Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Financial Voting: We Can Change The World!

It seems that a small part of this world is still stuck up in the colonial imperialist era. But it is high time that all of us teach such people about culture, equality and civilized living. 

We have been hearing about racism in the Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders team as well Indians on an Air France flight. It makes me furious when I hear that fellow Indians and human beings have been treated in such a way. We need to stand up and take action. 

Now it is high time we stop accepting false apologies and statements from anybody and need to take control of things. We need to change their mindset and for this we need to take more powerful and aggressive steps. Do you remember how Laxmi Mittal taught Guy Dole of Arcelor a lesson about the modern day world? 

The best way is to collectively vote against racism. It isn’t just enough to talk about racism and condemn it on website and blogs, but also to take real world action. I’m not talking political voting, but something even more powerful. I am talking about Financial Voting. According to me this is one of the most powerful non-violent forces which can bring about the change our world needs. 

All of us are indulging in the process of Financial Voting every single day. Many of us are not even aware we are doing this and that is one thing we need to change. Every time we buy something – we are voting for it. We are voting for the manufacturers, suppliers and employees that work there.  

When you fly an airline that has racist employees and management, you are voting in favour of racism and inequality. When you watch a match and support a team by buying its merchandise, you are supporting everyone involved in that team and what they stand for. However if people stop voting in favour of such practices, airlines will be forced to fire racist employees and change management. Cricket teams will be forced to remove coaches and management that dare to insult the great nation of India and us Indians. 

Imagine what would happen if most of us stopped flying with racist Airlines or stopped buying products of a company that treats Indian employees unfairly? Our combined vote today has the power to wipe out any major corporations from the face of the earth and we need to make sure our message is clear. 

We should vote against anything that is wrong, right from policies that destroy the environment to practices that spoil our culture and heritage. We have the power to decide what newspaper we buy, what TV channel we watch and whose financial services we use. If we find that anyone of them is not respecting our intelligence and not treating us with dignity or is doing things that harm our nation, we should vote against it by simply boycotting the use of their services and making sure our friends and loved ones do the same. 

Financial Voting has much more power than political voting and isn’t something that comes just once in five years. It is my vision that one day we will have the entire society pushing for financial voting and financial literacy on a mass scale. That is when The Happionaire Way will truly be powerful. If we think a corrupt politicians or gangster is running a restaurant or hotel, we can simply boycott ever visiting it and making sure people know who is behind it. We can even go a step further and boycott institutions that cater to such corrupt politicians. This way we can all boycott such people on a mass scale. 

The power of Financial Voting is so much more, because it directly hits these people where it hurts. These people might not have the intelligence, conscience or understanding of what we are trying to explain and that is why we need to make sure that they are punished more directly. 

Imagine if all of us boycott racist Airlines. This will hit their revenues and profits, and in turn they will be forced to fire employees and ask for bailouts from their governments. The fired employees now will take a direct hit and will realize that they have been fired because of their racist attitude. This will force them to think and change their ways. When there is no food on the table and no roof on the head, they will realize their mistakes. This will also force governments and organisations to make sure they serve everybody equally. 

Financial Voting is so powerful that it can bring down the most arrogant of empires and nobody is immune to it. We do have the power to change the world with it. Do fellow Happionaires agree? I would love to hear from you here

Keep smiling and spreading the love!

Yogesh Chabria


Dr. H. Gada said...

I had never thought about the power Financial Voting can have. As usual I am being constantly enlightened ever since I became a Happionaire.

I will make sure I never ever fly Air France until they truly make a change. I feel sad that SRK has still not fired the foreign coach. Shame that our great Dada is being treated like that. I love SRK and Dada but am boycotting the racist team.

ram said...

Our government is doing nothing and if they had any respect would have banned Air France from India. But your concept of Financial Voting is very powerful according to me.

From now on I will try following it in ever area of life. Does anyone have a list of business, restaurants, hotels funded by corrupt politicans/gangsters so we can all boycott them?

investor_sam said...

by boycotting them we too woll be acting racists.. i feel give them more.. more business..more talent..more of us.. so that they realize that if they upset us they will loose economically.. taht will bring us the power ,stature and respect.

investor_sam said...

you recommended a telecom co.whilst it is debt free and is available at a good p/bv it is still not a very profitable co .also its managment is ?? what are the chances that the business will grow and that the stock will turn up good returns ?

jamesvaikom said...

Your idea is great. But we often vote for note only. If a racist company provides cheaper or quality products, we will buy that only. But other companies selling same products raise this issue, that will help to bring down the racist company. So the easy thing we can do is to raise protest against our racist competitors.

jiya said...

