Saturday, April 5, 2008

Invest The Happionaire™ Way Meets Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Yesterday a copy of Invest The Happionaire™ Way (ITHW) was personally given by me to billionaire investor- Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. He is rumoured to have started with Rs. 5000 and today is worth over Rs. 4000 crores. All that wealth has been created by him through the Indian stock markets in a little more than two decades. Quite impressive and something which should motivate all of us to invest in knowledge so that we too can create wealth over a period of time.

It was very interesting meeting him and I must confess that I got to learn a lot. I enjoyed sharing ideas with him on what we both are passionate about- the stock markets and investing. One thing that anybody will notice when they visit his office is that he truly loves knowledge.

His walls have very interesting quotes from various people from all across the world, including Warren Buffett. However they are not limited just to investing, but other things related to life too such as ethics, morals, courage, integrity, intellect and honour.

Investing is about having the right mindset and thought process. In order to succeed like an investor you need to look at the larger picture and should be able to think like an investor. I meet so many people who fail to understand that the most important thing to succeed and create as an investor is not how much money you have, but how much knowledge you have.

You can start with a few billions today, and end up losing all of it if you have not invested in knowledge. Instead you could start with a few hundred or a few thousands and end up making several millions or billions, if you have the knowledge to do so.

I find it very strange when a few people tell me that they don’t like spending on knowledge. But these same people are willing to lose several lakhs by investing just on the basis of rumours and tips. They fail to realize that the few hundreds or thousands that they are spending on knowledge is in fact one of the best investments they can make.

Irrespective of where the markets are headed, knowledge will help them. It is an investment they are making which can be passed on to their children and families. Meeting people, asking questions, traveling, reading books are all a part of investing successfully. Just by investing a few hundreds or thousands once in a way, you will get something which will always be there for life.

When I started investing I didn’t have a lot of money, however I always made it a point to make sure I got as much knowledge as possible from every possible source. I still follow the same principle because it has worked very well for me.

People who create wealth don’t let their life and investments be controlled by where markets are headed. They take control of it with the power of knowledge. I hope all of you do the same too, and who knows maybe several years from now you could be another billionaire like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Happy Wealth Creation!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

It is great to know Sir that you met with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. One of my favorite investors too.

I am really waiting for the coming week so I can a copy of ITHW. I heard it should be out in bookshops by end of next week.

Anonymous said...

That is excellent Yogesh!! However if I am given the choice to meet you or anybody else, I would definelty choose you because there is something very appcroachable and pleasant about you. You are somebody who I would not feel afraid asking questions to and learning from.

You can make anybody feel nice and comfortable, that is one thing that comes across very well from your writings. I asked my bookstore about Invest The Happionaire Way and they said it should be coming in a few days. I have already booked my copy. Really want to start investig in knowedlge with your book.

Keep spreading the smiles and the happionaire way!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to learn more about investing from people who actually invest rather than just listening to professors who have never invested. I'm studying finance but none of my professors actually invest. How can they teach us about investing if they never invest?

Please do share more experiences of yours sir. Your report really helped me think like an investor.

Anonymous said...

I'm based in New Jersey and I love reading your blog Yogesh. It is great to know you met Rakesh. He is just like India's Warren Buffett.

Keep spreading the Happionaire way!

Anonymous said...

Sir, it would be great if you could share some stocks and companies Rakesh is investing in. Are you also investing in any such of them?

Please sir. Thanks.

zarir wadia said...

Hi, Yogesh,
I used to regularly watch Rakesh and his interviews on Money cotrol streaming video, but have not seen any new comments or suggestions from him and was wondering where he is when we need him now ever so much since the Jan market correction. As Sudhanshu says in his comment, he truly is our Indian Warren Buffett.
I am happy that you had an opportunity to meet him in person and speak to him.

Anonymous said...

Yes Zarir I agree with you. Rakesh is another person besides Yogesh who I admire.

Yogesh, it would eb great if you shared some direct investment ideas you discussed with Rakesh.

As you say- keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

The Happionaire Way is truly spreading very fast. I am glad that in you are spreading a balanced and more holistic view on wealth creation.

Wealth isn't just about money. Wonderful blog and views. Just another thing- Zarir are you related to Riaan from New York?

zarir wadia said...

No, Laila,
I am not related to Riaan.
Never the less as Yogesh says, Be happy and keep smiling. Smiling does not cost you anything.
I have a poster stuck on my kitchen door with a Smiley that says,


Anonymous said...

Dear Yogesh,

Recently I happened to read one of your article in Money Control and now I am a fan of yours. Your articles are highly educative and inspiring.

I am eagerly looking forward to read your book "Invest the Happionaire Way". Keep up the good work. It if of great value to investors like me.


Anonymous said...

I'm smiling now Zarir! You are right- even though we are not related we all share lots in common. Not just me and you but all us Happionaires.

All us humans want the same things and it is strange how we forget the simple basics. I am so happy that Yogesh has brought all of us here together through the happionaire way!

I'm looking forward like everybody else to the ITHW too!!!!

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Zarir what you have in your kitchen is one of my favorite sayings. I have even put it in ITHW.

Rakesh has the same views on India still- long term bullish, short-term challenging.

Selva, ITHW should be hitting bookstores across India this month. For all those who are not based in India, you can buy it online.

Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

hi yogesh i have just finished reading ur book. I am CA by profession. i have just started investing in stock market in last 2 months.i loved ur book.u have made investment so simple like simply watching movie in a theatre may give 1 idea to invest in that co. excellent!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh

I have read several entries in your blog and would like to know more about Happionnaire's work area, how it works plus current earnings and future strategies as well, if you can divulge that. I want to know this as I see Happionnaire as a great investment opportunity. Though I am a very small investor but I would like to invest if your company allows small shareholders. If it is not possible I would ask when Happionnaire is planning IPO.