Sunday, May 31, 2009

Golden Opportunity To Create Wealth!

I know markets have risen rapidly and there might be a few people who might be looking at stocks that have risen by 100%-200% and feeling that they have missed opportunities. I can understand how easy it must be to feel that way and even curse yourself for not having taken action. But please don’t feel that way and use it as an experience to learn. Never regret anything in life and instead look for new opportunities. The returns investors make today are the results of challenging times they have faced in the past. The best investors in the world have created immense wealth only after being through such phases. It isn’t like instant coffee or soup, but more like a journey where we keep learning. 

Markets and life always give new opportunities – only thing we need to do is learn from our past. If you have made over 100%-150%, it will be a good time to book trading profits. As markets rise rapidly a smart investor sells – and as they fall we buy. However, even though general markets may rise or fall, as investors we need to look at specific stocks, companies or assets. Once sizeable returns have been made in one asset so quickly, it is time to book profits and look for new opportunities. 

As mentioned in the past one asset that is going to make investors smile is Gold and there are several reasons to it. I will share more on the reasons in the future. Gold is something that is much more difficult to analyze and understand as compared to a simple company with financial statements. To understand Gold you need to understand history, politics, currencies, the economy, government politics, mining supply and how big insiders work. 

In the coming week, I will be buying more of it. For someone conservative having 20-25% of there cash in gold would be ideal, while someone more aggressive can even look at 30-40% of there cash moving towards gold. If you are someone who has most of your assets in USD, I would suggest moving even higher percentages into gold. 

I once again repeat gold can easily double or move up even further depending on how things turn out in the coming months. I know as usual there will be sceptics. Do you remember how most people reacted a couple of months ago when we told them about investing in value? Today those very same people are running after stocks which we had bought and now are selling to them at prices over 100%-150%. Investing isn’t a game about ego and proving who is right and who is wrong. We are all here to create wealth and there is nothing wrong in being wrong.  

Besides Gold there are still several companies that are available at very good valuations. There are still companies available that have more Cash than the entire stock price. I had shared such a company in the past. I hope all of you used that knowledge and found more such companies. It isn’t enough that you simply invest in such a company and are rewarded 80%-100%, what you need to do is learn and find such companies on your own. What is the use if you don’t learn and simply follow blindly? Nobody is God and nobody should be followed blindly. I don’t want anyone to follow what I say blindly. 

Knowledge is real wealth that will always remain with you. Unfortunately when it comes to investing, still very few people realize that. In any other field whether someone is a surgeon or computer engineer, people first invest a couple of years learning and practising. In the beginning when someone is studying to be a surgeon their only focus is to learn how to be a good surgeon – only after they have finished investing time and money in learning and interning, do they think of fees and how much they will charge. 

I am sharing another such company that is a pure value buy based on the fact that the assets are available much cheaper than the market price even now when markets have rallied. I just want you to see that no matter where markets go, we can always try and find value and opportunities. I don’t want you to look at it just as something that will go up 50%-80%, but as something that will increase your financial knowledge. 

We once again have a Golden opportunity to create wealth. Will you seize it or miss it?

You can find out more about this company by downloading this report here. You would be directed to a Paypal page where you can pay securely via credit card/Paypal and once the payment has been received you will be able to download the report online. If you don't have a credit card you can e-mail to find out how you can access the report.


suresh said...

I have been buying gold since you suggested. Have made around 5% in a short time, but am waiting for Gold to really rise as you predicted.

Have also just bought your report. Am sure will be just as good as your earlier one. I made 60% in that company and am still holding. I like your style of sharing knowledge as it really connects very well to someone like me.

Happionaire Suresh

Dr. Raheja said...

Thanks a lot Yogesh for once again sharing such a lovely report. I had made like most other over 50% (as I had bought the report late) but more than the returns I learnt a lot of tricks to understand Balance Sheets.

Have been buying GOLD ETF. Am really lucky to have become a follower of the Happionaire way. May God bless all other Happionaires!

D Prasad said...

Thanks for advising on Gold. As you told me in your last comment regarding investing in Gold rather than in stocks now for less gain. I have started investing in it.

I would be happy if you could disclose Chameleon's strategy of short selling?

Yogesh, I know that generally stock market falls when the gold rises. Will it be true this time?


rajesh said...

