Research!

Thanks to Mr. Madoff and a few others bad guys, over the past year all over the world especially in the West, so many people consider anyone running a hedge fund/private fund/investment bank or in the financial space a fraud or scamster. As someone from the same line of work, I find this quite funny, but at the same time understandable. After all for most people it is the question of hard earned money.

Imagine, how would it be if someone blamed an IT/software engineer of being a scamster and fraud just because of Mr. Ramalinga Raju (of Satyam fame). In every filed you have bad guys. There are doctors who indulge in the kidney trade and people in the military who sell themselves to the enemy. There are cricketers who rather party the night away and indulge in match fixing, rather than win for the nation.

But that doesn’t mean anything. Millions of doctors save lives and help us stay healthy, millions of soldiers protect our nation every single day, Sachin Tendulkar continues to make us proud. In the same way there are people who truly want to help you invest better. These can be Independent Financial Advisors, trusted bankers and value based fund managers. Just take a look at the returns anybody who invested with Warren Buffett, through Berkshire Hathaway got over the past several decades.

Out of 100 people in any field, only one or two are bad, the rest are good. If everybody was bad, there wouldn’t be enough space in the media to cover these people. There are over six billion people on earth, not even 0.1% of them are bad.

Almost everyone believes in love, family, friendship, happiness, God, trust and doing their duty to the fullest extent. Yes, a few brokers might encourage people to trade on ‘hot’ tips and lions will continue to hunt for sheep – but that is their nature and they are just doing their dharma. Don’t blame them, just be sure you are informed and know you should never go in front of a hungry lion and never believe anyone blindly.

The Euro will be getting stronger in the coming days, because of the steps taken by Germany to regulate and ban naked short selling. As Europe’s strongest economy, it is good it took such steps. There might be recent corrections in gold due to this, these can be used as opportunities to buy gold for all those who haven’t already bought it since shared earlier (at around Rs. 14,000 levels over a year ago).

As I write this there is news that Mukesh bhai and Anil bhai have both decided to end their non-compete agreement, with a few clauses on RNRL. It would be my dream to have both of them working together and becoming the world’s largest company. They, just like their father Dhirubhai Ambani, are inspirational figures for every Indian and have always cared about creating shareholder wealth in the long term.

I enjoy researching and exploring new things. Recently I had been researching on the way Independent Financial Advisors/Mutual Fund Distributors/Advisors/Fund Managers/Boutique Advisory Firms have been affected because of the rulings of SEBI due to the abolition of entry loads in MFs. I have got interesting inputs, however I wanted to know more and more importantly what are the solutions available for the lakhs of people involved in this business. In case you head your own outfit/Mutual Fund Advisory/financial sector company/stock brokerage or bank do drop me an e-mail. I would like you to be a part of our research. Send me an e-mail with a brief about your company and yourself at

Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

Yogesh Chabria

Silent Investing - Not everyone loves us. But that doesn't change what we do and how we think.

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Biju George said...

Good to see the brothers patching up. You are right not everyone is bad. I'm a IFA and the SEBI ban on MF entry loads has been very bad for me. I have sent you an e-mail, please see what you can do to help people like me solve our problem.

RF said...

Hi Yogesh.......

Are you still of the opinion that "A major currency" will fail like you mentioned in your books? Or is the failure and peril period over. I am Curious about that.
(I refer to either Dollar or Euro here)

Ashish Shah said...

I think RF, the currency has been put on a ventilator by government. Sooner or later it has to crash, if not collapse. Yogesh, I have sent you and e-mail I am the head of a financial company and would love to be a part of the research. Thx.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yogesh and yes, most people are good unless they are politicians, just joking. The correction as predicted is coming in, any particular areas that you like?

Ravi P said...

Hello Happionaires,

Good Times are just starting. It is bringing cheer to everyone and I can predict everyone jumping and waiting for NSE to shed few more hundreds or may be a thousand from here to latch on opportunities.

I just finished reading Cash the Crash for the second time. I think this is the best time when every one should read it once again. Remember repetition does have power to create wonders.

I created a plan on how I am going to plant seeds in markets. I think that will help me focus and channelize my effort so that I should be focussing on research rather than dumping myself in useless concerns.

I was talking to someone in Europe last week who is a Harvard Business School Passout. I know he is sitting in an Poised environment and know much less about business. But he is one who is researching Economies and living in Europe so he understand environment and events better. From our chats - Here's a snippet that might be interesting for all Happionaires:
"This is a Global Sovereign Debt Crisis that originated from Europe but will end up in U.S".

He said it all in this one line. Don't jump and start buying with just 5 to 6% correct. Just wait and watch. I hope everyone will make best of the opportunities this time god presented to us.

Cheers!! Share your thoughts. Wealth comes to those who shares and value knowledge :)

A True Happionaire.