Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Action Is Needed!

I have always stressed on the importance of knowledge to succeed and create wealth. I’m sure most of you would already know how important knowledge is for us Happionaires. But I have realised that a few of you have forgotten that action needs to be taken based on the knowledge we have.

Without action there can be nothing. Why am I talking about action based on knowledge? Simply because a few people who read our earlier educational reports e-mailed me telling me how they felt very bad that they didn’t invest in those companies as the stock prices of these companies have run up quite aggressively since these companies were shared. One of the companies shared has risen more than 25% in less than three weeks and these people felt bad as they missed out the opportunity.

My advice to them is very simple. Don’t feel bad and regret anything, instead learn from what has happened. Another thing is that please do not look at stock prices in such a short time period. It doesn’t matter if these companies have run up so fast – they could and still can fall equally fast. What I feel is that if business for these companies is growing over a long period of time, it makes sense to invest or at least look at these companies as potential investment opportunities. Over a period of time they will reward you very well.

The reason I am talking about action is not because a few of you might have not invested, but because inaction is something which influences every other area of life. Art, writing, business, education, learning, relationships, love and life in general stagnates when there is inaction. Imagine spending your entire life acquiring knowledge but not implementing it and putting it into action.

I know sometimes we feel unsure and feel scared and lack confidence, but all we need to do is wake up and not worry too much. All we need to do is have courage and take action. Nothing bad will happen if you take action.

Many of you have read ITHW and told me how you feel it has changed your outlook to investing and life. Many of you have told me that it has inspired you and motivated you a lot. My humble request to you is to please make sure you take action on whatever you have learnt. If you feel motivated and inspired make sure you take action and actually go out and do what you want to. I don’t want it to just be a book which motivates and inspires you for sometime; instead I want you to take positive actions based on it and create wealth in every possible way.

We just have one life and we shouldn’t live it being scared of anything. As long as we are honest people with good intentions we need to know that there is a force behind us. It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 90 it is never too early nor too late to stat living life the way you want to. It is never too late to take action.

There is a lot to do and I know an entire lifetime will not be enough to do everything, but what we can do is try doing things we have always wanted to do in the order of priority.

Life really is beautiful and all about doing. I will soon start writing my next book under the Happionaire series and I shall be sharing more details on it soon. I have decided to let fellow Happionaires share their ideas and views too by writing and contributing to the book. This book would help all of you express your views on money, finance, investments and life too.

Make sure as soon as you read this you take action on at least one thing that you might have been putting off for some time now. It could be anything – calling a friend, cleaning your desk, starting a new project, spending time with family, giving somebody you love a hug or just cooking a nice dinner for your wife. Every big thing starts out small.

Keep smiling and always keep having fun!

Yogesh Chabria

© Happionaire


Anonymous said...

Without action there is only inaction which is nothing. I am glad that you are letting people know that action is also important.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Very motivating and inspiring post Yogesh. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

It was a great read specially when things don't seem so nice.

It made me smile.