I found your earlier report a bit expensive at first as I had never bough such a report. However later on I realized the true worth of knowledge. Not only did the company you shared "Cash Is King" rise almost 100% from my average price. I also discovered two other such companies. As you rightly said a surgeon or doctor will spend lakhs to learn the tricks of the trade. What you are giving here is barely anything. I would easily pay over Rs. 500,000 to learn all these things you must have so much time and effort on.

Have bought this report too and will study it more and learn.

Thanks. Please continue sharing such knowledge more often.

Anonymous said...

I was trying very hard to crack open the Free Cash company shared in Cash The Crash and I finally did manage to do that. It took me several hours and time to find it. It was a real pleasure though finding it after putting in so much work. It did rise from Rs. 50 to over Rs. 100 and I didn't get a change to get in, but it is fine because I found out that once we discover such companies offering value it is possible to get excellent returns.

Am studying your latest report.


Gaurav said...

Very interesting report.

Just one thing - it is difficult to get a copy of your books here in London. Why don't you get your publishers to offer international courrier? I wouldn't mind paying it to get your book or alternatively why not provide an e-copy?

deepthinker said...

Thank GOD last you have acknowledged the fact that you need to learn from your mistakes in the past...for months you have been in a denial mode that stock maekets are rising and its time to at least you accept to it and dont claim tht they are falling soon..welcome to the bull club and now enjoy the march of the sensex...

rohit said...

2 questions, What if rupee also appreciates rapidly against the dollar, even then can we expect very good returns in gold? and also if we have good companies but have not appreciated much should we keep holding or sell and wait on cash for the correction, to buy lower?

rohit said...

What if the rupee also appreciates rapidly against the dollar, even then can we expect good gains in gold?

jamesvaikom said...

Gold usually moves up either when inflation goes up or stock market crashes. But now gold is going up against dollar because people lost faith in dollar as Obama is printing more dollars. I think this is very bad signal.

P. Benoit said...

Yogesh and The Happionaire Blog have been my eyes for India for quite sometime now for my private fund. Interesting to see your ideas and the fact that you very openly go against the trend.

We will be taking positions certainly in Gold now and am curious to find out the reasons you state. I think even if it doesn't go up 100% at least we are not at risk of holding currencies that can crash anytime.

But something inside tells me that since people like you and your friend the Chameleon are looking at gold there mus the something to it.

Eagerly waiting for more reasons.

A French Happionaire

hiren said...

Chabriaji's predictions are coming true. GM is declaring bankruptcy.

I am very impressed by your predictions made over a year ago where you had warned about such things. Even in Cash The Crash you have put hidden messages about such things. Now I feel next financial institutions are going to go in US.

Excellent analysis!

Sandesh Kamble said...

Hi Yogesh,
Thanks for sharing the report, though I already have holding in the company mentioned by you. But I will increase my holding after getting +ve nod from you too. :)
I myself is trying to find out good companies with good cash flows and consistent returns on equity. And for valuations checking the Book Values and reserves.
I am also investing into gold in staggard manner.

Thanks for your and all happionaire's help as always.

Ishita said...


GM just went bankrupt. Do you remember how long ago Yogesh had already spoken about this? If you read Cash The Crash he has said about all this and it is starting to happen. Next in line will be some major financial companies.

Yogesh has always been an optimist about India long term growth at the same time he has always warned us whenever he felt value is not good. Even I remember way back during the Reliance Power IPO he had sent out warnings and even during the EMAAR MGF real estate IPO. There are countless other times where he has been of great help.

In fact I have ended up saving tons of money by not investing overvalued stocks or real estate thanks to him and looked at select value buys that have rewarded me very well.

I assure you that if he is so openly saying Gold will rise, there must be something to it. Just wait and watch.

A great man accepts mistakes - but here he isn't talking about the index. I request the moderator to avoid accepting comments which insult someone who is doing such good work and giving all of us so much knowledge. It really hurts us when someone says these things about our Guru and someone we follow.

My love to all other fellow Happionaires here :-) and have bought a few Gold ETFs too!

feroz said...

I agree Ishita. I was amongst the lucky few to get Cash The Crash and invest in the Hotel company shared in it. I sold today making over 95%. This is the first time in my life, I am realizing the true power and potential of Knowledge.

