Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Toughest Times Are What Truly Test Us!

I have received several hundred e-mails from all of you wonderful Happionaires after my earlier post, and I am glad to see that in spite of so much turbulence there is also so much hope. This hope isn't just about money or wealth or the stock markets-but about life. One thing that I felt in so many of your e-mails is that each one of you has truly written to me from your heart.

Everybody smiles and is happy when the going is good. But the true power of smiling and being calm really helps when the times get challenging. All of us at some stage or the other will face challenging moments.

Moments when a part of us tells us that everything is over and we should give up, a part of us which wants us to be depressed, sad and gloomy. It could be with stocks, life, family, work, money, friends, health…..anything.

But in such times if we get ourselves together and tell ourselves that life is about challenges and we as humans are capable of doing anything that we want to. Everybody today who has succeeded has had their share of challenges and continues to do so. A life without challenges and difficult moments wouldn’t be as good, because it would be monotonous. The challenging moments, help us enjoy the good times even more.

Success is always sweeter when certain sacrifices have been made for it and please don't brood or worry about your past mistakes. Don’t worry about the past and simply learn from it and look at the future.

I can give you countless examples from my own life and the lives of so many other people, who have risen up from the most difficult situations. But instead of doing that, why don’t you look at your own life? Go back and you will see how you would have faced challenges and hardships. It might be in school, at college ,with work or at home. I’m sure that a bad report card in school you might have got in school, which might have upset you a lot that time, isn’t really that bad today. There is somebody out there who makes sure that even after hardships things go well.

Our own life has a lot to teach us and at the end of the day nothing is permanent. So why worry about something which isn't permanent? We should not get too elated when the going gets good and shouldn’t let our ego control our head. Similarly when the times get tough we should not think that the world is coming to and end and there is no hope left. What we can do is try to make the most of this one life we have and smile, be happy and help everybody in whatever little way possible.

Today more than ever our nation and in fact the entire world needs happiness, love and smiles. Why are young children giving up their lives just for the sake of exams or marks? Knowledge should be meant to enlighten and bring smiles on the faces of people and not take away their lives. Why are families breaking up? Why are children and parents having arguments? Why is there so much stress and depression around us?

Can we all decide to change all this and spread joy? Just a smile or small act of kindness to people around you can change a lot. Tell the people who have done so much for you, how much they mean to you. Jump with joy or dance to your favourite song you used to sing as a child.

You will realize that this life isn’t about being stressed and about building bigger houses and buying bigger cars. As long as we are happy from within the smallest things will seem very nice and lovely. If we are not happy the biggest mansions and cars will still not be able to satisfy us and give us peace.

The world today needs Happionaires most of all and I know together all of us can at least help everybody around us become Happionaires! Did you know that every time you are happy, people around you also become happier? Happiness is really very contagious. Let us all spread it!

Yogesh Chabria

© Happionaire

One of the e-mails sent to me had something wonderful in it, which I would like to share with all of you.

"I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is precisely why I succeed." -- Michael Jordan


Anonymous said...

What you say is what needs to be shared with each and everybody. We get carried away and think life is about being as good as our neighbor and earning as much. In this process we forget the simple joys of living.
A few decades ago people were much happier in India because they did not care too much about big houses or material things which are not really needed.

I shall do my part and spread the Happionaire way. I have become a big fan of yours Yogesh and am so eagerly waiting to buy your book. As your writing is very simple and comes directly from the heart.

It makes me smile and I am sure it makes millions of others smile too.

Anonymous said...

One of your best and most inspiring posts Yogesh. I had a big smile on my face by the end of it :)

Take care and all the best for your book.

Keep smiling and spreading the Happionaire way!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you g. and every word said just keep me motivated not just with my money but with my life.

In my entire life I have never come across somebody who talks about money, investing, the economy and life in such a simple yet powerful way. What you say can be enjoyed by everybody - PhD or a young student.

Unknown said...

Yogesh ,all your articles have been very inspirational & motivating.
I am really excited to be associated with you.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yogesh Bhai...splendid words of wisdom....admire your spirit. That is the key to life. Spreading joy and empowering pple like you are doing. In the process, our goal should also take priority. Wrapping our goals around happionaire way of doing things.
Dream on...nothing is impossible.
Cheers....waiting for your email response.- Hitesh.s (hiteshnew@yahoo.com)

Anonymous said...

Mohan, g., nishant, jushu, hitesh ..and every other Happionaire here, what the entire human race can realize here is that we all all the same. We all like to smile and be happy and be Happionaires.

