Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Want Everybody To Become Richer!

I love it when people around me are becoming richer. It makes me very happy. The other day I got an e-mail from somebody who had invested in an iron ore company I had shared around two years ago. He told me how he had made around 250% on that investment and was now planning to exit the investment and buy his own house.

One of the best lessons investing has taught me is that the richer people around me become, the better it is for me. I like it on every level. As an investor it is great for me, because more wealth all around me automatically means more demand for investments and thus it leads to asset appreciation in the long term. The richer people are, the better it is for me as a business person. People will be willing to spend more, if they make more. It is good for the overall economy as more spending leads to more employment, education, training, health care, etc.

In fact the best way to eradicate poverty is to make everybody richer.

The richer people become around us, the happier we should be. Wealth is unlimited and if your neighbour is making more money, you should be very happy. One of the secrets to wealth creation is that more wealth is created when ideas as well as opportunities are shared.

Unfortunately a few people feel jealous and upset when people make more money around them. They try interfering and stopping others from creating wealth and in the process not only do they try limiting the others growth, but end up limiting their own opportunities to create wealth. They think wealth is limited and if somebody else gets it, they will lose the chance of having it. Wealth is not like a job or a rank in a school where only a select few can have it. Wealth is unlimited and every new idea or opportunity ends up creating lot of wealth. Everybody can be wealthy if they believe that wealth is unlimited and work towards it over a period of time.

If your friend or neighbour becomes the next Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala or Warren Buffett, it is great for you. For example you can easily start a business which will supply a particular service to them. You can use their help and assistance to grow your business or area of expertise. So many multi-millionaires have created wealth, simply because their friends and family ended up creating millions. I know somebody who started supplying electric fixtures to one of India’s largest builders since they were relatives. Today he is a multi-millionaire. Wealth creation also has a lot to do with relationships and friendships.

If you want to be wealthy, you need to be happy whenever you see people creating more wealth around you and try to find out how you can be a part of the opportunity which is letting those people create wealth.

Many of you have sent me very warm and touching e-mails after reading Invest The Happionaire™ Way and my inbox is constantly being flooded by more and more e-mails from Happionaires from all across the world. I am glad that it has helped you understand the world of investing better and has helped many of you to get started. You can read a lovely review of ITHW by Prabhu of Desistartups on here- Invest in Indian stock Markets the Happionaire Way!

I have sent several copies now personally by courier to fellow Happionaires living outside India. Many of you have suggested that we should come out with an e-copy, the way we have our reports. I will surely look at it in the future.

A lot is happening on our end. We now have a new e-mail id – for all business related queries, such as getting a new demat account opened as well as hand-holding and assistance with your investments. It is nice to see the Happionaire family growing so fast and even nicer to see people creating wealth. We want millions of others to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to create wealth and live life with a smile. I know we will be able to do it.

Happy wealth creation and have fun!

Yogesh Chabria

© Happionaire


Anonymous said...

1000% agree. As Mukesh Ambani says
"Aamiri Bhadao" ("Increase Wealth.")

That is the mantra to reduce poverty. The Left has thrived because of spreading poverty so it can control people. It is high time they leave or learn from China something about capitalism and wealth.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir!

I am a young college student who is very inspired by u. I feel very confident and motivated and also feel like doing something for myself and that will as u say help the nation also.

The Happionaire way is giving me an energy from within and is very powerful i feel.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I am dealing in luxury cars and bikes, usually import them for private clients. The more money people make the more cars I sell.

Maybe you could use a new car - what do you say Yogesh? Can get you some good deals on the Range Rover.

thankav said...

I read your article in money control with much enthusiasm. Nice article. Would you please suggest some fundamentally strong companies that have growth potential as today so that I can invest in them and do nothing ? Selection of such fundamentally strong company is a problem. Or you please suggest some clues to identify such companies.

Unknown said...

dear yogesh, i am glad your blog is trying to increase happiness by several ways. Firstly by increasing wealth- richer people are better off in all ways- health and happiness-wise. Plus the rich can do more to reduce the poverty and misery in this world. And the best is to reduce the envy and jealousy in this world- All in all rich people should do their best to raise their compatriots above the poverty line and bring them close to themselves. They should launch solar/wind power cities, thereby reducing global warming and dependence on fossil fuels- anil and mukesh ambani should become one again and make reliance a trillion dollar group-regards- hiro bachani- mg. director- dubai

zarir wadia said...

Hi, Yogi,
I am glad that you and I are on the same wave length when it comes to educating people and making them richer. I worked in Dubai with "DP world" previously known as "Dubai Ports Authority" for 23 years. Over this long period of time, I happen to know many of my co-workers not knowing what to do as far as investments were concerned and majority of them had huge corpus lying in either bank saving a/c or fix deposits earning a measly return. I have guided all of them in to investing starting with Mutual Funds. Today many of them are richer than they could ever imagine!!
Believe it or not, all this was done while we used to have lunch together in the mess hall which was just half an hour five days a week.
Though now I have retired from this company, I still get lot of calls and emails from them asking for like you say,” hand holding" and I feel great joy in advising them on their queries.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Great saying Jairam. Loved it. I am glad you are feeling motivated Chetan-kindly spread the motivation and share your ideas and knowledge with others.

Thanks for the offer Samir, but if you notice I like investing in value. Don't see a lot of value in 'luxury' cars. I can't help it, investing in value is a part of me.
But do drop me an e-mail, if any of my friends need what you are offering, I'll surely let them know.

Hirojanijii, I feel the same way and in fact have written something similar to what you say in ITHW. I don't know though if the Ambani brothers will come together though.
Also checked out your business in Dubai. Best of luck with it!

I am glad that you shared you ideas with your friends Zarir. Would you like to share some ideas and do a guest article for fellow Happionaires here? I have read several of your comments and really like what you say.

Keep smiling fellow Happionaires!


The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thankav, you can check out the educational reports which have been put up.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in investing Mutual Funds which has potential growth and I am looking for longtime growth investment. Please advise with your valuable feedback.