Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can We Have More Happionaires Like Ratan Tata?

I hope all of you enjoyed the long weekend. I by the grace of God had a nice weekend, it is just that due to replying to so many e-mails and excessive typing my wrists are slightly sore. I have been giving them some rest and inshallah they should be fine soon.

Recently a friend’s friend happened to stop at a traffic signal in Bombay on his bike and was pleasantly surprised to see Mr. Ratan Tata sitting in an Indigo besides him. What surprised him was that instead of being driven around in an expensive luxury car, he was sitting in a TATA Indigo.

This guy was an MBA student and was quite fascinated by Mr. Tata and smiled at him. Mr. Ratan Tata smiled back at him and even pulled his window down. This friend’s friend asked him, “Sir, how come you are in an Indigo?”
Mr. Tata replied politely, “If good people like you are driving bikes why can’t I be in an Indigo?”

This is what being humble is all about. A man who owns companies like Jaguar and Land Rover still doesn’t let ego get to his head. On one hand we have people like Ratan Tata who pull down their window and speak to people humbly, and another hand we have people who just to show us they are in positions of power behave arrogantly and rudely. I wish politicians who insult pilots, stop traffic and disrupt lives of common people learnt from people like Ratan Tata.

In order to succeed you need the blessings and good wishes of people. Only if we are humble, kind and polite will we be able to attract the positive energy which will help us succeed. Some people fail to realize that in life we also need health, happiness and love. Being rude, arrogant and haughty will just not attract these things. Constant anger and arrogance usually leads to high blood pressures, stress and even heart problems. We as human beings are just tiny specks of dust in this universe and we should all know this before we treat another fellow human being with disrespect or arrogance.

If you keep a cool mind, smile and are positive you will be able to think better and achieve much more. Mr. Ratan Tata is a perfect example of a Happionaire and I would love to have millions of more Happionaires like him. The world would be so much better. I am sure that we will make it happen together.

All those of you have read our educational research reports will realize how I love encouraging you to find and research companies on your own. However I have noticed that people research and hunt for knowledge even more when they are motivated. I would love to motivate all of you even more, and in the next post I shall be sharing with you how you can get a free signed copy of ITHW anywhere in the world, research reports worth USD 10,000 and knowledge.

Keep smiling and happy wealth creation!

Yogesh Chabria
© Happionaire

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Anonymous said...

Our politicans are busy bringing in quotas and dividing the nation. They don't care about any of us. We need people like Rata Tata to lead this country ahead. It is high time our disgusting politicians get thrown out. They have done nothing for us and are a burden.

You are spreading the right values and morals Yogesh. It really is nice and makes me smile whenever I read it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Also Yogesh I hope your hands and wrists get better soon. No need to type till they aren't good. :-)

Anonymous said...

I read this and figured that it doesn't matter how rich we are as long as we think big and dream higher. Great post and really inspired by Mr. Tata and even you Yogesh for sharing such great things.

Anonymous said...

Words truly motivate and inspire. This is the best gyaan we can have. Millionas of people who behave arrogantly need to read this.

Anonymous said...

It is great that such a young good looking man like you is sharing such ideas and thoughts which will inspire millions. Best of luck for ITHW too!

Anonymous said...

How come all the women here end up hitting on Yogesh?