Tuesday, June 17, 2008

True Wealth, Luck and Pune Event!

A few days ago my grandmother was telling me about her neighbour. Her neighbour, a middle aged lady, was speaking very rudely to a young girl who does an excellent job of keeping their surroundings clean. This young girl works hard to make sure that their surroundings are clean, there isn't any garbage and people are able to live in hygienic surroundings. Not only was she speaking very rudely, she also had a lot of ego and thought herself to be much superior to another human being.

Just because she had a house worth several lakhs and wore fancy clothes, she thought she was superior and wealthy. Thankfully the young girl did not take any of it and replied back to her and even cursed the middle aged lady. I am glad she had the guts to do so. I like it when people stand up for themselves and don't tolerate injustice. With more economic empowerment we will have millions of more people not tolerating any form of injustice.

Someone who keeps the surroundings clean is a boon and not at all inferior in any way. We should all thank them every single moment, because without them we would probably be suffering from some major disease and would not be able to function. I find it very strange when I hear people behaving and speaking in an inhumane manner to people who might be helping them in several ways. Whenever I see someone behave badly with their driver or domestic help, I somehow how know that these people do not have true wealth with them. If such a person is good with me, I know the only reason they are good is not because of who I am as a person, but because of monetary or financial reasons.

True wealth isn't about how big our houses are and how many cars we have. It doesn't matter, because we all need to remember that at the end of the day we are not going to be taking any of this with us. If we can make people around us smile and make them feel nice, we will be sowing seeds which will benefit us in the future. I feel that luck and blessings have a very strong role to play in our life. Not many people talk about it, but the truth is that our luck also plays a major part in investing.

I don't know for sure what brings luck, but I have a feeling that the more good we do and the more smiles we spread, the more luck we get. There is certainly a higher force, which does justice in its own way. We might call it God, Bhagawan, Allah, Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Ganesha, Mosses.....

Why is it that people who are PHDs and MBAs and run big hedge funds end up losing millions and billions on the stock markets, but simple people without a proper education make millions? Yes, knowledge is important but luck and that special something is equally important. Luck, destiny, blessings all are. What do you think? Do you think luck is important as an investor and also in life? Share your ideas with us in our Happionaire comments section.

Ego, arrogance and hatred will never attract what is good and positive. We need to remember that anything is possible at any time. I have got several interesting e-mails, and recently I had Rakesh Khosla, a fellow Happionaire share something very interesting with me. I will be sharing it with you in my next post. It is nice to see more and more people doing research on their own.

I also hope to see all you fellow Happionaires this Sunday in Pune.

We are having a free workshop on “Investing in Indian Stock Markets The Happionaire Way” on Sunday, 22nd June, 2008, 6:30 pm onwards at

Crossword Bookstore, ICC Trade Tower,
Showroom No 1, Senapati Bapat Rd, Pune -411016
Tel: 020-66033050/51/52

It will be a lot like our earlier event in Mumbai. Feel free to get your friends and family along. I’m sure it is going to be tons of fun meeting all Happionaires in Pune!

Keep smiling and happy wealth creation!

Yogesh Chabria

Do You Think Opportunities Will Be Lost Again?


Anonymous said...

I agree that so many people in India I have noticed behave very badly and this is sad, because as you rightly said true wealth doesn't come this way.

Continue spreading the love and smile Yogesh. Glad to know about your Pune event, will surely be there!

So glad you kept it in Pune.

Mega said...

I remember the comment. Lord Narayana spouses the lord of wealth. If you want to have wealth, have his qualities first, then wealth will come to you automatically.

Unknown said...

It is quite right that luck has very important role in our life and many major achievements are directly or indirectly influenced by luck.

According to Gita's "Karmyoga" whatever good or bad deeds we do, they accumulate in our destiny and according to their force they come up for giving favourable or unfavourable fruits of their own in one's life. These 'Karmas' are categorised in three ways. Whatever we are doing right now is called ' Kriyaman', all karmas done in past are accumulated and name as ' sanchit' and out of the accumulated 'Karmas'done by us previously, some 'karmas'come to give their fruits and these are collectively called as 'Prarabdh'or luck.

