Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why We Need A War On Terror!

Over the past few weeks I had been very busy with a lot of new things. Soon you will be seeing a few of those them. However my reason for this post is not about the economy, finance or investing.

It is about something more basic to each one of us – it is about the safety of our men and women. Last night heartless terrorists decided once again to attack our nation and spread fear. Even as I write this these terrorists have made Mumbai, the financial capital, hostage to them. They have fired at innocent people across class, colour and race. They have killed some of our bravest police officers, commandoes, army officers and our ATS head. They have taken the lives of innocent women and children and attacked us on every level. This has been the worst attack on India and one of the worst attacks anywhere in the world since 9/11.

RDX, grenades and AK -47s have been used by them and have taken hostages at the TAJ, Oberoi and Nariman House. This year almost every major city in our country was attacked by terrorists, but this has been the worst attack. Now for more than 12 hours terrorists have been shooting and holding the city to ransom. They have attacked India’s symbols of economic prosperity and growth.

It isn’t just a time to be outraged – but a time to take action and act. The Geeta taught us that it is a greater evil to tolerate evil and tolerate injustice. Arjun wiped out evil. Ram wiped out Ravana. We should wipe out these terrorists and have no mercy at all. If we continue tolerating this terror we will be committing a great sin.

Here is what our security forces, government and PM should immediately do. However before you read further please promise me that you will share this with at least five people you know. Those five people will in turn share with another five and that way we can let everyone know about what we truly believe in. I believe that all of us together can have a very strong impact and this is a time for us to be united. We need to let everybody know that security is a major concern for all of us. We need our government and politicians to know that we won’t tolerate such weak security and it is high time they listened to us. A strong message needs to be sent by us that it is high time this injustice stops. I assume if you are reading further you will fulfill your promise of sharing this with at least five people.

Declare A War On Terror

We are targets of global terror and still our leadership has no proper strategy or declaration on our war on terror. Why have we not prepared ourselves still to fight this evil? Our politicians have linked terror with politics and votes – instead of fighting it. Today the voter will decide based on security. If my government can’t fight terror – I as a voter will not give my vote to them. We as Indians demand security and immediately want out government to have a strong anti-terror strategy. The terrorists have declared a war and have waged and invasion. It is time to follow the path of Arjuna who went to war with the blessing of Lord Krishna. It isn’t time for discussions – but time to wage war on this evil. What are we waiting for still?

Allocate More Funds

The first thing that needs to be done is allocate more funds towards internal security. India has around $300 billion of foreign reserve. Instead of just keeping the money and earning barely any interest, at least $30 billion should be used to beef up internal security. All this money should be invested bullet proof security–vests, more advanced automatic weapons, surveillance cameras, superior air and navy support, helicopters, advanced drone technologies, etc. To fight terror we need to invest in security and technology. This is much more important than anything else – because without security no investment or no money means anything. Our country doesn’t have a shortage of money and I hope our government seriously acts. There is no time to think – but just to act.

Tougher Terror Laws

We should stop letting terrorists go free and should give them the harshest possible punishment. It is high time we start ignoring so called Human Rights groups who disappear when terrorists slaughter innocent men and women, but tell all of us we should be soft on terror. These terrorists are not humans and deserve no Human Right. More power has to be given to our security forces to not fear and take action against terror. I have been told that we don’t even have a terror law now. Our government can not continue this way – because terror is a major challenge. There should be no mercy shown to terrorists.

Learn From Countries Like America

America after 9/11 invested heavily into internal security and hasn’t had any terrorist attack. We need to learn from them and work with their forces. They are using extremely advanced technology and equipment to make their country a more secure place. No matter what they have done with the economy- we should learn from them in the area of anti-terror security.


Today the terrorists have automatic weapons, while a large part of our police force is under-equipped only with pistols and lathis. We need to invest in advanced technologies which can be used in situation of urban areas. Today robotic drones that can be controlled by remote control are all available. If we had such technology we could have sent these drones inside hotels to take out terrorists while making sure hostages are safe. We have a brave police force and army – we need to make sure we respect their bravery and give him what they deserve.

