Thursday, August 14, 2008

India Needs A New Independence!

Sixty one years ago we got Independence from the British. Since that time a lot has changed. From being a British colony we have gone to buy British company's such as Jaguar-Land Rover, Tetley and Corus. This is not only good for us, but also for the British who are getting the opportunity to benefit from global management skills and finance. It ensures employment for thousands of employees and increases their efficiency. From being a nation afraid of foreign competition, today we are ready for competition of every sort and thrive in it.

From a time when we had to wait for a year to get a phone, today we can get a cell phone within minutes and have amongst the cheapest phone rates in the world. I am proud to be an Indian and very lucky to be born in a time when India is getting ready to become a major global economic power. But at the same time we as a nation and as people have always believed in respecting other civilizations and not infringing on their rights and freedoms. Respect, equality, peace and dignity should be something that the entire world should have and something which we should share with the rest of the world.

I hope every Indian is proud of our nation and proud of our culture and heritage which is several thousand years old.

But today we are desperately in need of a New Independence movement.
We need Independence from poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, hate, corruption, bureaucracy and inefficiency. We need Independence from pollution and environmental degradation. We need Independence from having the attitude and willingness to accept what is wrong. We need Independence from being afraid to learn new things, being afraid to fail and being afraid of change. We need Independence from fear.

India needs this New Independence and it is in our hands to make our nation truly free. We can all do this by doing our dharma. We all need to do our duty with love, dedication, passion and commitment. If we all start doing our dharma as well as we can, things will start changing. If everybody in our nation does their duty, it wouldn't take too long for things to change.

Today there isn't a shortage of money in our country. Just that the money isn’t being tapped correctly. In fact today India's balance sheet is much more favourable than America's. Imagine how much more wealth can be created by everybody if millions of people got access to basic necessities such as electricity, water and education. It would spiral of a positive cycle of productivity and increase demand.

The Government today has billions of dollars with it. Instead of keeping a currency which is going to lose value over time, these funds should be invested. This can bring New Independence to millions of people and this also means a great economic opportunity.

As individuals we have the power to not only do what we are doing with complete love and dedication, but also spread the message of change. We can spread and share ideas which will go into building a nation and help build India into an economic and cultural super power. We can share thoughts which motivate and inspire people around us. Everything great first starts out in our minds. Our minds need to think about what is possible and how we can achieve it. That is what I have always believed and also experienced personally as a Happionaire.

We Indians are hard working and I know that if our brothers and sisters across the vast nation are given opportunities, they too can do wonders. I'm sure we will be able to find hundreds of more Dhirubhai Ambanis, Ratan TATAs and Kishore Biyanis.

I have a feeling that it will happen. Something inside me tells me that in the next 10 years we are going to see radical changes in India and more and more entrepreneurs are going to go out looking for opportunities across our great nation. We all have an inner voice and that voice somehow is always true. Isn’t it?

I wish all of you have a very Happy Independence Day and I hope that with the grace of God we shall all be wishing each other a very Happy New Independence Day in the coming future.

Feel free to share this article with every other Indian and spread the joy.

Keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria

Make the most of our freedom and democracy - let fellow Happionaires know if you agree or disagree with the above post.


Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

Very inspiring and motivating post Yogesh for every Indian. This I will send to each and every friend of mine.

We will truly achieve our dreams and now may God bless every Indian and every human on earth.

Jai hind!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with this post however - I don't agree that only our culture is old. Look at China and what they are doing. See how great they have done the Olympics.

We need to follow China. Im also sure that we can be a major economic power if go the China way. At least we have got rid of the Left.

Jai Hind and Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Happy Independence Day to each and every Indian.

Anonymous said...

Mr Karthiks Blog reminds me of the recent achievement of an Indian at the olympics. Mr Abhinav Bindra has done us proud by winning the gold medal. I know it is not much as compared to other nations but it's a start and a gift to Mother India on her 61st independence day. It will be an encouragement for all sports persons that one great achievement can put them on the map as well. In this nation that sees cricket as its only sport they too can make a mark.Mr. Bindra's achievement has broadened the horizon in the field of sports.

