Friday, May 2, 2008

Invest The Happionaire Way Is A Bestseller!

My publishers just called and told me that Invest The Happionaire Way is on the latest Crossword bestseller list. Our book is amongst the top ten three books sold in India. (ITHW is at number seven four two.)

This is great news and all of you are responsible for the success of ITHW. It is very heartening to know that so many of you are eager to learn more, invest wisely and create wealth. I thank you for your support and also for spreading the love, smiles, happiness and knowledge. This Happionaire Way will help millions of more people to take control of their finances and create wealth by investing wisely with the power of knowledge.

The Happionaire Way has been spreading very fast, however we still have a lot to do. We haven’t even done 1% of what all is yet to be done. We have very big and ambitious dreams and I know we will turn them into reality soon. I believe that nothing is impossible if we truly believe in what we want to do. Every possible force is going to be on our side if what we want is good.

I want all of you to dream and believe in your dreams, because if you won’t believe in them who will? It is really amazing what belief can do and I speak from personal experience. If someone who always got scoldings from his English teachers for not using the language as per the rulebook can be a bestselling author, why should anything else be impossible? Never let others tell you what is possible and what isn’t and listen to you own heart.

Keep smiling and happy wealth creation!

Yogesh Chabria

© Happionaire


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Yogesh and congratulations to all fellow Happionares!

I instantly knew the book would be a bestseller. It was amazing to read and I have told everybody I know that this is one book they have to read no matter what because it isn't just for investors.

I am looking forward to many more books from The Happionaire.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Yogeshjii for this wonderful success. This is great news for all of us Happionares.

I felt the same way Janikajii after I read this wonderful book. It is one book I will make sure my children read once they become a little older.

Anonymous said...

This was expected from such a nice and simple book. Everybody loves it because what you say is direct from the heart.


Anonymous said...

First of all congrats!
Secondly, I am from Surat, and I spend whole Monday searching the Book in city book stores, but it was not available anywhere.
At last, I sent an email through your site to order it. I hope, I will get it soon.
so, point is, there may be many places where the book has not still reached. And inspite of that, the book is in "best seller" category. If this is so, than I am sure sky is the limit.
I am looking forward to grab the copy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Yogeshjii, we need our youth to be motivated and know the value of respect and money.

Kuldeepjii me also same story. But no need to worry, soon it will be
avaliable online and in more shops. At the moment mainly Crossword has it , but since it is doing so well, I'm sure more places will have it soon.

My brother in Bombay told me that the language is very simple and also totally written so we can understand. Some of these business writers do not write for the common business man and investor. I don't enjoy that.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from my side too Yogeshjii and also congratulations from my side to g.jii. I always knew it would be a bestseller!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Yogesh!!! All of us always knew the book would do very very very very well. We are still going to let everybody know how it is a must read and make sure many many more people read it.

Kuldeep and Mandeep both of you have the same problem as Vivek. I loved everything about the book, I just didn't like the fact that fellow Happionaires couldn't get it easily. Of course I am assuming this is in the publishers hands and not in Yogesh's.

I'm sure you will get it soon though!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Yogesh,

I bought my copy today, but unfortunately cudnt read due to power outage.

Eager to read it this weekend..

Anonymous said...

I went to the Crossword store here in Bangalore today and unfortunately it wasnt available :-((
Very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

lol, you caught the 'jii' bug too sameera jii :p it seems to be quite infectious!

& yes, congratulations to you too!!

take care :)

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks a lot for all the lovely words and support. Congratulations to all of you too!

Kuldeepjii, Mandeepjii and Vivek, I am really very sorry about the trouble all of you have gone through to get the book. Why don't all of you send me an e-mail, and I will make sure you get copies delivered to your residence? The payments can be done online/via bank transfer. Or you will need to wait for a bit more time to be able to buy it online through the CNBC Bestseller's website.

It is strange how the Crossword store didn't have it there Vivek. A large part of our sales have in fact happened in Crossword and it is even prominently displayed on the bestseller list here in Bombay, and I am assuming all across India. Will surely speak to my publishers about it.

Thanks Nirmala, hope the power doesn't go to often and you enjoy the book. It is really nice that I can directly connect with readers so easily here.

