Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Chameleon’s Investment Secrets

I enjoy meeting people who have done incredible things. One of the best ways to succeed and keep learning is to associate with such people. Success, knowledge, happiness and wealth have a way of rubbing onto all those who surround it. 

I recently met one such person, who is known as “The Chameleon” amongst a very small circle of investors. I met him through a common friend known to both of us. 
He is nicknamed The Chameleon, because just like a chameleon he is extremely adaptive and can change his actions according to the environment he is in. He isn’t a bear nor a bull, but a new species of investors called “The Chameleon.” who can change his colours almost instantly. 

According to my friend, the Chameleon was a very secretive and private person who started investing over 20 years ago when he was unemployed and had very little money. He was thirty at that time and started from scratch. Most successful investors are people who started with very little and learnt along the way. Someone who has seen challenging times, values money much more and respects it. 

Now at fifty, he had made a vast fortune based on the knowledge and techniques he had mastered. Since then he had moved out of India to London and was extremely reclusive and also went out of his way to make sure the media doesn’t get to know about him or what he is doing. Part of the reason was that he didn’t want to reveal his investment secrets and style. His secret to success was his secrecy. For example while people like Goldman Sachs and Lehman were buying crude oil at extremely high levels, he was shorting/selling it. As crude fell he made a small fortune within a very short period of time. He told me he had developed a simple strategy that worked almost all the times, because it was so rare. Nobody knew it and this increased his chances of success. 

As I had mentioned he wanted to meet me after reading Happionaire’s Cash The Crash, however the reason of his meeting seems very interesting and maybe even a bit odd. He liked the book because he said it connected with him, he didn’t have a fancy finance degree and even at one point in his life he had made huge losses, was unemployed and confused but decided to not give up hope and keep trying. 

According to him, behind the simple and entertaining language there were hidden secrets and messages regarding investing and global politics in the book. I for instance spoke about a company with large free assets and huge amounts of cash, which was available much cheaper than all those assets. Investing in it is like buying a Rs. 10 note for Rs. 3. He did some research and was able to find that company out on his own. Even though I have got numerous e-mails from people who read the book asking me about the company, he was the only one till now who was actually able to figure it out and has made decent profits by investing in it, he told me he is confident that the company will be a 8-10 bagger in coming years, i.e. 800%-1000% returns. 

He said one more reasons he has done well in the world of investing is because he isn’t afraid to take action on the information he has. Most people take action, only when people around them are taking action. Such people rarely succeed when it comes to investing. 

He further added that my analysis on gold, even though very accurate, made him believe that I knew more about the international situation of gold and I wasn’t revealing all that I knew openly. He very openly stated that he believed gold prices to double in coming months because, America doesn’t really have the gold they are claiming to have and the world is going to be shocked by such revelations. He had proof to believe that the supply of ‘real/physical’ gold is much less than a few people believe it to be. He was taking positions in gold – physical gold and not even ETFs as he didn’t trust them at the moment. He too felt that the present rally in American stocks was artificial, but the coming years are going to be extremely good for India. 

About his accusations, there are a few things that need to be read into written between the lines, but then almost everything in the world is that way. People who are able to read between the lines and see what most others can’t always have an edge over others. This holds especially true in the world of investing. 

The Chameleon shared some very interesting philosophies, which now that I think of are pretty accurate. I will share them with you soon; however a small blog post wouldn’t do justice to all that I got to learn. 

Our last post, got fellow Happionaires like Sachin Wagal and Surender Bhavnani sharing some interesting views. I will share my views on what they have said in soon. 

Yogesh Chabria 

What Readers Are Saying About Cash The Crash

"I recommend this to those who have lost money in share market, to those who have lost job (and aren’t able to find another), to those who are still waiting at the shores for the ‘next slumdog millionaire story’!" - Ashish Sinha, Founder, Pluggd.in 

"This book is a financial bible for people who believe in growing their money by research and believe in India’s growth story." - Amar Deep Singh, Stock Market Guide


Anonymous said...

Very inspirational to read about him. But am seriously thinking about what..other..behind the lines messages there are....in fact now that I think of it....I am able to find quite a few interesting messages....and btw...i too figured out the company....it was very chalenging ... but good learning experience.


jayesh said...

You still have not revealed everything Yogeshjii and I sense that there is more to your conversations with the Chameleon. Please let us know his real name and details too if possible.

I don't think gold can rise that much in a few months. Why will it rise and what is the truth though we will come to know only with time....

Anonymous said...

I agree with him that a lot can be found out while reading between the lines.

For instance even in this post:

1. Gold can double in coming months and maybe it should be looked at now.

In Cash The Crash, I have been able to find a few more hidden messages too after reading it again for the second time. Paid much more attention and understood more.

Truly a financial bible for every investor as stated by Amar Deep.


