Sunday, July 27, 2008

Get Inside Views From Market Players!

I like emulating the good things people do. All of you might have heard of the billionaire investor and philanthropist Sir John Templeton. He created his wealth by using a contrarian approach and not doing what everybody else was doing. It was based on buying into companies others were not buying into. He was amongst the first people to invest in Japan and also amongst the first to exit Japan before the bubble burst there. He did quite well for himself.

However he would do another thing which many people don’t know about. He would regularly give small parts of his money to people who had different outlooks towards investing and trading in order to make sure he can benefit from opportunities he might have overlooked. I like doing the same. There isn’t only one right way to do things, and I don’t like being stubborn. Being stubborn can mean a loss of opportunity.

As all of you might be knowing by now is that I am a long term investor because that is what I understand best. I believe it is much simpler to select a good company and hold it for the long term rather than constantly stay updated with what is happening in the markets and try to trade. I have traded in the past on my own and am not hesitant to say that have also incurred losses due to trading. What I have learnt is that even though I might like to benefit from every possible opportunity, I might not have the necessary skills, time or inclination to do so.

For example earlier when markets would go down, I would feel extremely tempted to buy put options or go short. Even though this did give me good returns, it also caused me to incur losses as I wasn’t fully aware of how things worked. I did not have associations with other traders in the markets who knew how things worked. Trading does depend largely on what major players in the market are doing. Knowing what they are doing is extremely important.

Presently I have Aniket Waghmare, a good friend who is a professional trader, trade for me. Initially I had put in 15% of my capital, but lately thanks to the recent volatility my trading capital has increased significantly. Aniket trades on the basis of technical as well on the basis of timely information usually not yet available in the media.

Besides me Aniket also trades for a select few HNIs and I usually get returns in the range of 45-50% a month. Of course even though the returns are extremely good, I don’t put larger amounts of money as the risks associated with trading are much higher than long term investing. Mostly trading is done in Options as the downside is limited, unlike in the case of Futures, while the upside is unlimited.

I thought it would be great if I could get Aniket to share some of his trading ideas with more people especially since markets have become so volatile. He has agreed to let more people in onto some of his trading ideas and decided to share his knowledge. To start with he has decided to share his ideas for a month starting from the 1st of August 2008.

All those interested can find out more about it here.

You can also subscribe online to the above service via Paypal/Credit Card.

Keep smiling and happy wealth creation!
Yogesh Chabria


Anonymous said...

Can anyone, preferably Aniket / Yogesh share the recent performance numbers i.e. average returns genertated over last few quarters?

Also, what is the average frequency of the calls? What time and effort is required on my part?


Anonymous said...

Hello Kapil,

Sure we can provide you with that.
Previous month`s trading details :

We were bearish on marketss due to various factors such as global cues, inflation worries, government worries etc. We bought Nifty 4000 put option at 116 on 2nd of July. We booked this put option at 250+ rate after the market fall till 3800. Again after market pulled back to 4200 we bought this put option at 102. Booked partial profit at 240 again and full exit at 170.

Average frquency of calls : You will get 2-3 calls per month minimum. Once a call is up we will do something called as profit trading/jobbing.

Time and effort will be considerably less as calls will be positional. We may ask you to be online for 1 or 2 days to do jobbing.

If you want the digital notes for the above transaction, plz mail me at and prefferably add me on messenger too.

Also, please keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. If past performance was everything to the game, the richest people would have been librarians.

Thanks and Regards,
Aniket Waghmare

Anonymous said...

If past performance that was all to the game besides librarians even historians would be really rich!

Well said Aniket.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aniket,

Thanks for your reply.
Dont you have a PMS model, where you charge a professional fee linked to profit/performance?
Let me know if that works and what are the modalities.


Anonymous said...

Hello Meeta. Thank you very much mam.

Hello again, Mr Kapil. We do have a PMS service for HNI clients. Our charges for the same are 30% of the profit generated and payment is to bee made monthly.
We expect minimum 10 Lakhs capital base. We can talk in detail about the projected returns in case you are interested. You can add me on yahoo messenger at

Thanks and Regards,
Aniket Waghmare

Anonymous said...

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. It's always easiest to follow in the steps of those who have already done the groundwork.

I understand enough about investing to focus on a couple of industries and one or two different types of trading. Like you, though, I don't know enough about put options or short selling to do anything but lose money trying to use them. In this case, it would be far easier (and more profitable) to follow the expert's advice.

You provide some great information and resources here, thank you!

Sunil said...

Yogesh ... it would be better if you post some good articles on trading

Chirag Joshi said...

Hi Yogesh,
Is it business marketing or knowledge sharing.
We people have faith on you so let us know the right path to go forward.
And give us some more insight on Mr.Aniket's strategy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aniket,
I would like to know more about PMS Service. What’s the procedure – do I have to open account? with whom? etc

Swing Trade Guru said...

Interesting topic.. What I cannot fathom is you guys charging for this service. If you manage funds of others, it is worth charging on profit. If you are sharing knowledge and helping others improve their knowledge, why charge? If your trading techniques fetch you enough money, why make a megre Rs 1000 odd here? If all your readers follow your advice and invest, the volume will be enough to move markets... Its a win win anyway.... by charging I think you are limiting yourself to a great extent.

Maruthi said...

Hi Chirag

I dont think Yogesh is doing a business marketing in this blog. We are learnig a lot and he is sharing what he belives in. Just ignore the information which is not required for you. It might be useful for others.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Maruthi. It was nice of Yogesh to share details regarding options and the opprunity available there. I have started reading a bit on my own too.

Yogesh kindly put a small post regarding what options are. You know that the way you explain is fabulous.

I am not fully aware of options as yet, but once I am I will surely take a bit of your help Aniket.

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

I do trade a bit sometimes and I know how important it is to know people who control the markets. Trading without knowing these people is one of the best ways to lose money.

Trading is not for everyone, but investing is for everyone. In trading quick money can be made by only 1% of the people who are knowing the inside of the market. The rest are there to give their money to the 1%.

Technicals are good, but more important are contacts. I'm glad that you are letting people know the truth here by letting them know that only technicals are not at all important.

Trade a bit and see how it is. But make sure you invest for life!

Keep spreading the Happionaire way!