What do all of you think of writers having blogs and connecting directly with readers?


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely great that new Indian writers have blogs and we can all connect so easily. I loved the book and the whole experience that comes with it. It isn't just a book but more, as we have an evolving blog here. Also the fact all us readers can share ideas here makes everything so much exciting. Till now only in the West we had writers interacting directly with readers, I am glad that writers like you Yogesh are taking this ahead here. Now that your book is a bestseller I'm sure the older writers will take notice and get rid of their old fashioned ways. It is nice that you speak our language and just connect with us like a regular person. I know if I see you at a coffee shop or a restaurant, I will very easily be able to just drop in and say "Hi", that is what is really attracting about you and your writing.

Mandeep, Vivek and anybody else who hasn't been able to get the book yes, I assure you that the book will be worth the wait and it will surely make you smile and learn a lot.

Vivek you have become quite a minor celebrity here too. We all know that you really want to book! lol Do keep us updated on your adventures. I hope you get it soon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the incredible success! It has happened because not only do you write very well Yogesh, but also you have done an excellent thing by connecting with your readers on a one-to-one basis here.

No amount of TV publicity with hot shots will do the same thing what just being humble and friendly with readers can do. We feel you are one of us and this blog has been really great. We actually learn a lot and it has become a part of our life.

It makes us smile and adds something special. I am looking forward to see you on Number 1 on the Bestseller list. I know it will happen.

Your book is something every Indian should read. Our government should make this book compulsory for school and colleges. Corporates should make it a must read for every employee as it has immense power.

Anonymous said...

I came to know about your site and blog after reading the book. It is such a pleasant surprise to see such an active place. I loved the story of the wood and also loved what Rakesh Jhunjuwala had to say in your book.

Truly inspiring, motivating and enlighting. Congratulations and thank you for creating such a wonderful book.

Sandesh Kamble said...

Heartily Congratulations to Yogesh and all Happionaires!
I don't have much words to write down since most of our happionaires have already made the statements :D
It was known by default that it had to be the bestseller book. My brother in Mumbai has already purchased the book and am still waiting for someone who will come to Norway from Mumbai. Hope to get the book soon.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely fantastic to see a writer in direct touch with his readers.
And why not, now days if Mr. Amitabh Bachhan can blog to answer his fans and critics, our own Mr. Happionaire Bachhan: that is, you Yogeshji, are most welcome to guide fellow happionaires through this blog.
Moreover, thanks for saving my lots of time! I used to keep looking at stock prices of my portfolio very often in a day, and now after reading your stuffs, I don’t bother for price fluctuations. If my stock picks are worthy, they will take care of themselves, and if not, I myself has to be blamed.

Anonymous said...

You are right Kuldeep. The blog makes Yogesh a part of our life and when I read ITHW, it felt as if Yogesh was with me and just talking to me.

It is also great to see the book shooting up the bestseller list so fast. It is on four now, I'm sure it will be on one soon.

Keep making us smile and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is just shooting up Carol and that is great news for all us Happionaires. It is very sweet of you to be so humble and connect with us, inspite of your busy schedule.

These even if people have nothing to do, they pretend to be busy and are arrogant. I really love your simplicity and humbleness.

Another hearty congratulations from a Happionaire!

Anonymous said...


Number four on the bestseller list is superb!!!!

Also glad to know we can shop on Moneycontrol. Kuldeep, you can now buy the book online on Moneycontrol. Just checked it out.

Anonymous said...

Invest The Happionaire Way is a book which not only taught me a lot but also made me smile and made me believe in myself. I feel much nicer and much more confident after reading it.

Thanks Yogesh for writing such a wonderful book. I'm looking forward to many more.

Anonymous said...

It was amazing to read the true story of Dhirubhai Ambani and also about how a 21 year old guy made a million dollars so fast. Very nicely explained and easy to understand.
There is no other author in the world who could have explained the stock markets and investing in such a simple and lovely way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for being on the bestseller list. Loved the photo of your book on the site on number 4. I want it to be on number 1 soon.

Also congratulations to all other fellow Happionaires!