Satish Patel said...

The amount of details you have shared in Cash the Crash and on this blog are priceless. To say it in a Happionaire way... Buying the book was like buying a Candy Shop for Rs. 500 that is worth millions.

It is hard to pick which was the best topic of the book. Was it Analyzing one of my investments or was it How to discover free cash? or was it ....

The simplicity with which it is shared is unbelievable. I am 100% sure Mr. Yogesh, all this effort wont go waste and you will succeed in imparting knowledge to each and every Indian. I am extremely lucky to have discovered this blog. God bless you !

Satish Patel
Happionaire since March 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear Yogesh
I have bought all your educational reports and though most of the stocks are not in the green yet for me,i have full confidence that those reports will help me in the long term.Why are there no more educational reports after "Cash is King" report? Please publish those reports as it will help small fish investors like me to help achieve our financial goals.

ganesh said...

I agree with Satish. He has put it beautifully. Also as others have said please share more educational reports as the knowledge we can get from them is priceless. I agree that short term can't be predicted, even Waren Bufett was making a notional loss for 8 years in Coca Cola. I have learnt that patience and long term thinking is what is needed. Many times investments which don't do well have taught me more than those that do and made me prepared for future challenges.

Just want to wish all Happionaires here all the best and please share more reports.

Sunil said...

Sirji it would be interesting to know more about that gentlemen and the Telecom company that you have spoken about in CTC, is a 4 letter word

Anonymous said...

Yogesh, you have been very kind in describing me and been too generous with your words. I believe I too am always going to be a learner. It is wonderful to read and sense the change you are brining into the lives of people and making investing something not just meant for a select elite. This will make sure that in the coming future there are many more people like me. My best wishes will always be with you.

Suniljii, may I say you have guessed the correct company! It is fun discovering things on your own. I know.

- Chameleon

sid j. said...

Loved your post on the Nano and every time I visit the Happionaire blog I get more and more interested into learning more. I am thinking of upgrading from my sedan to the Nano. Seriously speaking.

Over time, it is only because of this blog and your writings Yogesh that I enjoy finance, economics and knowing about business so much.

Amar said...

Hi everyone,

i would like to thanks to yogesh for coming with cash the crash and let us make aware of so many upcoming gems. Gold prices started slashing down as equity markets are rising and same old songs from US analysts started telling this is starting of Bull market and Those fools are saying without US how can india and china enter into Bull phase. i believe its just artificial rally becasue US want to buy gold at low prices and liquidity is not a problem. so i believe best policy is to buy gold at major dips and i am sure this rally will not last longer. CTC is a great learning and as yogesh writes everything is in mind so just relax and opportunities will come your way.

Thanks & Regards

Amar said...

Hi Chameleon,

hope you wont mind sharing some knowledge for me and readers of this blog. This telephone company of 4 word having reserve cash and good assets and no debt. but how this company will gain 8-10 bagger, because this company cant beat bharti and other big players. comparing sales and profits and no. of connections through out india. will this company be deinvested to private players or.......... i am little confuse. i will be thankful to you if you can logically explain little bit.

Thanks & Regards

Sunil said...

Yogeshji yesterday (16/04/2009) I had seen this Program on this specific Business channel where the President of Fidelity Funds (I guess some Mr Bolton) said that the markets in the USA are in a Bull Phase. Now that was very surprising to know, cause for the markets to be in a Bull Phase there should be a Strong Economy and at this stage most of the developed economies are in shammbles, although there has been some positive data from last month in the developed markets but I really dont think that data is leading this rally. Yogeshji please let us know whats going on, well as far as Indian markets are concern we can surely call it as Pr-election rally which I really doubt will last.

Yogeshji and Chameleon Bhai please let us know what is going on this world

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Humbleness is a priceless asset in the world of investing and you are further proof to this belief Chameleon.

Sid J. - I like the way of thinking. Nano will be an upgrade to your sedan!

Amar - By now many more people know the truth behind some of these big "FUNDS and FII", in all my writings I have talked about their tricks. Do not fall for them. As you have rightly mentioned the trick is to bring down gold price so they can accumulate.

Physical gold is more secure as long as you buy it from a good source. For short term position in gold, ETF is better. I want to reveal that I am accumulating gold gradually.

Sunil - Indian markets are going to see a huge revival in the coming years, but not others. A country on the verge of bankruptcy where millions of jobs are lost is entering a Bull Market? Isn't April 1st already over?

Do not rush and buy into Indian markets yet - have patience and you will get the prices you desire. Do not worry about elections. Enjoy the weekend and don't think you have lost an opportunity!

Yogesh Chabria

Amar said...

