Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happionaire's Cash The Crash Is Here!

Over the past few months I have received several e-mails asking me when Happionaire’s Cash The Crash will be available. Even our blog has been quite active with fellow Happionaires asking launch dates for the book and how those who aren’t in India can get their copies. I’m really glad that the preview and back cover was liked. It is always nice to see people from all areas of life so eager to read a book on finance and investing. 

It really brings a smile to my face when I see people of all age groups and from different backgrounds wanting to invest in their own financial well being. 

Well finally the wait is over and Happionaire’s Cash The Crash is available online. It is being shipped to major bookstores across the country as I write this post. I really hope it is liked by all of you and helps you look at the present crash as an opportunity. I’m sure all those who look at the present time as an opportunity, will benefit the most in the coming years. 

Many times people look back, and regret not having made the most of the opportunities available to them. I hope that doesn’t happen this time and after a few years, when you look back you smile thinking about how you made the most of now. I would be looking forward to hearing from all of you and knowing what you felt of Happionaire’s Cash The Crash. I would be looking forward to your reviews, feedback and thoughts. 

Keep smiling! 

Yogesh Chabria


Anonymous said...

Great news!!! Congratulations to all Happionaires. I will surely be getting my copy.

Anonymous said...

Finally we have Happionaire's Cash The Crash. Congrats Yogesh am sure it will be even a bigger success than ITHW! I have been waiting for it and I will be going to my local bookstore and getting my copy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations i'll be ordering my copy of CTC online and am sure it will be lovely.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered my copy online and I was so surprised to see it in the Hall of Fame so fast! I guess it is because so many of us have been waiting for it. I will wait for it to be delivered and then share my feedback.

Congratulations for the success to all Happionaires!

Anonymous said...

This isn't just going to be a bestselling book, but a must read book for several decades to come. I loved reading the free preview posted on the site and ordered my copy online. I hope millions of people follow the advice and benefit now. We Indians have a great opportunity today since most problems are in West and not here.

- RB

Anonymous said...

Have never been more excited for a book than i have been for Cash The Crash because it is so relevant to today and I know that now is the best time to make the most of this opportunity.

Just ordered my copy, but lot of my friends in Dubai and US also want a book, what should they do?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all Happionaires. Have just ordered my copy online, I loved ITHW and am sure this one will be just as great.

Looking forward to reading it and waiting for the book to reach home. It is nice that it is avliable on sale online. Last time i had to wait really long to get my copy.

Keep making everybody smile :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I couldn't stop reading Happionaire's Cash The Crash as soon as I picked it up. I got to learn a lot and a lot of my old ideas changed.

This is definetly a must-read book for each and every person and I feel very lucky to have read it. Just wanted to thank you for writing sharing so many ideas I would have never got to know about.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Chabria,

I bought your book at Crossword and haven't been able to keep it down ever since I started reading it.

I love the conversational style and it is so wonderful to learn things I had never thought about. I have studied finance for several years, but never have I read such an interesting book.

Best of luck and I hope each and every person I know reads this landmark book.

vivek said...

Dear Sir,

I just finished reading Happionaire's Cash The Crash and this is the first time I am commenting here. I really benfitted a lot from what I read and in this one book itself I got to learn so much. I loved the way you have simplfied analysis and explaniled balance sheet, P&L, etc and I think the chapter on how to discover free assets was pure genius.

Just want to thank you and congratulate you Mr. Chabria for this lovely book.

kabir said...

I finished reading Happionaire's Cash The Crash and after that have picked up your earlier book Invest The Happionaire Way. I have really learnt a lot and I wanted to ask you if you suggest any particular broker where I can open my account?

I really liked your way of thinking and got to learn a lot from both these books.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for writing such an interesting, fun and knowledgeable book. I loved the fact that you crash all old myths and teach us how to convert them to cash. You first book was good for someone just starting out, but in CTC you have shared lots of more specific details which can be used more directly.


clayton said...

The book is excellent and in fact it very well pays automatically for itself. I liked the investments shared and also your excellent strategies to analyze real estate. Only after discovering the Happionaire way have I realized that knowledge and information is worth lakhs and crores.

Another congratulations from a fellow Happionaire.

naresh said...

It is an honour Sir to see and read your views live on the Happionaire blog. Your first book, Invest The Happionaire Way changed my life forever and Cash The Crash gave me tons of knowledge. I like you way of first inspiring and motivating people and then giving them knowledge. You are my guru and your writings have taught me more than my entire course on finance(MBA).

Also people like Amar, Sunil, Chameleon Sir make the discussions very lively and enjoyable to read.