Surveillance camera, tapping of phones and e-mail, helicopters, armoured vehicles, navy ships patrolling the coast, bomb detection equipment should all be used. Every major hotel, mall and office needs to have better technology and equipment to fight terror. A hotel like Taj or Oberoi need to have armed security guards who can immediately take out a threat.

Communications Monitoring

Complete monitoring of communications channels is needed. That way we can detect terror attacks before they actually happen. Places like America, UK and Israel all are doing this. We need to do this too. Our freedom is more important than what a few people might think. Every phone and e-mail should be monitored. Major cities should all be captured by surveillance cameras to detect any suspicious movements. Cities like London have invested billions to make sure there are CCTV camera all over the city – from streets to busses to trains. We need stronger intelligence.

Costal Safety

These terrorists came from sea and landed on the coast near the Gateway of India. It is very sad that anyone can enter our country this way. We need a stronger costal guard force which can detect such threats and take them out even before they enter. The entire Western and Eastern coast needs a much larger and stronger force.

Media Awareness and Education

There is a strong need that the media is educated about how they deal and report terror. Unfortunately a large part of the media isn’t trained in dealing with such situations and should not hamper investigation and police action. With the media and civilians around, it becomes difficult for security forces to detect terror and take them out. People need to understand that they should stay of the streets and not surround the area. There is a real threat and it isn’t some sort of tamasha. With civilians surrounding the area things become even more difficult. Education in the areas of evacuation, first aid and group action needs to be given to all of us to cope with terror with better.

Global Elite Force

Terror is a major problem facing all countries in the world. A global elite anti-terror force needs to be formed that will be able to fight terror anywhere in the world. Today we all have a common enemy – we need a common force that will fight this enemy. This force should be able to take out terror targets and suspects anywhere in the world and archaic laws should not slow them down. Anyone who tries to promote feeling of hate or terror – should be eliminated immediately by this force. We can see that the terrorists are all young mis-guided people who have been brainwashed. The people behind this brainwashing need to be eliminated.

This Isn’t About Religion

These people claim to be fighting for Islam and for Muslims – but we all know that this isn’t true. They kill anyone and everyone. This isn’t a time to label terror with religion. It isn’t a time for politicians to fight amongst each other – but unite and fight together as Indians.

Terrorists want to spread hate and divide this world and nation on the basis of religion. We shouldn’t let them succeed at doing this. Today we are all one – and when terror attacks they don’t just kill people of one religion. They kill everybody - Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Atheists. This is a war of good vs. evil and not about religion. This is a war where we need to fight evil which kills children and destroys families.

We need to pray for everyone who has been affected by terror and hope there is peace. We need to pray that these terrorists are blessed with intelligence that makes them not do such vicious crimes on humanity. We need to pray and hope there is a lot more love on this planet. Irrespective of how much money we have(or don’t have) – we should realize that at the end of the day we are all human beings who want peace, love and a safe and happy life.

I’m sure together we will be able to make this world a better and safer place where there is more happiness and love.

Yogesh Chabria


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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right Yogesh. There is a desperate need for us to not be so soft on terror and hit them. It is high time we fight this injustice and killing of our innocent fellow citizens.

I am going to send this post to everybody. If someone knows politicians please send this to them.

Anonymous said...

I will share your views with each and every person i know because i too like millions of other Indians belive what is happening is an invasion of our nation. These 50 terrorists have declared war and we need to go and find out who they are and where they have come. We shouldn't tolerate this and teach them a lesson.

Government also needs to know if they don't protect us we will throw them out of their seats in elections. We are all in this together.

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

These human rights groups don't desrve to be called Indians as they only like protecting terroists. I am a Muslim - and detest these terroristss who call themsleves Muslim.

All of them should be hanged and executed in public so they know that nobody is supporting them. India's people and I as an Indian Muslim need economic growth and propertiy and not crazy brain washed terrorists.

I am glad Yogesh that you said that this is about barbaric terrosits and not about a religion.

