Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Smallest Things Have The Largest Impact!

I have always felt that the smallest things have the largest impact on our lives. This might sound a bit confusing to a few, but I’m sure when you look at your own life you will very well understand what I mean.

In my life some of the best things have happened due to very small incidences which were absolutely unplanned. I never knew or expected such things to happen, but they just happened. I’m sure many of you might have heard successful people saying things like “It just happened.”

Of course it is important to work towards our goals and have dreams, but many times in the process of our daily life certain small things end up changing our life forever. My getting started in the stock markets several years ago was co-incidental and not planned.

In fact a few of my investments which have done lots of good to my portfolio have also been a result of meeting people without any particular plan. I have always believed in destiny and believed that everything will be good because everything is written from before.

Sometimes I feel people try too hard to make things bad even when they are meant to be good. Have you noticed how some people always spread negativity and think everything is doomed? I have always felt that what we think is what eventually happens. If we want good to happen to us we need to think good, not just about ourselves but about everybody else.

The other day I was speaking to the taxi driver, and he shared something so nice which I have always believed in. He told me that we get whatever we give. People who spoke to him nicely with love got the same respect and love back from him. People who spoke rudely and with arrogance got the same hate and abusive language back.

Even as an investor first you need to put out some money in the form of an investment to get more money back. Till you don’t give you won’t get anything even in life. It is a very simple concept which applies to everything.

When we do good and believe in good, the entire universe plots to make good happen to us. The smallest things can have the large impact, because we believe in good. Look at our world and you will see that people have risen to success from the most unlikely of situations.

Rajnikanth who is a huge superstar today was a bus conductor, Akshay Kumar was a waiter and Shahrukh Khan had slept on the streets of Bombay. There are millions of such true stories. It is all about believing that good can and will happen if we truly want it to.

Some of my business as well as investment decisions have been results of simple stories I have heard and read about successful people like Richard Branson and Dhirubhai Ambani. I have met some wonderful people and made extremely close friends simply by speaking to people in the most of unknown and unplanned of situations. I am sure for many of you such things might have happened too.

Our thoughts and the words we use are results of small and simple happenings in our life. Every empire starts out with a small step. History is proof of this. If all of us realized this and had some patience and belief our life will be much happier.

Happy wealth creation and living!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

It is something to think about more and study. Maybe we do get more and more lucky once we do more and more good. Maybe it is Karma.

Anonymous said...

"When we do good and believe in good, the entire universe plots to make good happen to us."

I also believe in this manthra bigtime.

BTW, Yogesh, are you also a fan of "The Alchemist" ? ;-)

Anonymous said...

You put it wonderfully "It just happens". However, I feel knowingly unknowingly one has to be in the right place at the right time equipped with right kind of knowledge and only then the right thing "happens".

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks Jyoti- we can call t different names, but it is the same thing.

What is strange is Vivek that I have never read The Alchemist, but I have heard a lot about it and I have always been like "Hey! That is what I have always believed in and by the grace of God it has always worked for me!"

So that surely makes me a big fan of "The Alchemist" which helps so many people stay motivated and positive.

I also know that several people like you have been very eagerly waiting to get the book, but haven't been able to get it. In a few days you shall be able to purchase it online and soon we shall be getting it into more bookstores. I'm learning a lot about how the book business works and it is good fun, but nothing beats the stock markets in terms of returns.

Hopefully though you aren't too patient and visit the nearest Crossword with friends! ;-)

Just a warning- my not being patient advice doesn't apply to your investments at all.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yogesh, if i have can make it this weekend to the Crossword store here in Blore, i will otherwise will wait for it to be available either online or at other stores.

BTW, i would suggest you go out and buy yourself a copy of the "The Alchemist" and read it. I'm sure you would love it because so much of what you believe is what the book also talks about.

cheers! :-)

Anonymous said...

Vivek, the book was sold out at one of the Crosswords when I had told one of my friends to go to get me a copy. The book is doing pretty well, so maybe you can just order it through Yogesh.

I'm in Dubai and got my copy as I ordered it directly by sending Yogesh an e-mail and it is a great read.

I have read the Alchemist and I loved it. I'm sure Yogesh will like it to.

Nice to see a place with so much positive energy.