Monday, April 7, 2008

Do Politicians Really Care About Inflation?

Inflation all across the world is rising. India too has been affected by this and we can see how prices of almost everything have risen rapidly in the past few years.

Now we have politicians in India from opposition parties as well as those in power telling us how they are very concerned. People from opposition parties are coming and telling all of us how they will change and reduce inflation if they are voted in power. While the present lot of politicians in power are telling us how they plan to do everything possible to control inflation-even if it means reducing growth rates.

But do these people really care where inflation is headed or do they just care about votes? I feel people care about things only if it affects them or affects people they love and care about. If politicians really cared about people and loved them, would they have wasted crores of rupees of tax payers’ money on luxury mansions and hours of fighting in the parliament? Would they have spent it on foreign trips and huge traffic blockades which disrupt our daily lives? Instead of increasing salaries and expenditure on the bureaucratic system, why haven’t they downsized the expensive bureaucratic system? In fact if the thousands of crores spent by our government was utilized more sensibly, we could have reduced inflation.

All this money can go towards developing infrastructure which will in turn increase supply. It can go on growth and productivity instead of going in the pockets of bureaucrats who only want to exploit and plunder. The fact that they are not reducing their own expenditure is proof that they don’t really care about inflation or the country.

Inflation doesn’t even affect these politicians, as they have unlimited access to tax payers’ money. The people who are affected by such things are people like you and me. Good God fearing and hard working people like us are the ones who are affected the most. Do these politicians even care how they use resources? Today the world is facing problems such as inflation because politicians all across the world have not had the vision to think about progress and growth of the entire human race. Instead all they have wanted is to fill their own pockets.

Personally I feel the way to tackle inflation is not about raising interest rates and reducing growth, but instead about increasing productivity and supply. Sadly our politicians, irrespective of what party they belong too, aren’t thinking for the long term- all they care about are immediate elections and power.

Today millions of us thankfully don’t have to depend on the government for everything. Twenty years ago I remember how the government phone company or government airport officials would behave with us. They treated us as if they were doing us a favour by providing us basic service which we paid for. Thankfully today we have a choice. With time we should all strive to increase entrepreneurship and independence. The less we need government, the less control and power it will have over us. Today we are growing not because our government, but because of people like you and me. The less the government interferes with us, the more we will prosper. Look at the IT sector, it has grown because of hard working and intelligent individuals- so has every other sector. Sectors which have government interference have performed miserably.

With economic growth more people will be able to look through the false promises politicians have made for several decades now. If we are able to promote entrepreneurs who start more power plants, water irrigation systems and start building mass housing projects, we will no longer need to depend on politicians who have given millions of our fellow citizens false promises for more than six decades.

Let us come together and spread knowledge, economic growth, prosperity, happiness and help everybody create wealth while being ethical and socially responsible. I know that we can make our dreams come true. I know that together we can make sure that every Indian can live a life with respect and dignity. I know that our country has a lot of wealth and potential. I know that every Indian, if given the opportunity, can do wonders, because inherently we are hard working and intelligent people. We just need to channelize our energies to make our dream of an India and a world filled with Happionaires a reality.

I know it will happen. I know we will do it because I have faith in each one of you.

Happy wealth creation for every Indian!

Yogesh Chabria

© Happionaire

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Anonymous said...

Yogesh, I too have alwasy had these views about dirty politicians. They are the most disgusting creatures on earth. I wish we had people like you leading our country ahead. You truly have the ability to motivate and inspire millions of people and be the change we need. Your words have inspired and motivated me a lot. I'm sure there are millions of others like me who read what you write.

This blog is not just about investing but about a mindset needed for wealth and sucess according to me.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons we Indians used to do so well outside India is because of a lack of politicians controlling everything. Now the good politicians are the ones who liberalize and get out of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Sameera. Our country will finally get leaders who also look good besides doing good! Maybe all of us should float "The Happionaire Party."

Aditya Palav's Blog said...

with due respect to your views yogesh, I partly agree with you.
I guess we should start blaming politicians and start talking responsibility of our actions..
I guess US is heading towards worst ever recession I believe the the recession in US is result of Bad economic policies or lack of vision of US politicians in the same way I guess India is on the verge of becoming trend setter for world economics.. and for this I think credit must be given to Indian Politicians like Pt. Nehru,Dr. Manmohan Singh,Mr Rajiv Gandhi...

We should not compare our country with western world their geographic condition are far more different than India. I guess we have more cultural difference than Europe so I guess for deciding Policies they have to consider all this things...

and talking about Politicians using
taxpayer's money for there luxuries..I don't think there is anything wrong in it...Politics is a business and using all the resources to do business is simple rule of business...

Yogesh sorry for my views but I really love this Happionaire initiative by you!and I really respect your work...

Anonymous said...

Aditya I do agree that Dr. Singh is a great person, but he is not a politician according to me but an economist. In fact I remember Yogesh talking to our MBA class and telling us how the government needs many more economists like Dr. Manmohan Singh who will open up the economy more.

He was talking about social entrepreneurship where the reward is related to productivity. Personally I don't think politicians do as much for us as businesses. We need to encourage profitable business models all across India-mainly in rural areas.

India is growing only for us 10-30%. We need to take this growth to the remaining 70%- this will happen only if we take control and lead. I do agree that now it is time for us to take this nation ahead. The youth need to decide what will happen and not 80 year old relics.

We are all Happionaires and please do not take offense to my views either personally Aditya.

Would love to hear your views and of others.

Keep that smile on!

Anonymous said...

This is the truth. Politicans are enemies of the country and are here only to make money for themselves. We need leaders and not politicans.

I agree 1000%! Please continue spreading these ideas!!

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your views and opinions fellow Happionaires.

Aditya please do not say sorry and please feel free to share your ideas. The Happionaire Way is about us and our ideas and not just me. The people you mentioned according to me are leaders and economists. We need more of them for sure.

I think I should have worded what I said better. Sadly though most politicians are not like the people you mentioned and thus when I use the term ‘politicians’ I tend to talk about the majority. In the future I will try to be more specific.

I have always been a strong supporter of free enterprise as I feel it is one of the best way to eliminate poverty. Socialistic or equitiable capitalism is what is needed.


Unknown said...

"Entrepreneurs create jobs. Business creates jobs. The Politician’s job is to get out of the way."

I have also made a post on this...

But more worrisome is the recent gimmick of UFA government under P Chidambaram and manMohan Singh waivering off the loan on farmers...its just misusage of money and resources for political voters wooing. heres ashort post on it

Lets see if things can be better up