Also, we do not need to follow China we need to learn from them and their mistakes and become better, or maybe the best.
Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

mohit21mankani said...

well this was the most motivating topic which i could relate with.............
i believe in INDIA's growth story as it was rightly called as(sooney ki chidiya ) the GOLDEN bird ...
and i would also like to QUOTE what DR MR Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata said " I DONT WANT INDIA TO BE AN SUPERPOWER INSTEAD I WANT IT TO BE A HAPPY NATION".....
i will pass this topic to as many INDIANS i can.... "CHAK DE INDIA"
JAI HIND............may GOD BLESS ALL......

Anonymous said...

Most inspirin post. Happy Independence Day to all my brothers and sisters. And also Happy Raksha Bhandan.

Anonymous said...

Besides Yogesh's posts which are great as usual you have written something very nice too Mohit. I'm also sharing these wonderful ideas with all my friends.

Anonymous, i agree with u that there is no need to copy China and learn from their good and mistakes. China is not the best model of growth and they hide many things from the world.

Chirag Joshi said...

Hi Happionaires,
Have a Happy Independent Life..

Plz stop basking in our glorious past i don't know for how much time we will talk about our past rather than future.

"Unity In Diversity"

This is the "Mantra" of our country, but how many diversities Religious, Regional, Linguistic, Mental, Economical and i don't how many more still we are not happy and we want to prove our "Mantra" even more precisely so our Political Parties are creating many more like Reservation, Dalit party like you know--, religious parties and so on.

We are privileged enough that we are able to talk like this but doing our "Dharm" is not only enough even terrorists are thinking they are doing their "Dharm", We should do whatever we want in right spirit and right manner like our so talked Indian global companies should do something about their "Corporate Social Responsibilities" and we should encourage these kind of companies by profiting them.

Plz remember "Be Happy(ionaire) and make others Happy(ionaire)."

Have a Blast
Chirag Joshi.
"Jai Jawan - Jai Kisan"

Anonymous said...

Chirag...just one thing i want to say. we need to think about our past because that is what will teach us a lot. our youth should never forget our history and culture and feel proud of it.

With that we should look forward to future and yes agreed that CSR is must. But the terrorists are mis-guided and thus they need 'summati' or 'itellect'

Jai hind and humara bharat mahan hai - isko aur bhu mahan banate hai. Spread the Happionaires way!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh, Jai Hind!!!

I totally agree that India is now all set to go places.
One such emerging company that could play a pivotal role is Jai Corp.
In ITHW and also on this blog you have mentioned Jai Corp which gave phenomenal returns in the recent past.

I have done some research and it looks promising even at current levels. But I may be wrong.
What is your opinion? Any advise would be of great value.

Do you have any plans to have open discussions (free of cost) about stock ideas recommended by fellow bloggers?


Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh Sir,
Firstly, I would like to compliment and congratulate you on the excellent work you're doing. Your blogs are very interesting and informative. (i'm sure it's not the first time you've heard that!). But I didn't know that they were also addictive. I'm so used to reading them that when I didn't see it in my mail box this week I thought there must be an error and checked online and still didn't find it. Disappointed! :-( I'm missing the blog.
I also wanted to ask you when we will have the opportunity to read your next book in the Happionaire series. Hope it's soon and also can you give us a sneak peek into what it will be about if you're writing it.
Thank You.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Happy Blogger - Firstly feel free to call me just "Yogesh" and thanks for the lovely feedback!

I've been meeting lots of people lately and at the same time trying to research a few good companies as I feel markets can give good buying opportunities.

Will surely share more and give fellow Happionaires a sneak preview whenever the time is right! Keep staying Happy!

Kapil- It is a good idea to have a discussion forum - at the moment we can have it on the blog, however later having an open discussion board (with a moderator) is a great idea.

Chirag- You are right when you point out and say that even people spreading terror imagine they are doing their dharma. Something I didn't think about.

Mohit- Something very intelligent and nice to think of. We should all hope our world is a happier place with more love and less hate.

Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,

Can you initiate a discussion thread on the blog for Jai Corp?

Your initial comments could drive the discussion forward.


Anonymous said...


Any thoughts on my previous post Re: Discussion Thread on Jai Corp.

Swing Trade Guru said...

Hi Yogesh
Interesting post and insight. Are you referring to the bank that was recently in news with people queing up at ATMS to withdraw money !!! All my invesntments are through this bank and your post has set me thinking !!!!