James people don't vote for note. Will you not pay a few hundreds or thousands to go to a place where you are respected? How much is your respect worth? Most other airlines will be priced similar.

Do you agree my friends?

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

A thought provoking post, indeed, Yogesh. I suppose this may be largely possible to implement in case of airlines/hotels/personal interaction service kind of companies. But only stray instances get reported. And even when it does let's say you decide to boycott Airline A then we may not know how many such instances happened in Airline B and yet fly that airline!

riya said...

Gopi that is where I feel knowledge comes in place. We need to share information about such companies and groups. In fact this system of Financial Voting can be applied everywhere. If someone flying airline B or C has faced such a similar thing - they need to speak up and share it.

surinder said...


Once again you have shared something which really is brilliant. I will share this with all my family and since you know how we Punajbis are - we have very big families and we do spend a lot too...hahaha....this way of voting truly makes more sense.

Please continue this mission and I'm sure one day our vision will be complete.

Squamble said...

Yes it is nice to see such a article being started. I booked my profits.
I guess markets will once again loose glory.
Your books are excellent!

ramkishan said...

It is really a good advise for all Indians. It is a high time that India should voice its opinion in the important world matters and make the world realise that colonial imperialist racial views are no longer relevant in the modern world.

Renu said...

I have always believed in nsocial boycott as the best way to alienate the wrong doers, why do we hobnob with the corrupt people, why we give them a good status, the day we start applying our thoughts in real life, we will bring a change. I never make friends with corrupt or immoral people.

bhupinder singh said...

i am truly inspired by your blogs and highly appreciate this financial vote , if we unite and devolp will power not to buy from overbearing people things will improve --regards principal bhupinder singh,

Unknown said...

I fully agree with you and I follow the same. Financial voting nowdays much more powerful. so we shall use it properly to teach the lesson to racist type of people.

srikanthbabu kaliki said...

The article on Financial Voting is very good idea to read but it's not possible in practicle way.

First of all we should avoid racism in our own country which is in the form of castism by naming upper caste backword caste and schedule casts.

First we try to avoid our own india caste rasism and religious racism. Then we look after them.

I would like to see INDIAN people should not have racism internally.

Financial voting can achieve once the people starts buying only Indian products. In that we can circulate our money within india. If we buy forign products then what ever they get profits will be taken back to their countries. Like that many billion dollars can avoid to crossover from India.

Anonymous said...

appreciated the subject selection. however think twice ,is this also a financial business for oneself.may be or may not be. but i feel financial voting is never a rifgt of the unintelect and financially poor.still being rich may not be able to vote so high for ever. the lesson arabs(gulf) proves that.if you are intelligent you will have voting power like BILL GATES. never force or hoard the clumsy feelings of the mass for the cause of some minute or meager individuals who created such havocs.
when you you are grown up you feel father has less knowledge and you aquire his throme.this is the worst problem of the asian community.i do stand for the right cause but never for get past.we now communicate through the media created by whom ?,we fly and live on the science created by whom?.boast of 5000 yeasr history above all but never took any hurdles in the right spirit and survived.will be too long here and hence conclude.
think twice before you act and talk.we have capacity , true, use it rightfully, if you can. abolish corruption from our country , select good (idealist leaders), forget clumsy and catagorical religionism and regionalisms, forget false "isems".
look at the abundant resource and climate and intelligence(?) we got. use it in the right way and work hard. never hurt and destroy as our forefathers taught us.follow will win the world and reign.then world will follow you not by force but by requirement and love(not false gods).conclude in right spirit.comments welcomed for improvement but not for discussion.

Unknown said...



srinivas chakravarthy said...

Wow, 'Financial Voting', new term is coined...we can create a consumer movement and spread awareness of this term.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Investor Sam -

To tolerate injustice and evil is a bigger crime than to indulge in it. Even the Geeta says this. We need to work together to destroy evil from the face of this universe. Remember the type of doubts Arjun was having and what Lord Krishna said to him?

James, Jiya has put it very well. We need to value ourself much more than 'notes'.

Gopinath, today thank to technology most cases do end up being known. Plus if a company has behaved this way with several customers, it is very difficult for it to hide behind a mask.

Financial voting can apply to every area of life.

Thanks Squamble.

Ram, Renu, Principal Bhupinder Singhji, Navin, Kamlesh, Riya, Srinivas and all other Happionaires am glad that most of you believe in the power of Financial Voting. Kindly make sure you spread this message too everyone you know.