Jai Hind and we are all Indians!

Ban2 said...

ppl here shld not just write their views of what should be done nd all .............. i have i question for every one here ........ what have YOU done till now to stop all this or what have YOU planned to do ?? there any answere ........... NO. the stop all this here ...... sit and watch TV ....... nd stop blaming the authorities and human rights groups ....... DO something ur self .................these people who have done this are mad and have some reason behind it ........and all of us here are another mad cattegory of ppl reading and writing things here ....nd not doing nething.

Anonymous said...

आपने सही कहा योगेशजी। आपकी बात के साथ सहमत होते हुए एक चीज और जोडना चाहुंगा।
इतने बडे देश में नेशनल सि‍क्‍योरि‍टी गार्ड यानि‍ एनएसजी का मुख्‍यालय दि‍ल्‍ली में है और देश में कहीं भी कोई वारदात होने पर एनएसजी के कमांडो दि‍ल्‍ली से बुलाने पडते हैं। जरूरत इस बात की है कि‍ एनएसजी कमांडो की बटालि‍यन देश के चारों कोनो में हमेशा तैयार रखनी चाहि‍ये, केवल दि‍ल्‍ली में नहीं, जि‍ससे जरूरत के वक्‍त पास की जगह से तुरंत सहायता उपलब्‍ध कराई जा सके। गुजरात में अक्षरधाम में हमला हुआ, दि‍ल्‍ली से कमांडो आये। मुंबई में होते तो जल्‍दी पहुंचते।
कल के हमले के बाद भी यदि‍ एनएसजी का एक बेस मुंबई में होता तो तुरंत कार्यवाही करते हुए कि‍तने की लोगों की जान बचाई जा सकती थी।
ये ही छोटी छोटी बातें है जि‍स पर ध्‍यान देने और सरकार को ऐसी योजनाओं में नि‍वेश करने की जरूरत है।

Anonymous said...

Mohit do you know that the main terroists mainly use words to infleunce and brainwash people? The most important thing to do is first to start with the right htoughts and words. Today this ideas has come out here- tommorrow government will take action on this. We don't know who the terroists are - they are mad - yes- but where do we go to find them? We have a police force and army who need our support to find them. We are doing our duty by working and contiuting to society -paying taxes so money is ued to give us security. We are not useless and unemplyed like those mad terroists.

Mohit - we are on the same side - let us spread this message against terror and help our forces and support them. Society need to be one.

Very well said Kuldeepjii.

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

Mohit I am assuming you are very young. I have over 30 years experience in the military and am a silent reader of The Happionaire Blog because I am a strong supporter of Yogesh's views on investing and life. Today since the topic is something I understand - I would like to tell you that the most powerful tools terror uses, as Rahim said are brainwashing with words.

We need to arouse the sane feelings of patriotism and love in our people. Terrorists want to break our unity - we need to make sure we don't let them succeed. They brainwash young people to take up arms - but the real people are more experienced. I am glad we have people like Rahim here because we send a message to people that India is one.

I will send this message and discussion to every person I know and I want our Prime Minister also to read it.

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to get so disillusioned by the events that transpired last night (and are still continuing I believe) and I so desperately needed to hear these words...

And Mohit, I'll tell you why it's important for us to have these discussions. I am a lawyer. You could say I'm also a "well educated" person, like some of those terrorists allegedly were. The difference between them and me is this. They got brainwashed. I too, was on the brink of getting disillusioned and giving up hopes of a peaceful, secular country. I was beginning to wonder if it would just be better for ‘our’ country to have a second partition, so that we don’t have anything to do with ‘them’ and the rest of 'us' can live our lives peacefully, of course based on the assumption that the rest of 'us' would be allowed to live peacefully if there is a separate state for 'them'. I had started to distinguish between 'us' and 'them', something which I never thought I could do - because I'm supposed to be a well educated rational tolerant person.

