Saturday, September 6, 2008

India In The Security Council Next!

Ten years ago no one could have imagined that a day like today would ever been possible. It just re-enforces that fact about the speed of change in India. I’m sure all of you know what I’m talking about as the entire media is already filled with talks and discussions on India’s entry to the elite global Nuclear Club.

This is a great for every Indian and the positives of this will be sensed over a period of time. Since most people who this blog are extremely well informed, I don’t think it is necessary for me to say that this would surely help our energy needs as well as the environment.

This deal changes the way the world looks at India and will lead to lots of new business and investment opportunities. As I had even mentioned earlier, had the Nuclear deal not gone through it would have meant that a lot of foreign money which was waiting to come in the country would not have come in.

For instance now most major players like L&T, NTPC, the Tatas, Ambanis and several others will start capitalizing on the opportunities available in the space of nuclear energy and technology.

In 1991 when we opened up our economy, thanks to The Real King- Dr. Singh, lots of critics were there telling how we Indians can not compete with the world. Today we have proof that we thrive in competition and are ready for every sort of competition. We love freedom and can do our best when we are truly free.

Similarly now we will see the rise of several businesses in the area of Nuclear technology and fuel. In fact somebody was telling me how a Marwari business man had purchased land in Niger so as to mine Uranium. I think one thing about us Indians is that we always try to benefit from every possible opportunity and are extremely business minded and enterprising. I’m glad that we are. Several such businesses will prosper and create lots of opportunities.

As we had discussed earlier, with several Happionaires sharing their views, cities can have their entire mass transit systems running on energy derived from nuclear power plants, thus reducing our dependence on oil.

In fact in the future India could become a hub for producing and even exporting such technology to the world. Two decades ago we all remember the situation of our auto industry – see where we are today. This country has immense potential and all of us need to believe in it and work together.

I’m also proud of the fact that our nation has a leader who was willing to put his political carrier on stake for the good of this nation. I know I have usually been critical of politicians like most others Indians, but Dr. Singh is not a politician according to me but a true leader. We all need to understand the immense amounts of difficulties he had to go through so that our nation could get energy security and we could be propelled ahead into the future.

And I truly believe that if we want to do something good and positive the “Divine” force is always with us. In fact our National Security Advisor – MK Narayanan, said that the night before he was praying and this deal is a result of the “Divine” force.

Just a small thing to think about – the people who opposed this deal were the Chinese and a few opposition parties. I wonder what these opposition parties have in common with China? I’m very glad that what is “right” won.

Now, coming to my post title- “India In The Security Council Next!” It is something all us Indians want, don’t we? That’s why I thought we should start asking for it! I’m sure The King and his team will make this happen to along with the “Divine Force”.

Keep smiling and congratulations to every Indian!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

Today The King (As you have very rightly called Dr. Singh) has made the nation proud and this is a great moment for every Indian.

The Left are in the pockets of China and we all know how hard they are trying to make our country a slave of China.

This will also make Congress win the next election.

Anonymous said...

Very rightly said Yogesh. The deal is a step i nthe right direction.

However politically speaking the BJP has made a big mistake by opposing the deal, as most people in India want the deal. By siding with the Chinese, Pakistanis and Left they are letting the nation know how Patriotic they really are.

Am really curious to know about your friend who owns these Uranium mines. Is the company listed?

Anonymous said...

“India in the Security Council next” is just the matter of time. As and when we will start commerce with the five permanent members of the council, and they will start to get the share of the cake, and would experience the sincerity of this largest democracy, their intentions towards India will change.
However, our main focus now should be to extract as much as we can, from the opportunities arisen through Done-Deal. We should buy technology and fuel to satisfy our current energy requirement; along with that we should increase the speed of mining of uranium and other nuke-elements.
The fact is we don’t have much uranium in India, but we have that much thorium underneath with which India can be, what Arab’s have become through Oil. Nuke deal would provide us an opportunity to capitalize on this front. Government would also give permission to private organizations to mine nuke elements. Ambanies and Tata’s should take lead. ONGC is already planning to get into mining of nuke-elements. NTPC is prepared to build Nuclear power plants. L&T is egger to build them as and when they get chance.
So, first step has been taken and sky is the limit.

Aditya Palav's Blog said...

Hello Sir,

1 st of all I must congratulate fellow indians for our gr8st ever victory.This only shows how the BJP is driving the politics..Just for creating the political issue they are opposing deals...Even many BJP leaders don't know the exact deal..(that was shown in Time NEWS Channel one of the BJP leader was saying something irrelevant)BJP must understand that you can't develop this country by making politics on religion..
I think seeds of this victory was sowed from the times of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru...The trust shown by world on India's foreign policy was decided by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru..On values given by MK Gandhi..

Anonymous said...

Very rightly put Yogesh, Sunita, Rajdeep, Kuldeep and Aditya. The world has realized that we are the most trustworthy nation (unlike the Chinese and Pakistanis) and we are a responsible nation who wants progress and needs energy to be an economic super power.

It is a shame that the Left is in the pockets of the Chinese who don't want us to grow because they know that our values and business is far superior to theirs which is simply run because of their government aid. There they do nolt even have the right to have free blogs and can't even write and discuss the way we do here.

Jai Hind and Bharat Maata Ki Jai!

Sunil said...

It is indeed a great moment for all of us ... who would have thought that we would have the priveliage to see India grow this way.
If we look at this deal from Capital Markets perspective then there is an loads and loads of money to be made here, provided we have we play our cards right and have the patience, cause Nuclear projects takes years and years to build up.
I guess we all know that companies like Areva, Lnt, Bhel, Powergrid, NTPC,NPCIL are beneficaries.
Areva seems to be Immediate beneficary from the this deal, keep an eye on this script

Hypocrite said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hypocrite,

I have availed of his services. He is pretty good and surely is a part of the inner circle. Only issue might be, is that you might not have the time to act soon as you might be busy with your work or profession.

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