So luck is nothing but our own bad and good 'karmas' performed earlier, now ready to provide their fruits.
This is why we are always preached to do 'punya karma'- right deeds only so that we can have 'Sobhagya'- Good Luck and avoid 'Durbhagya'- Bad Luck.

You have very rightly pointed out that being nice to all those who are helping us in some or other ways may also bring us good luck through their blessings. Everybody in life requires blessings. Blessings of the God, the eldres, friends and even unknowns.

Rajendra Saboo

Anonymous said...

Luck is nothing, but an attitude of a person to keep his mind open and ready to think and learn new things without any prejudice. Luck is also an attitude to explore news things and opportunities, a tendency to grab the opportunity and work accordingly.

Working with an opportunity may give a positive or a negative result at the end, but either way that person would be benefited. If the result is positive, he can say it’s because of his luck that he came across that particular opportunity. If the result is negative, still he can be thankful to his luck that it gave him a chance to know which thing works and which don’t. In both ways luck is with him.

On the other hand, a person who never keeps his mind open and not willing to think and learn new things, eventfully will not come across opportunities, and without working with opportunities, luck does not exist.

Readers of this blog have come across the book “Invest the happionaire way”. Some ignored, and a few grabbed the copy, read it and tried to explore if “the happionaire way” works or not. What ever may be the end result, these few readers are going to learn and know new things and in the process their luck is building. At the end, when they would succeed, they would say, “once upon a time, I had come across a book that changed my life. I was very lucky.”


Vallabh said...

I feel luck comes to those who are sincere in their jobs assigned to them. If you work hard luck is definitely on your side. There is no substitute to hard work.
About the behavior of the people it mainly depends on a persons ego. He may try to be happy but his ego will bring him down.

Anonymous said...

Well said Kuldeep and also very interesting to read the more spiritual parts Mega and Rajendra.

As Vallabh said more hard work and more we try, the more our chances of being lucky get. But at the same time if we try and are arrogant and spread hate, we won't get the blessings which are very important.

Wealth, success and happiness are things for which just hard work is not enough.

I am also very happy to read the thoughts of people here and glad to know that my fellow Indians and Happionaires have such great ideas.

Really a pleasure to learn these thoughts here and the fact that The Happionaire way is spreading a more holistic thought process and something which will surely make people ten years down the road look back and say I am so glad I read this book and blog. It really did impact my life. I'm also glad that this blog has comment moderation enabled so that only positive ideas are shared.

So many other blogs on the internet are filled with people constantly arguing.

God bless everybody and may more smiles and love be spread!

Bharath said...

Yes, actually Luck & blessings depends on out thought process, if we beleive we are lucky and blessed we indeed are. Beleive and dream on that. Just see the below video The Secret, it says it all..


Hypocrite said...

HI Yogesh, where will you host an event in bangalore! Its a haven of investors like me and I will be there for sure.

Hypocrite said...

I completely agree with you on the destiny, luck and only knowledge will not help you create anything in this world. I hope this is something everybody understands, people think that they have the power to change/turnaround situations when destiny has something else in store for them.
People who believe in destiny will not cry a lot when they lose and will not lose their head when they succeed.
I'm a regular to your blog and really enjoy it. There is something about the way you narrate the entire thing - simplicity, aam aadmi style which is very addictive.
I really want to spread the joy too like you are doing right now, in my own simple way. I cudnt yet, i hope i will. A simple tip i need from you is, when do u get time to blog from this busy schedule? Just curious!!!!

All the best yogesh and lage raho!!!!

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

After reading some of the comments here I got a big smile on my face and am so happy to learn so much more from all of you.

Sudha- :-) I am looking forward to seeing Pune. It is a wonderful place and surely fueling economic growth.

Mega- Saraswati comes only to those who know how to respect it and take care of it.

Rajendra- Glad you bought up the wonderful theory of "Karma". It is very true also in the world of investing- what we sow so shall we reap. I am really happy that so many fellow Happionaires think in a similar way.

Kuldeepjii- People who depend only on luck and destiny are simply day dreaming. Both work as well as luck are very important. :-) I hope millions of people say that ten years from today about ITHW. Also millions of people picking up the book and reading is luck and happens because of the grace of God.