Yogesh ji

thanks for confirming our way in a rite direction. so i am sure i will not buy in current rallies and will wait for my prices which i am sure i will get in near future. i have a good sources to pick pure 24k gold. so i will start accumulating in physical form. i think i am thirsty for more knowledge after getting cash the crash. see i started getting this tricks and thanks to Cash the crash i dint got trapped this time by sitting on cash and book maximum profits in current rally.

Thanks Once again


Anonymous said...

What the entire finance ministry and Indian government can't do for Indian investors and protect them from greedy FII cheats, Cash The Crash has done. It is a book even India's leader and finance ministry should read. Yogeshjii, I know you are totally opposed to politics but if you stand for elections, I'm sure millions of investors will back you because of your knowledge. Your method of educating has really bought a big revolution and change in the Indian markets. Now I know so many inside secrets about so called tips just because of you sharing things so openly and fearlessly.

I read it and the power it gave me was so much that I was also starting to look behind the actions and statements made by people. Just like Amarji said. This hunger for knowledge is also rewarding me with Saraswati.

Thanks very much.

rajesh said...

I feel very lucky to have bought Cash The Crash as soon as I saw it in the store. I have not been much of an investor ever, but the book had something that made me read it. I based on the explanation decided to invest in the company shared. I bought it at Rs. 40 and today am making over 25% on it. As Satish said the knowledge shared in this book is priceless. I also loved the chapter on Shahrukh Khan, very motivating too see these type of things.

Anonymous said...

Amarji you are doing the right thing. But please remember that gold can correct 10-15% from present prices as international stocks may rally for a few weeks. At around $790-$810 is a good base price to buy gold. In India just convert accordingly to rupees. Sunilbhai your question has been answered by Yogesh.


Amar said...

Chameleon ji Thanks for your reply. i guess price you mentioned is PER OZ (28.34 grams = 1 Oz). i am sure prices may fall down further and will continue falling down as far as markets will run upwards. see getting more knowledge can not only protect you but can make good profits as well.

Thanks & Regards

The Happionaire™ Blog said...


Conversion of one ounce of Gold is 31.1 Grams. It is known as Troy Ounce.

Yogesh Chabria

"When a person has a burning desire to learn - even a dumb man starts speaking to them."

Amar said...

Yogesh ji

Thanks for making all the doughts cleared and showing a clear vision which will 100% give benifit in future.

Thanks & Regards

jamesvaikom said...

I am holding that telecom company @ 60. I heard that salary burden may affect them in future as they wont be able to remove unskilled staff as in private companies.


jamesvaikom said...

Though the telecom company is making profit, it keeps on reducing in every quarter.

Amar said...

yogesh ji,

i think i will stop watching News channel, do you think fundamentals are strong enough for india or asia to start next bull run. everyone started talking same language of bull run, all the analyst are talking to concentrate on mid cap becasue results might be better as compare to last quarter.

Can yo please comment whats going on and how should be plan our startergy according to markets. just sit out with cash or buy in SIP or wait for elections and results to get over.

Thanks & Regards

parvez said...


Is there way to get CTC outside India? I don't think that it is available on amazon or pdf version which can be paid through paypal or something.

Also few days back got a email/post from Mr Mubin Panjwani that GSIFS (http://gsifs.blogspot.com/) is coming back, I guess all three involved i.e. along with Mr Yogesh and Mr Aniket, does somebody know any update on that.

- Parvez

sonia said...

Parvez, I have checked and it isn't there. I'm in New York and since I wanted to read this book very eagerly I got my sister to courier a copy. To be honest, the courier was pricey however it was surely worth it. Besides the knowledge I have made a decent 25% in the company shared by Yogesh in the book. I guess it was just my luck that the company rallied before just as I bought it.

Yogesh, I will really request to look at an international publisher as a I shared the book with lot of my American friends and they too have loved it for the frank views.

Loving being a Happionaire and applying the principles of living a simple life filled with knowledge.

Keep smiling fellow Happionaires!

parvez said...

Thanks Sonia, appreciated the feedback.
Yes, I may have to do something like that.
- Parvez

Anonymous said...

I bought gold along with you and I'm already making over 7% on it. Pretty good analysis. I know you don't support people blindly following, but I feel best way to create wealth is to associate as you rightly said with people on the way up. :-)

A very passionate Happionaire and a big fan of your work Yogesh. Parvez, I am in Japan and I too ordered my copy here from a relative. I heard that it is getting all sold out at bookstores due to the huge demand and very few copies are available.

Anil Malik

dharma said...

Yes a portion of ur investments should go into gold, say 10% of your portfolio as historically the asset class has beena hedge against inflation. though the returns over the last 30 yrs have not been great by any yardstick, given the magnitude of crisis that we are facing where paper currency is being printed like water flowing from a tap, the day is not far away when they will become valueless and central banks have to resort to a defacto gold standard to restore value of these currencies. One can also look at Titan industries as an equity investment apart from physical gold.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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