Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cash The Crash In Hall of Fame!

My in-box has been over flowing lately with feedback on Happionaire’s Cash The Crash and of course quite a few questions relating to the book. I will try and reply to all those questions through our blog here in the coming time. I’m glad so many of you have found it interesting and liked it. It means a lot to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. In fact within the first few hours of its launch it was in The Hall of Fame at, and continues to be there as I write this. I have also noticed a trend that a lot of the sales are shifting online. 

This is proof enough that large numbers of people are interested in learning more about finance, investing and the economy, provided it is spoken in their language and can benefit them directly. Even though Cash The Crash, talks about things which might conventionally be considered extremely complicated, I have had people from all age groups telling me how easily it helped them understand what is happening in the world and also how it is helping them make take the right decisions today that will change their financial future. 

As a lot of you had requested me earlier, I have also shared tools to analyze balance sheets and financial statements while sharing one of the companies I am actually investing in presently. The assets available in this company are worth several times more than the entire market cap (total value of shares). Imagine buying a Rs. 10 note for Rs. 3. Even though this company stock has risen decently in the past few days, it still is a good way to learn more about analyzing companies and still is a value buy for the long term. As I had mentioned earlier, times like now are one of the best opportunities to accumulate cheap assets. You might be remembering about Bank of India, which was available for barely Rs. 10 in October, 2000 and went on to touch Rs. 410 in November, 2007. Today there are dozens of such companies available. 

Just a friendly word of advice, I know a lot of you might be sitting on cash and might be feeling the urge to jump in and invest all your money since the markets have rallied. Please don’t do that and make sure you understand well how things work. Never invest 100% of your cash as you never know when you might end up needing it. A balanced approach will make sure you are in for the long term. 

All those of you who have read CTC, I hope you are fulfilling the promise you made at the beginning of the book. It is my dream to empower each and every Indian with knowledge and make them financially literate and to achieve this goal; I need the help of each one of you. I’m sure together we will make this happen and I hope more people become like The Monk Who Mortgaged His Ferrari! 

Keep smiling and have a wonderful day! 

Yogesh Chabria 


ashmit said...

Congratulations Sir. It was obvious from the start itself that this book too will do great. As others have already mentioned I like your style of making things conversational and it makes me feel as if I am with you inn all those meetings. Do you have any mentorship programs or course? I would love to join it and learn more.

Anonymous said...

Cash The Crash was a very timely read for me and as promised I am sharing it with all my close friends and family. Only one complaint, the company you shared is excellent and I can already see the potential. I was lucky to invest in it and have already made over 15%. But next version please share more such priceless picks. I know you say that we should learn, but just a few more will be great.

Once again you have done great service to all of us by writing this landmark and revolutionary book.

-Another one of your fans- Sahil

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful book Cash the Crash and I found it very lucid and intresting.Please write some more books like CTC.

meena said...

Agree with all the others who commented here. It is a very well written book which isn't just an interesting and engaging read, but also helps financially a lot. The analysis of real estate, stocks and commodities is very comprehensive almost like attending an entire MBA course in one single book.

jaspreet said...

Dear Chabriaji,

A very lovely read and I have told all my friends to read it. I will share the knowledge of the Happionaire way not just with 10 people but all my good friends. I was also very curious to know about what you mentioned in the book regarding Children and also education ventures. I would surely love to teach such things to my children about money and finance, but in the happionaire style as they will surely be very easily learning it.

May God bless all other fellow happionaires here.

sunil said...

I am not someone who understood finance and investing until I read about the Happionaire way. I loved reading your first book and now am going to soon buy Cash The Crash.

Also can you suggest some good broker and please let me know when you plan to have some seminars and workshops in Bangalore. I really want to meet you.

Sunil said...

Hello Yogeshji ... Firstly let me Congratulate you and your team at the launch of CTC, last Saturday I had managed to buy this book from Crossword bookstore and completed reading it in 2 days, must say it is an interesting read and I am sure there are hundreds of people out there who will benefit from this book.

kirti said...

Excellent and extremely positive and motivating book. It is nice to see something that speaks about the reality and hope, rather than just doom and how everything is bad. Yogesh, you have really brought out a lot of ideas that can benefit millions of readers. Cash The Crash is the best thing that could have happened. I liked what you said about India, Gandhi and even our growth and how all of it was a result of the crash.

ishant said...

I am not much into reading, but I still read your latest Happionaire's Cash The Crash and you have been able to explain such complicated things so easily that even a small 5th standard child will understand. This is a really big gift and power you have, so common people can also understand the scams the big guys are trying to do and fool us. I am glad we have people like you Yogeshjii to protect and educate the masses so we too can get success, wealth and become Happionaires forever.

Jai Hind!

kapilok said...

Hi Yogesh,

I loved the book, especially the chapters on Real Estate. Thanks, for bringing such profound yet simple knowledge across to us Happionaries.

I have myself been a victim of unethical Real estate brokers and builders, and lost money in property dealings.

Yogesh, could you recommend books and websites that would be good "further reading" for understanding "Investing in Real Estate", including some learnings from past property bubbles.

Thanks in Anticipation,