Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let Us All Meet!

Congratulations to all Happionaires! We have our book moving up higher on the bestseller list. It is on number two. Needless to say without you and without the grace of almighty God this would never be possible

Several of you have sent me e-mails telling me how you would like to meet me. I love listening to you and we have planned an event to celebrate the success of ITHW with all Happionaires in Mumbai. We are having a free workshop on “Investing in Indian Stock Markets The Happionaire Way” on Saturday, 24th May, 2008, 7 pm onwards at

Crossword Bookstore, Level 1, Above Shoprite, PVR Bldg. , Nirmal Lifestyles Mall, LBS Marg, Mulund (w), Mumbai- 400080

I assure you that it is going to be loads of fun and I’m sure you will get to learn something new. I'm also going to share a few interesting secrets that can help you invest better and maybe even a few details about my investments.

It is going to be incredible meeting all of you and I’m sure I will get to learn a lot from you. Do make it a point to get your friends and family along.

I hope to see you soon and I guarantee you that it will be something you remember for the rest of your life.

For all of you who aren't in Mumbai, I'm sure in the future we would be having events in your city too. Keep watching this space for more!

Happy wealth creation!

Yogesh Chabria

Read what Sonu, a fellow Happionaire had to say about our last post here!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could meet you Yogesh! I have really wanted to meet you and get my book signed by you.

I am going to a holiday to New York so unfortunately wouldn't be able to come. I hope I have better luck next time!!! :-)

Have fun fellow Happionaires!

Anonymous said...

WOW ITHW is just moving up the bestseller list! This is great news.......and I shall surely be there to catch up with all fellow Happionaires!

It is really going to be a first for me to have my book signed by a bestselling author. See you and smiles :-) !!!!!

Anonymous said...

My "WOW"s to what you just said Kabir. It is great that book has moved up the bestseller list so fast without even any major marketing. I am very very happy that so many people are learning the right things not just of investing but also life. Yogesh for me is much more than somebody who just writes on investing and invests. He is doing great by spreading smiles, love and peace.

Great idea and thanks for letting us all meet you Yogesh. I shall surely be there!

Sameera better luck next time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations once again for ruling the bestseller list so fast.

Wish I could make it to the event, I'm based in London. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I shared the book with friends at my fund. They loved the simple nature of it and also the fact that it is very touching to the heart. A book that can be read over and over again when markets are not in the best of shape.
It deserves to be on Number 1! It will happen soon, I'm sure.

As you know I'm not in India so wouldn't be able to make it, but would have really loved to come.

Anonymous said...

Will surely be there and bring all my friends along!!
See you. :-)

Congrats once again too!

Anonymous said...

Hope that we in Bangalore will get an opportunity next time to meet you! :-)

sood said...

Yogesh I was really interested in your blogs as I liked your idea of investing the happionaire way.. wanted to learn something from an avid investor like you... I really liked your initial articles where you talked about Rakesh, Mukesh, Warren and how to keep cool etc.

But, I really want to say that from last 4-5 blog posts I have started losing interest in this post as it seems to be only limited to promoting your book ITHW. I really feel in a blog like this, promoting your book or announcing success of book should be a footnote or a sidenote in an article rather than dedicating the articles just for it..
I hope you will take this in positive sense and will start writing some useful posts again..

Cheers and enjoy
Nitin Sood

Anonymous said...

Nice to see so much happening. I'm sure things must be very hectic on your end. Looking forward to you coming to Hyderabad too!

Anonymous said...

That is great new Yogesh. Will surely try to attend.

Sood I think Yogesh is simply sharing what all things are happening with ITHW. I can surely understand how exciting it must be for him to see his book move up the list as a first time author. :-) I don't think the book needs more promotion and he is just sharing what is happening with us. And as he says this blog isn't just about investing and lots of the basics according to me have been shared.

:-) Just my ideas.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Hope you enjoy your holiday in New York Sameera.

Thanks Kabir, Rakesh, Anita, Reena and Sania! :-)

I hope I get to meet you too Vivek and the several other Happionaires in Bangalore.

I agree with you Nitin that the past few posts have been about ITHW and it is really sweet of you to point it out so that we can always help improve the blog and write what our fellow Happionaires want. However since the book is very special and close to my heart. Almost like my child and just like parents would like to share about their child coming first in class with their family, I like sharing details about our book with members of the Happionaire family here.

It is a book that will bring millions of new investors into the Indian markets over the years. I feel that if more of us Indians invest wisely, not only can they create wealth, we would also not have FIIs controlling our markets. We really need more retail participation. I personally apologize to you Nitin and please let me know if I can do anything to make you smile. :-)

Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

It is really good to see how modest and humble you are. I'm sure Nitin must be smiling.

I understand what you mean Yogesh. When my baby boy came first in KG and got a gold star, I showed it to all my friends and family for almost a week.

I will surely miss attending the event. It would be a great way to just meet and interact and spread love.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to apologize about Yogesh :-) it is really great that you are sharing whatever is happening in the Happionaire world with us and are also so humble enough to thank us for your own hard work and ideas.

We need to spread this mentality to everybody in the world. That people who are nice, humble and polite can succeed too. You don't have to be mean in this world to get ahead.

Very inspiring and motivating to see the success in front of my own eyes. A few months ago the Happionaire way didn't even exist, but today it is spreading so fast all over the world thanks to your initiatives and hard work.

May everybody smile and be happy.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Yogesh. I would love to attend your workshop but it would be difficult to attend for an outsider. I recently purchased your book online and loving it! I hope you would share your workshop on blog as well.

Anonymous said...

How did the happionaire get-together go? Updates please :-)

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Hi Vivek,

The get together is on the 24th of May! Will surely give updates and share what happened. We might be visiting Bangalore too, still not finalized though. :-)

Abhishek, you mean you are not in Bombay. :-) Hopefully we will be visiting more cities and after that I will be sharing interesting details about it.

Lots of new things are planned. Will share them soon.
Keep smiling!