Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get A Free Signed Copy of ITHW, Reports Worth USD 10,000 And More!

All those of you who read our previous reports would realize that I don’t simply like making reports which spoon feed investors, rather I like encouraging a process where you question and try to hunt for more knowledge. I like reports to be like simple guides to what is going on in my head and have always wanted them to be educational in nature.

Many of you e-mailed me and thanked me as the companies shared have risen quite significantly in their stock prices. However I don’t think it is fair to thank me, because stock prices in the short term are not at all controllable and predictable. The true test would be to see where the stock price is two years down the line. I have noticed that a few of you have simply gone and bought stocks shared by me. Yes, the stock prices might have risen and you might be feeling happy and nice, but this isn’t how I want you to invest. In the short terms these stock prices could have corrected too. Would you have been sad and depressed then? Always remember that you need to think like the owner of the company even if you hold just one share.

I want you to be able to have the power and knowledge yourself. I don’t want you to depend on me to select stocks and after reading a few reports I would want you to learn to be able to select stocks on your own. You will feel much more confident and powerful.

I believe that people do things much better when they are encouraged and motivated. I have decided to motivate you by giving away a Free signed copy of Invest The Happionaire™ Way delivered to your doorstep and research reports worth USD 10,000. This means that you will be able to get free reports worth USD 10,000 over a period of time as and when they are put up online on our blog. Besides all this you will also be rewarding yourself by learning to learn and research companies on your own. That is truly an amazing thing I feel.

In order to win the above mentioned goodies all you need to do is prepare your own findings and views on either (or even both) of the companies shared earlier and e-mail it to me at with “Research Report Contest” as the e-mail subject.

The reports prepared by you do not have to be in any standard format and the only guidelines that apply are that you should understand what is being said. Share with me why you would invest or not invest in these companies and make sure your research is as thorough and personal as possible. Please make sure you prepare these reports on your own, as they are meant to help you learn more.

I would be personally going through all the reports prepared and will be selecting one winner based on how comprehensive and how well the person has understood the company he or she is investing in. However do remember that irrespective of the fact that you win or lose, you will be rewarded with much more and that more is knowledge- the knowledge to be able to fish and hunt for companies on your own in the future. You can prepare reports on either or even both of the companies shared. Even though only one report shall be selected as the winning report, sending two reports would surely increase your chances of winning. You can access both the company reports here:

Buying Shovels Having High Growth

Happionaire's Investing Strategies- Hotels

The tentative deadline as of now is 15th May 2008. I think that is enough time to prepare your report and find out about your companies. Feel free to share this post with your friends, loved ones and anybody else interested in investing and the stock markets.

Best of luck and happy wealth creation!

Yogesh Chabria

© Happionaire


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea and way to promote us to learn. I made the mistake of just investing and being so happy that the stock rose more than 10% in such short time, but now I will follow your words and research more on my own.

I hope I do win too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great idea sir. Will send you a report and also congratulations for your book! It is going to rock for sure.

Anonymous said...

Superb idea to motivate us! Shall be sending you a report.

Anonymous said...

Great concept. Will send you a report!