It's very easy to get carried away at times like these and consciously or subconsciously, feelings of discrimination and even hatred can crop up in our minds. That is why it is so important to keep having such discussions at every forum possible and have sane voices like that of Yogesh reminding us that it is time for us to unite as a nation and show these terrorists what we are made of. We must never allow these terrorists to succeed in spreading fear or breaking our unity.

We cannot allow this government to keep playing vote-bank politics like this and go soft on terror. We need a government that can and will do something to protect us and not one which just comes on TV to express outrage and condemnation every time there is a terror attack. And all these bloody politicians who play dirty vote bank politics and question police actions such as the Batla House shoot out in Delhi should be prosecuted for sedition.

This government needs to answer why POTA was repealed? Why do we not have a specific law to deal with terror like the US? Why is more authority not given to our forces to carry out investigations and deal with such miscreants? Why has Afzal not been hanged still? When will this government wake up from its slumber?

Anyway, wishing more power to our brave soldiers and police and hoping good sense prevails upon these politicians. My prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives.

And thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and starting this discussion Yogesh. Apologize for the long comment.

Take care & God bless.

Anonymous said...

I am glad too that Mohit bought this topic up. I am assuming Gauri knows much about law and that is why telling about POTA. I hope lawyers like her take this cause too.

Mohit as you can see in civilized society things start of with discussions and thoughts. We are no war crazy people who will go and shoot innocent people. We all are doing our duty.

As fellow Happionaires pointed out earlier I am glad you wrote this post. Also it helps when people like Rehman speak out.

I will not just send this to 5 people but each and every person I know. This isn't something only for India - but the whole world to think and talk about.

I am so glad Yogesh that you are sharing your views on things that matter to all of us. We need more public action.

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

A comprehensive post on what needs to be done. Everyone knows that something ought to be done, but you have enlisted exactly what needs to be done. Yogesh, you have gone beyond the field of investment and shown us that you can do more! I felt you should have provided links to your writeups published in the TOI in the intervening period since this would keep your blog-readers informed about your literary successes. Congratulations to you. As regards spreading the word, I will forward it to atleast 300 people. Hope we do see the day when we at least put up a fight and not allow terrorists to carry out their acts "at will"

Dinesh Samtani said...

I agree with all the coments that have been posted.

In my point of view, the base of this terrorism is Pakistan. It is from pakistan that these terrorists enter out country. It is pakistan that Brainwashes and trains young blooded people in the name of JIHAD also know as the HOLY WAR. These young guys are trained to give their lives in order to achieve Jannat (Heaven or Swarg).

These camps are held in the borders of Pakistan and Afganistan. These camps train them, brainwash them, convert their young ambition into rage against all other religions, remove their fear against death and promise them that Allah with give them a place in Jannat for Fighting the HOLY WAR and helping them conquer the world.

See we cannot stop them, but it should be brought in front of the world that there are such activities happening. Also pakisatan to an extent supports this (thats the reason its happening there). These terrorists go to different parts of the world from there. They are human bombs. They dont care abt their lives or family or anything else. All they know and remember is JIHAD.

And as far as our country is concerned, we only have our politicians to blame. They are like termites eating our nation for their own gud. I wish that the terrorist attacks at the parliament were successfull. If so, then we wud not be seeing such a day. All polititians know is politics and blame game. For them a commom man is nothing but a small germ or an insect who can be crushed anytime by anyone. Our country is being run by people who themselves cant walk properly, who dont know if they have 5 years of life left in them to run the govenment.

The real culprits for such a situation to arrive are our POLITITIANS. We need to be walk up and take a step ahead to remove the real culprits.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree Dinesh that its time to take a step and bring a change here.
But dear friends writing only strong lines will not bring any kind of change in this country.

People now should come up with their ideas to fight against these activities.
I think VOTING should be boycotted this time to open the eyes of this sleepy govt.
We want the steps towards change before the so called elections!

Come uop with different ideas guys..wake up now please .

Unknown said...

