Wednesday, July 23, 2008

India Is Changing Fast-Very Fast!

I had been out of the country for sometime. Even though I wasn't out for too long, things seem to be changing constantly in India. Within a period of 10-11 days lots has changed in Bombay/Mumbai. The airport is getting modernized, a new highway near the airport is functional, a new TV channel was launched, new buildings and shopping centers are ready, and several new shops have cropped up near my place. All this within a matter of just 10 days. Maybe these were the 10 days when all this change had to happen. Maybe it was a sign for me to take notice of the Indian economy even closer and let me know that markets are not the only barometer of economic growth. Change is good. It is good because it is inevitable and permanent. As they say the only thing permanent is change.

Politically speaking too lots happened, and in the end, that change did work out for the better. Crude prices also have gone down since there highs, and I guess my assumptions along with inputs from a few friends about them not staying up for too long weren't all that wrong. Not that it means anything and most probably it is just sheer co-incidence, for all we know crude could have gone much higher before it corrected.

People might have seen the chaos in the Parliament, however there is nothing new about seeing politicians behaving the way they were. It would have been abnormal had they behaved any other way. In fact things are finally looking good for our nation. With the nuclear deal going through India is going to stay in the good books of several Western nations. This also means more funds flowing in from pension funds in the future. Had the deal not gone through the reverse would have happened. Again when I talk about future I'm not really talking about the next six or nine months. It is like when a child gets admission to a good college. His life doesn't change overnight or within six months, but it is a good start and a positive sign.

A person who was short made a heavy loss today and told me how he felt that such a huge surge in the Index was illogical and irrational. I remembered something which is extremely useful for all of us- especially for those of us who are traders. We always need to remember that markets can stay irrational for longer than we can stay solvent.

Change is what creates wealth. Welcome change and make sure you use it as an opportunity.

Happy investing!

Yogesh Chabria

Does Boldness Change Everything?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Yogesh. I really did miss your posts.

It is encouraging to know about the changes happening across India. I'm staying outside India and your blog gives me good insights into the country of the type that I might not get from a News website. It is like getting to speak to common people through you.

Looking forward to more such simple and lovely ideas.

Anonymous said...

Great motivation and postive energy as usual!



Anonymous said...

Yes, even our FM now wants to speed up change. I am feeling more confident about our country now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Yogesh,

I recently visited Landmark, Chennai(am from Hyderabad). I bought two books there which includes yours, Happionaire Way. The other book is Shark Investing Way, which is quite contradictory to the theme of your investment way. Both are interesting. Anyhow, you deserve congrats for making me to think more insighful in investing. Your book is such interesting that I finished reading within two nights.

Best regards,
VCK Rao.

Anonymous said...

I personally have read about Shark Investing too, but I feel for a common person adopting Yogesh's long term strategy is easier. I think even Yogesh has admitted to have not succeeded himself with trading and prefers giving a part of his money to those who know to trade.

I feel for a common person to trade without any expert guidance is a very big mistake. Investing for the long term though is good because you won't get bankrupt overnight.

Also only invest money not needed for day to day survivial for the next 3-4 years at least.

Just a few of my words. Keep smiling and lots of love to all Happionaires!

I pickec up a couple of copies of ITHW to give as gifts to friends. Looking forward to many more wonderful books and keep posting!

Chirag Joshi said...

Hi Yogesh,
I was waiting for your post, it's good that you are back to india.

I want to ask you and fellow Happionaire one question that if i want to Invest in Agriculture what should i do??
Before giving answer plz keep in mind, i am doing my job and i cannot take land and do the farming.

Friends Waiting for your reply.