Please share your views on the GM bankruptcy Yogesh.

mohit said...

Thanks Mr.Yogesh for sharing such a interesting report.Sir I want to know That we Should Buy GOLD ETF or GOLD in physical form?I am a student and I am new in investment world so i don't have much knowledge about it.

mohit said...

Thanks Mr.Yogesh for sharing such a interesting report.Sir I want to know That we Should Buy GOLD ETF or GOLD in physical form?I am a student and I am new in investment world of gold so i don't have much knowledge about it and first time I am investing in sir do reply if possible for you..thank you

kapilok said...


I am reiterating the same question like others here, so please address at your earliest.

In Cash the Crash you mentioned that Gold in Physical form is more reliable than Gold ETFs (because the ETF does not actually hold the physical gold etc.)

How risky is the ETF route ? - because holding a sizeable quantity of physical Gold has its own challenges - especially for small investors like us.

Please advise.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Suresh, Dr. Raheja and all others it is always nice to see Happionaires benefiting from the knowledge shared. Please continue spreading the Happionaire Way and sharing what you have learnt.

D Prasad - Will reveal more strategies as and when the time is right. Now is the time to look at Gold. Yes, in the past it has been that way, but the world is unpredictable when stocks fall people rush towards gold as a safe haven.

Jignesh and Rajesh, I am sure over time more people will realize the power of knowledge. And that it is the most important thing needed to create and grow wealth.

Gaurav - I know that is one small issue. For the time being you can get some of your family or friends to send it from India.

Rohit - If rupee becomes stronger, your returns on gold go down. As international gold price is in Dollars. However rupee in the short term has become strong due to massive rally. If you are getting good returns, I would suggest you take part of them and wait. Profits in hand are needed to grow your investments.

James - Good analysis. Dollar is doomed.

Benoit- Welcome to the Happionaire family.

Hiren - It is sad for the people working at GM that they are losing jobs. We need to pray for them.

Sandesh - Glad to know you are learning more and looking at Book Values and other important factors. It makes me smile to see Happionaires not blindly following tips and getting carried away.

Ishita - There will always be critics. We need to continue focusing on our mission and let time prove who is right or wrong. We invest to create wealth and not to argue. Six months down the line we will know who is right and who is wrong.

Feroz - Will share more details on GM once I get more time.

Mohit, Kapil - Physical gold is always safer than ETF. However, ETF is easier to sell, buy, trade. If you are looking for say the next six months to 18 months, go in for ETF. But if you want to hold gold for next ten years buy physical gold and keep it in your bank locker. In the longer term also your family can know that physical gold is in the bank locker.

At the moment to benefit from the potential rise in gold prices - I have bought Gold ETFs.

Keep spreading the knowledge and keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria

Anonymous said...

Can you explain things like "dollar is doomed" in simple terms for layman like me? What will be the impact if the dollar loses its value? what will be impact on Indian economy,world economy

Indian IT companies seems to desire that dollar value appreciate but Global IT companies seem to get affected by dollar rising up? why? how will Gold be impacted

Please kindly explain these things is simple terms as i find it difficult to understand when people talk of dolar appreciation,rupee depreciation etc


Dev said...


I also started buying in gold via ETF. I opted Gold BeES as i found it is traded in max volume. Am i right?

As you suggested, one should book profits in a company with lot of debt like Tata Steel on getting 200% return. I started too.

By the way, i have found some foreign analysts who are almost 75% wrong. (As per your suggestions in CTC). May be it will help. In April they said that Gold is on a bubble and so stay away from it.

My biggest demotivation for gold is Warren Buffet who describes it as USELSS, non income generting etc.. Any way all these so called liqudity should go some where especially Chinese money if US dollar collapses.

The only option is gold and INDIAn robust companies.

One question, what do you think about the rising oil prices?
Another bubble?

kamiya said...

Dev, I loved the part where you say you have found 75% wrong analysts. However as Yogesh said we need to be on the lookout for the guy who is 100% wrong. When I started investing, I would look at them like some sort of magical figures who will guide me. Thanks to the Happionaire way I know better.

I too bought Benchmark for Gold. Vignesh dollar is doomed means that dollar will crash and best way to protect it is to go into gold.

Sandesh Kamble said...