All Said and Done,
I would say WE are responsible for this situation in a way.
It’s a cumulative effect.
Our so called “LET GO” attitude has let these politicians come on top, and manage us and OUR country.
If these are anything that we have to change is OUR ATTITUDE to look at the situation. It should be more practically and sensible.
If we have to change the current situation WE have to make OUR move.
But tell me, is there ANYONE who is ready to plunge into this gutter that needs a massive clean up?
I would not deny the fact that I am one of them, who will not like to answer affirmative, to the above subject.
Would you?

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

I do agree that it is our responsibility to make the change and it is high time we get out of our comfort zones. By this I mean we need to all pay more attention to security and safety.

We should get out of our short term memory syndrome and make sure we constantly make our governments more accountable. Till date I never imagined security was in such a poor state in our country.

Today we are all in rage as without safety and security we can't function.

What we can do is track what our government and politicians are doing and use our rights to demand action. Instead of wasting time fighting for issues that make sense - they need to work to protect our great nation. This is a call that all of us need to rise- there can be no economic growth without safety and security.


Nobody said...

Well done Yogesh with clear cut planning to combat terrorism.

In this world since beginning more people are killed in the names of religion then any other reasons put together, why this happens.

Every individual born to a particular religion, never tries to pentrate into the subject of religion deeply to understand it.

Finally in essence every religion boils down to kind and lovenesss towards all of this mother earth including human beings. When one reaches to this realisation he loves everyone irrespective of religion, nation, poor or rich, color and creed etc.

Such a realised person will not have any kind of hatred left in them. Even they will not find any difference in his or her religion or any other religion. Such people will see god in every god of all religion.

Till people realise this, one or other kind of hatred action towards other will keep happening in this world.

The only way to then protect is with more strict vigilant protection.

Remember but this is the job of your society (government) and I still belive no one should personnally feel hatredness to any kind of terrorist because this will in turn make a one more terrorist waiting in vengance.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Yogesh for bringing out this topic.Each one of us is in a state of rage and it 's high time we ACT unitedly.We mustn't tolerate this anymore us.The politicians have caused a breach of trust of each of us.We must commence a movement.The security and safety measures have to be enforced and increased.

My prayers are with the families of the HEROES who sacrificed their lives for us,who took the bullets for me and you.

Anonymous said...

Yogesh & Gauri, I'm not sure on the way you are looking at the issues. Is it really brain washing or locating persons who have a motive to get back for wrong done to them or psychic cases or maybe even they do it so their loved ones get money. Plz ponder deep & your further insights could help the churning...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous the whole nation and world thinks like Yogesh, Gauri and others here. They are brain washed people who need mental help. They do not understand civilized society and that is why smile when they take innocent lives.

This world needs peace and as they say "An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind."

Innocent people have nothing to do with politics and politicians. We just want peace and a normal world to live in.

Amol said...

I have been not able to sleep for the last 2 nights.
Only one question is haunting me..Why are one billion people helpless against these handful of maniacs?
I am feeling little better after reading this post and the comments below it.
We are not helpless,we will fight back!
I will send this post to everyone I know.
Thanks Yogesh,Thank you very much..Tonight I am going to have a sound sleep...

Anonymous said...

We are not helpless at all Amol. Yogesh's steps are what we should send to our politicians and make sure they implement it. I am glad that he took the initiative to come up with a set of areas where we should act - unlike our PM who says the same recorded things.

Just thinking about Arujuna's fear and how Lord Krishna told him to go to battle is what has made me feel more powerful .At first I too was feeling afraid - but let us follow our Geeta and it is time to act.

I have sent this to all my friends- and I am not going to vote for the useless Congress government that is unable to protect people.

Shivraj Patel, RR Patil, Vilasrao Deshmukh and PM should all wear bangles in their hands.

What is the use of our democracy if we don't excerscie it ? Don't be afraid and speak out against the traitors of our nation.

Anonymous said...

forget wearing bangles, Shivraj Patil should be shot.