Kaliki, I agree on the point that internal divisions and castes within our nation need to be solved too. Even there we can use such techniques, if we know of someone who indulges in such things we can boycott them and use Financial Voting against them. Society and all of us have a lot of power and we need to assert it in each and every place.

I have got a lot of e-mails regarding what will happen to the economy and markets, if the Left comes in power or if Mayawati wins. I think there has already been too much talk about it in the media.

To me good businesses and smart businesspeople will survive no matter what. Dhirubhai flourished during the era of license raj, didn't he?

Yogesh Chabria

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Yogesh,

It is really a wonderful idea to teach a lesson. The only problem is that there is no Air Travellers Association. Otherwise the association could boycott the erring Airlines just for a week or even a month to teach them a lesson.

I would like to tell you I used to use this method in my own way. That is If I do not get due respect as a customer I would never revisit that partcular shop/supermarket.

Anonymous said...

I agree Benny. I do the same because if a person can not respect and speak politely, most probably even the quality of goods will be bad. It is impossible that one can be so rude and offer good quality.

Also Chabria ji, you had mentioned in Cash The Crash about training and education. Please let us know when it is starting as I really want to attend some lectures and seminars by you. Really want to be in your company and learn more about your unique ideas in finance and investing.

- Dr. Rajiv

Unknown said...

great idea sir
unilever had said asians smell a lot so more perfumes be pushed into india-in their officila UK press release
this , too , when their revenues had incresed 170% from india alone
also what can we do as a jallian wallbagh massacre REVENGE

Sunil said...

Dear Happionaires,

Finally the Election results are out and this time the results has taken all of us by surprise, as UPA has won with heavy margin. Markets and corporate India has got what it wanted a stable government without the LEFT ... so get ready for a big rally on monday

Anonymous said...

I would most certainly agree with you. But it is easier said than done. I am myself a victim of harrasment & inequality in an hostile enviroment & have been fighting on my own for last 3 years.

The system is such that fellow people are intimidated & though agree but do not raise their voices. I guess a hangover of the colonial era

Anonymous said...

Yogesh, this is an excellent idea of non violence but mighty force to teach lesson. But this will only happen if we are united and like you said, most of us are educated, and finally do take actions based on what we learn. So, let’s spread the message and take ACTIONS and make use of every single opportunity - no matter what.

Just wanted to share one such experience which I observed only when I became educated enough on finance and economy -

I'm not against any group but happen to be one of the pioneers of media houses but lately observed Time group (and all their entities ET,PT,BT etc) is one such media which has lost any ethical fine line if at ell they had. I personally was reading Times for over a decade. But unfortunately they started publishing and highlighting false stories, projections, speculative sponsored stories as if as knowledgeable news articles in all property supplements across countries on topics such markets, economy and especially Realty. Or else may be I started noticing after I started other independent views and opinions from other media sources. No wonder that was just to protect few ultra rich builder-cum-Politian’s lobby and draw max ad revenue from them in return. Lately, it was becoming too much and such shameless efforts are still on if you do read. For my constant news and knowledge need, I'm following few good blogs and users comments. And of course Happionaire is real feast!

So as Yogesh suggested somewhere not to watch business channels, I request intelligent users to stop reading that TOIlet paper including all ET, PT etc. Sorry for being bit strait but there are no other words in my dictionary. If you want to know more pls visit -

God bless and protect all Happionaires!

Happy learning!

- AR

Vijayalakshmi said...

Yogesh my best wishes for you in your attempt to financialise everything under the sun.

For a nation like india, i guess this is not something new. We had a great national leader 'the mahatma' propogating the best of beliefs, character and well being for masses.

i seriously doubt every indian would have read his autobiography "My Experiences with the trth'. If they have, i guess they must have been following the path by now.

Mahatma has taught us how to stand against injustice, racism, in the most non-violent way.

people do not realise that non-violent way of protesting starts with one individual, when each individual follow the path, it becomes a movement.

Why indians forget our great national leaders who have laid the path already and got us freedom-freedom of thought, freedom of work and brought us the basic rights to lead a life with pride.

To most people in india, Ahimsa, satyagraha are mass movements and fail to notice that it starts at the individual level to make any mass movement.

People have become more self centred and moved into the comforts of a life full of cushions. most of them do not even know the difference between the jetairways konnect and jet airways normal flights (published in ET lately). This is the awareness with which people live.

Whats more needed is people search for little of mahatma in everyone!

Anonymous said...

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.