Vallabh- Ego always has a downfall. Once we let go of ego, we realize that we still have so much to learn.

Gaurav- Am glad you feel that way. When people come together with a positive outlook a lot can be done.

Hypocrite- (An interesting name, why did you chose it?) We have lots of Happionaires in Bangalore and inshallah we will have an event there too.
:) Well regarding the style glad you liked it, but this is my normal style simply because I am a normal person, simply doing what I do.

Time can always be taken out for people and thing we love and are passionate about. Lately though I have been focusing on our next book, so that is why might not be that regular. But I'll tell you one thing for sure, replying to blog comments is much faster than e-mails.

Keep smiling and do keep sharing your wonderful ideas fellow Happionaires!


Hypocrite said...

Ha ha...you would know why i chose that name if you check my blog(nobody reads it, so im not sure why you would - i meant you are a busy man so...:) i'm holding off buying your book until you come to bangalore, coz i need a signed copy of yours..insha allah we will soon.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely to hear about your Pune event! I have already bought a four copies of ITHW, for myself and also because they make lovely gifts, but will surely buy more if you do an event in Delhi and specially give me signed copies.

Hope to see you here too soon!

Anonymous said...

We definitely want you here Yogesh in Delhi. I agree with Karan and if possible please make it in South Delhi at a place like the Crossword at Select Citywalk,Saket. I'm sure lots of people would love to come and meet you.

And to be honest it is close to my place!! :-)

Regarding your wonderful post and also all the lovely comments here- what do I say everything has been said so beautifully here.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

A very good idea and way of thinking which we need to spread more to the youth of our nation. Too much spending and fancy lifestyle is not true wealth.

I hope more of our nation's youth learn from you Yogesh. Keep it up!

nani@lasvegas said...


I am one of the Frequent readers of your blog & i love the way in which you Teach what really an "Investing" is..

I am Ended with some basic doubts like in order to do research about a company what all the things should we look for In order to come to a conclusion that this Company is worth investing?

& 1 more thing is how to Become or subscribe to Premium Member of the blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir.
The other day I went to my friends place and saw you book on his table.
I was impressed and really taken aback' ed.
I am not an investor but will start investing soon.
You write great sir.
And good to see your blog with so many actively people commenting.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yogesh,
Meeting you at Crossword, Pune came as a pleasant surprise.
I was just going through ITHW(i just caught hold of it the other day) and when i kept it back on the rack there you were infront of me.
Investment is a new thing for me in every way.This book has given me an insight to go ahead and learn more. There's this quest for knowledge now and the hunger to learn more.
Since I dont have much of resource in hand now(in terms of finance and time for learning the basic knick-knacks of investing)i have invested in Mutual fund(SIP). Coz of this i'll be able to invest slowly and regularly(i cant wait now to collect a large sum and then invest after, say, 2yrs from now). Also, i'll be in touch with the market and investment strategies.
This is also the first time i'm visiting this blog but i already seem to know a lot more about investment than i did around two days back. i'll now be regular in here to invest in the never-ending ocean of knowledge so that by the time i have enough money to invest in the market i have the requisite knowledge and understanding too!

Thanks a lot for the insight!

Anonymous said...

It was a great event in Pune and I loved it. I didn't know you would be coming, but am lucky to have caught you. I had read your book before. I will frequent Crossword more often just in case I catch you again. Do visit our city again Yogesh and continue spreading the lovely happionaire knowledge!

Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing 'anonymous' please do share your name!

Unknown said...

Its wonderful to be part of this blog.I read one of your article on Moneycontrol and i was impressed by the positive views when everyone around is talking negative.Since then I have been a part of this exciting journey.I have recently bought the ITHW throgh CNBC and expecting it to reach me soon..

I was always a casual investor ,buying and selling in a hurry untill I read the great ideas from you. And now I am determined to invest for longtime and I am more confident of my investments.Having learnt so much I have even started investing in the Singapore market and my friends are really wondering about the source of my renewed confidence in investing. And I have helped many of my friends to join and learn too.

I live in Singapore and hope to meet Yogesh one day in India or in Singapore.Keep up the good work buddy..