Ban2 said...

i got a quite agressive response for my comment ........ guess u ppl din like it ........ ........ but there is a little truth in it ........ in two or three days from now ... the focus of the media will shift from terror attacks to something else like a major fall in the stock or a major gain , d saab bahoo lafda, this things launch nd that things launch ........ on one channel i read a msg ... all politicians police and CELEBRITIES should declare a war on what now ...... what has a celebrity gota do with it ....... celebrities r just sme creatures wanting publicity ...... news papers too are filled with celebritie interviews .... Y arnt the talking to the right ppl ........ news channels also ..... the same TRP chakkar ............................................some 1 above wrote about their tax money issue ... wanted to know where is it going .....> u c Mumbai wants more tourists to come here thus the Politicians want a statue of Shivaji Mahraj in d middle of the sea and the Londons eye like structures ....... the want tourists to come and get shot the way they were this time ........... <....... thats where ur money is going Mr. ...........

News channels r showing the terroe news for 24 hrs .. still these MTV ppl are showing .. What the F news .... god knows which channel r they targeting .......

i may not be fully correct in what i say ........ BUT i am NOT wrong in what i hav said ... be4 nd now

Anonymous said...

कैश इज नोट ओलवेज दी कींग
हम सब स्‍टोक मार्केट के नि‍वेशक होने के नाते वर्तमान मंदी के माहौल में अच्‍छी तरह जानते हैं कि‍ कैश इज द कींग। लेकि‍न केवल यही एक बात सही नहीं है। हाथ में कैश होने के साथ साथ उस कैश का सही समय पर उपयोग करने की सुझ और काबेलि‍यत यानि‍ नोलेज होना भी जरूरी है, तभी नि‍वेशक हैप्‍योनैर तरीके से पैसा बना सकता है। मुंबई धमाकों के बाद आतंकवाद के मुददे का जहां तक संबंध है, यही बात साबि‍त होती है। पहले मैंने यहां वि‍चार व्‍यक्‍त कि‍या था कि‍ एनएसजी की टुकडि‍यां देश के चारों कोनो में हमेशा तैयार रहनी चाहि‍ये। महाराष्‍ट्र सरकार ने भी यह राय प्रकट करते हुए मुंबई में एनएसजी का एक बेस बनाने का फैसला लि‍या है। वैसे मैं कहूं तो एनएसजी कमांडो हमारे लि‍ये ‘कैश’ जैसे ही हैं। लेकि‍न उनका सही समय पर उपयोग करने की सुझ और काबेलि‍यत भी होनी चाहि‍ये। केवल मुंबई में एनएसजी का बेस बनाने से काम नहीं चलेगा। प्रशासन और नेताओं को सही समय पर उचि‍त निर्णय करना भी सीखना होगा। उदाहरण के लि‍ये 26 तारीख को रात 10 बजे हमले के तुरंत बाद मुंबई पुलि‍स ने भारतीय नौसेना के मार्कोस कमांडो को भेजने के लि‍ये नौसेना से कहा। मार्कोस का बेस मुंबई में ही है। नौसेना के नि‍यमों के अनुसार वे पुलि‍स के कहने पर कमांडो नहीं भेज सकते थे। उन्‍हें दरखास्‍त राज्‍य सरकार के सचि‍व की ओर से आनी चाहि‍ये थी, जि‍सकी जानकारी पुलि‍स को नहीं थी। फि‍र आधी रात को जाकर सचि‍व ने दरखास्‍त भेजी और तब कहीं जाकर मार्कोस कमांडो मोर्चे पर आ पाए। यदि‍ प्रशासन को सही जानकारी होती तो मार्कोस अपना काम हमले के एकाद घंटे में ही शुरू करके कइयों की जान बचा लेते। सुवि‍धा व तकनि‍क यानि‍ ‘कैश’ के अलावा हमें जानकारी यानि‍ ‘नोलेज’ में भी नि‍वेश करना होगा।


Rational Man Who isn't as rational as he thinks. said...

My man yogesh, this isnt a war of good vs evil.
There are no accruate accounts.
You think your good, and the person on the other side thinks the same.He probably thinks what he has done is just settled scores.

No one who does commit these acts would believe that they are in the wrong here. We all come from different wavelengths.

Rational Man Who isn't as rational as he thinks. said...