Well said Dev.
And yes the volumes have been increased alot in Gold ETFs.
Yogesh I would like to know more about Real Estate industry. Are the housing prices going to fall further? Is it right time to buy a house or it is good to wait for some more time. If we need to wait then approx how long do we need to wait?
About Gold ETF I was previously buying Quantum GETF but now buying Benchmark GETFs on regular basis and simultaneously booking profits wherever and whenever opportunities are found. Currently Jai Corp and Aftek Ltd are continuously in UC and am waiting for one particular time either to stop UC or where normal Selling take place in these scrips.
So I will be able to get more returns if I don't sell when its continusouly hitting UC and wait for some more time.
Yogesh do you suggest to SELL during UC or to wait till its out of UC? I am at 251% and 148% profit in JaiCorp and Aftek simultaneously.

rohit said...

Hi yogesh my actual question, is it likely that the rupee goes to something like 37 or 35 in medium to long term and we are not benifited much from investing in gold.

Bharatheeyan said...

Hi Yogesh,
Thank you the knowledge sharing and helping us to learn. when we research (I dont have any pre-detrmined company in mind), is that we take say 10 companies in a week and then analyse them and do the analysis on next set till all listed companies are complete to identify the potential companies to create welath? to analyse on companies do we use the financial statement from any web site like my iris/ money control/ web site of the company itself? how you generally study about a company? Also how u decide, which should be studied next?

Amar said...

Hi Yogesh,

i have been buying GOLDBEES ETF & physical gold as well. can you please suggest what should be our avergae buy price for gold etf's. i will probly hold etf's for time range of 12-15 months.

please suggest

Thanks & Regards

Dev said...

Nice article on GOLD:

kunal said...

Yogesh Sir you are really having a big talent of picking out investments that reward investors really well. Even this company you shared has already given me over 10% so fast. I know you are not in it for the short term, but really nice to see good returns.

I have used these tricks shared to find other companies too. I really want to meet you in person and attend your talks. When will they be starting?

kapilok said...


I checked the GoldETF price history. They are currently at 1400 odd and 52wk High is 1500.
Although I agree we should buy Gold, is it advisable to buy at the current levels ?
Maybe we dont have a choice, as demand is high and prices wont fall :)

Please share your views.


rajdeep said...

Kapil I have been a Happionaire over a year and have noticed that Yogesh does have a very high level of accuracy when it comes to predicting the future course of events. Almost 90%.

If gold touches Rs. 25,000-Rs. 30,000, we will all still benefit a lot. I have bought Gold ETF from benchmark and have noticed volumes rising very much every since Yogesh put out his call so openly on gold.
It is always wise to follow the Guru.

I guess there is a very big fan following of The Happionaire Blog.

I find it pleasantly surprising that when markets are falling the company shared in the report is rising.

Sandesh Kamble said...

Gold is falling more. Yesterday it was down by more than 2% and today so far it is down by 1.28% at 928.10$ per Ounce.
Expecting good buy tomorrow again.

Amar said...

hi Yogesh,

Under is very important news, i think your wording and vision for gold prices to hit all time high will be seen next few months. its falling and US started accumulating and gold is very attractive buy at current prices. Please find under written news:-

Northwestern Life Insurance, 3rd largest U.S. life insurer, bought gold for the first time in the company’s 152-year history as hedge

Thanks & Regards

Abhi said...

IMF will be selling around 400 tonnes of gold ... to keep the prices of gold low and boost the confidence in dollars.Prices of gold may fall in short term will will be a good buy.

Ketan Amin said...


I have learnt lot from you regarding financial education. I would like to congratulate you for this noble work. I have one confusion in investmentin Gold. As you say, gold price is going to be almost double in next couple of year. But at the same time you have mentioned in "Cash the Crash" that Rupee will be stronger in coming year. Almost, $1 = 30 Rs. If gold price will be double and rupee will be stronger in future then how indian investor will get benefit from Gold investment?

brijesh said...

As predicted very correctly by Yogesh that markets will correct. It starts today.

In the short run rupee can correct a bit and in the longer term will touch levels stated in Cash The Crash. So in short term full benefit of gold rise can be seen.

In USA recently 7 banks collapsed in a single day and now talks by Russia and India are on to change away from dollars.

I thank all Happionaires here for adding value to my personal financial education.