Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cheating and Manipulating Innocent People Will Never Lead To True Wealth

Every once in a way I meet a few people who don’t know me well and don’t know my ideas. They tell me very proudly how they have manipulated stocks with absolutely no fundamentals and taken stocks worth barely a few rupees to a few hundred or even a few thousand-just to make them fall heavily once again.

They laugh and tell me how retail investors in India are all fools and deserve to be cheated. It is really sad how a few people can speak this way about other fellow human beings and investors. The explanation such manipulators give is that the stock markets are a place to make money and we are not here for social service.

I agree we all here are to make money- but not at the cost of cheating other innocent investors. Due to stock price manipulations so many hard working people who could be our own grandparents, parents, brothers or sisters end up losing money. I have got so many e-mails from people the age of my grand parents telling me how they ended up losing a lot of money due to stocks which rose very fast and fell even faster.

Such innocent and hard working people will definitely not bless manipulators and cheats, instead they will curse them. Life isn’t just about money, we need health and happiness and safety. We need luck and blessing of everybody. People who cheat for money don’t realize this; they don’t realize that it is possible to make money in an honest way too. It might take more time and work, but it is possible.

True wealth isn’t just about money. Even if you have billions of dollars and are suffering from a disease and don’t have anybody who loves you, what is the use?

My personal way of fighting such unethical people is to spread awareness and education. If more people know that all those ‘hot’ tips have some ulterior motive they would not blindly follow them. If everybody knew that a few ‘journalists’ and a few ‘analysts’ and a few ‘brokerage reports’ all are a part of a game, they would think twice before simply following them.

The best way to fight all this is knowledge and practical education. I have made it my mission to empower as many people as possible through knowledge; however I need your help. We need to do this together, because it isn’t just about me but about all of us. I need each one of you to start sharing everything you have read here. I want all of us Happionaires to help create more and more Happionaires. Spread the word about being a Happionaire and spread happiness and joy. If more people knew about what all is happening, they would stay alert and manipulators would not be able to control the markets. It would help honest companies and managements, and would spell doom for people who just want to make money by manipulating stock prices.

We need to let everybody around us know that as investors we need to stay alert if we want to create wealth. We need to observe and look back in history. How is that that the same people say good things about a stock for a few weeks and then after the stock prices rise the same people start saying bad things about the same stock?

We need to encourage everybody to think for themselves as that is the best way to fight unethical manipulators and encourage wealth creation.

In fact in the past a few of these people even requested me to not spread awareness and to stop educating people. They said I can make much more money by manipulating and cheating honest people. They fail to realize that true wealth is about love, health, happiness and life. They fail to realize that it is much easier to make money by simply using your brain and using knowledge. The richest man on earth, Warren Buffett didn’t get rich by cheating people. He is one of my role models, instead of somebody who is sitting in jail today and has been banned from investing.

A lot more needs to be done by all us Happionaires and inshallah we will do it together. I believe that if we want to do something good, a certain power or force is always on our side. This force or power can be given any name- it doesn’t matter.

We might have limited resources today, but if we truly from the bottom of our heart desire something that is good- it will happen. I believe we can do it and we can help millions and billions of people create wealth in an ethical way together. The time has come for all of us to rise and make our dreams a reality.

Keep smiling and keep sharing knowledge!

Happy wealth creation!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

It is a shame that such people exist. I have always thought that even a few tv journalists are spreading rumors. Now that you have said it I am very sure.

What you say is truly eye-opening for any investor and I feel everybody should read what you say. I also feel very inspired by your writings Sir and I know and have a feeling a lot more is going to come.

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I am very curious to find out the names of such journalists and analysts. I also thank you for making us so alert about things happening behind the scenes.

Please co share such information more. thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Riya i don't know but i feel many of these people in the media put favorable news if they are rewarded or paid a small amount. it is best never to follow them- even papers like economic times are known to put news which is motivated.

As Yogesh says the best way to avoid this is to invest in knowledge and learn. I'm looking forward to ITHW and have placed orders at my local bookshop!

Anonymous said...

Very touching to the heart. I am with you and we shall spread smiles and wealth together.

Anonymous said...

Yogesh, You are truly inspiring...

Unknown said...

Cheating & Manipulation is the only business nowadays & actually speaking they got the instant benefit so it hurts the person who is doing all the things in a rite way but we must get togather & just make them naked before all people so that no one will try in future to do so

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Jayesh thanks for sharing your views. But I would like to disagree that cheating and manipulations are the only business today.There are many people who don't do such things. In fact I am sure most people are honest and nice.

Yes, we should all make it a point to expose cheats and frauds and help people.

Keep smiling!

Yogesh Chabria