Just so you know,where i am coming from.

Unknown said...

India needs to get its act together otherwise inocent people will continue to suffer at the cost of inaction from the Indian goverment, The non voilence mantra has not worked especially with terriorists. India should STOP all trade it does with Pakistan and suspend all projects, deals that are underway. Yes there are people to blame for this however we should stop being a crybaby as we look so stupid when terriorists just cross the border like there's no one to stop them and unleash hell on us, we need to secure our borders to avoid incidents like these, beef up our forces with state of the art equipment, there is so much technology available out there sure it comes ata cost but think how much loss (life and monetary loss, tourism)we already suffered in 3 days not to mention the loss to future business. Which country would want to come do business in India if this keeps happenning. Its surprising that Us was attacked on 9/11 and within days there was a war raged against terriorism since 2001 while there have been so many attacks on India with ample evidence to who's involved any there is no concrete and bold steps that our government is willing to take. For once get off your butt and do something for the people.

Proud to be an Indian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,

Agree with you on each and every point mentioned by you.

But, would like to add on to your observations and would prefer the heading as Why We Need A War Against POLITICIANS.

The real culprit responsible for breeding terrorists is the Politician for there own personal interest to divert attention from real issues affecting common man.

In-fact we should unite and put an end to these politicians who lead people to become terrorists.

Would like to give few examples for the hatred against the so called politicians...

1. Iraq was attacked for possessing chemical/biological weapons. Did USA find a single of them – NO. They raged war against Iraq just to avenge their first person's revenge. In turn, imagine the number of people that lost their near and dear ones. Don't you think this very same people who lost their near and dear ones have a right to avenge revenge.
2. Let's take the case of an incident at home. Tata in their urge to build world's cheapest car was instrumental (direct/indirectly) in the deaths of number of innocent land owners. What right Tata had to destroy the families of poor land owners for personal gains. Don't you think this very same people who lost their near and dear ones have a right to avenge revenge.
3. Now let's take the case of our finance capital Mumbai. North Indian's were beaten for their only mistake of coming in hunt of job. We are creating in fighting with in our own country. Today we Indian's have difficulty in treating our fellow Indian's with respect. In such situations do not be surprised if you hear these same youth taking extreme steps to avenge revenge.

Who has been responsible in breathing terrorism in the world all these years, trust it is the handy work of Politician's and Industrialist's.

Politician's and Industrialist's breed terrorist and use them for their own advantage. If terrorism is to end then we need to put an end to overzealous Politician's and Industrialist's. Why is the world not talking to Bin Laden to understand his need. Is it so difficult that issues cannot be solved by sitting across the table, or is it that these Politicians want to keep the hatred fire burning to turn away attention from real issues at home.

Why do Politician's have to be provided security. Are they not in the field of Social Work. Why cannot they be treated as normal citizens of India. Why the preferential treatment. If the security cover for all Politicians is removed then these guys will work towards securing each and every one in the quest for saving there own life's.

The same applies to the travel preference's given to these Politician's. Why are the roads cleared for them when they are travelling. Why are they not made to take the public transport system as against private vehicles provided to them. If this is done then only will they realize the pain the common man goes through with the public transport system and then only will we see real improvement in the infrastructure.

Would like to close with one obvious fallout of the attack on Mumbai… Congress will attack PoK very shortly for election mileage J.

PS : Would look forward to hear from you on the views expressed.

vinny said...

hiya Yogesh
happened to stumble theu a link from blogadda

good suggestions here.. these will work only if we keep the pressure up! yes..both sides think they r right..nobody thinks they r wrong!!

keep up the good work..will visit often:)

Ramesh Srivats said...

Good analysis. I am as appalled as you are but I don't think the solution should be limited to the learnings from this particular incident. Government can and will provide effective security to us only if it stops doing all the 100 other useless things it does. You can read the second post on by blog for an elaboration of what I am trying to say.

And if you want a chuckle or two at Shivraj's expense...

Shivraj Patil debates with Sardar Vallabhai Patel on who was the better home minister. Check