Yogesh, it is so nice and calming what you say. I think everybody should live their life The Happionaire Way. We will be able to stop hate and wars and spread love and peace. I am sure The Happionaire Way is going to spread joy and love.

As you say together we can spread the happionaire way of life.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yogesh,

I have just read your article and found nothing interesting in it. It was good for a laymen and not for a knowledgeable person. Besides some of the words which you used to put across your point were not correct i.e. use of proper words in the article were largely missing. I suggest you to work on this aspect of your drafting and would like to see you more analytical. This article, it seems, had been written slapdashly with no logic at all. It was more like a story telling than putting across your knowledge in the stock market.

I hope you should work on this aspect and put more weightage in selection of words.

Thats all dear,

Rahul Vyas

Anonymous said...

I am so happy Yogesh that this blog and what you write isn't just another one of those blogs where people talk only about stocks. Here even people like me who just are starting as well as people with more experience will enjoy spending time and reading.

You have the skill to explain things in a very simple way and keeping all of us motivated. Your words truly come from the heart.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to read your comments Rahul and it really upset me and hurt me a lot. I have been reading what Yogesh writes and his words have helped keep all of us motivated. He has never said he is an analyst and he has never forced you to come here and read what he writes. We all are here because we like his personal approach and thoughts. I would today be in severe depression and stress if it wasn't for him. I am very sad to see people saying such things about somebody who has been of so much help- not just to me, but I am sure to several others.

I do not know why your comments got accepted by the moderators of this blog, but I would request them not to accept such things because they truly hurt all Happionaires. It also brings a lot of negative energy, which I think should not be here because this is a place for all of us to smile, be happy and help each other.

Instead of judging others and criticizing them you are free to go elsewhere and write your own views and analysis.

My request is to keep all sorts of negativity away from here and I am sure all other Happionaires will agree with me.

Anonymous said...

"It was good for a laymen and not for a knowledgeable person."-Rahul

What makes you think that you are the only "knowledgeable person" here?

Sumit, I agree with everything you said and it is sad to see people thinking being happy and smiling is not 'knowledgeable. I am glad though that such people are in a minority.

Long live the Happionaire Way!!

Anonymous said...

"It was more like a story telling..."

Rahul are you seriously advising a bestselling author how to write? I suggest you pick up what Yogesh has written for Chicken Soup for the Soul and also read his other writings before you come here and say things. We all have a life beyond just the stock markets and Yogesh please never change your writing style or anything else because of people like Rahul.

(I have tried to keep myself calm and make sure I give a very 'civilized' reply free from all sorts of expletives.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rahul,

Before criticizing others for their alleged lack of selection of proper words, have you ever bothered to notice your own grammar? I’ll give you a few instances to make myself more clear:

1.“It was good for a laymen and not for a knowledgeable person.”

Dear Rahul, it’s not ‘a laymen’ but ‘a layman’.

2.“I suggest you to work on this aspect of your drafting and would like to see you more analytical.”

Again dear Rahul, not ‘…like to see you more analytical’ but ‘… like to see you being more analytical’

3.“It was more like a story telling than putting across your knowledge in the stock market.”

‘… knowledge of the stock markets’ dear, not ‘…knowledge in the stock market.’

4.“I hope you should work on this aspect and put more weightage in selection of words.”

‘I hope you would work on this aspect and give more weightage to selection of words.’

This is how it should’ve been phrased my dear friend Rahul.

Now that the grammar lessons are over, I would like to remind you my dear friend that language was developed for the purposes of communication. As long as the message is conveyed, it doesn’t matter what words are used. So far as Yogesh’s blog is concerned, I don’t think he ever claimed that it’s a blog on ‘investments and stock markets’ alone. This blog being his intellectual property, it’s entirely his prerogative as to what he chooses to discuss here. If it conflicts in any way with any preconceived notions that you may have had about his blog, it’s your problem then, isn’t it? Just as Yogesh is free to write anything, you are free to not visit his blog or read what he writes. Perhaps his thoughts seem simplistic or having been put ‘slapdashly’, to your vaunted intellect, but Yogesh helps many people here with his ideas and words. Just as you took the liberty to advise Yogesh on ‘proper selection of words’, may I be as bold as to suggest that perhaps you should stick to reading the editorials of the so-called ‘expert analysts’ that appear in newspapers or elsewhere? Perhaps their thoughts and language skills would be able to match up to the oh-so-high standards that you have set for all stock-market analysts in general. Oh but wait, even those guys have people editing their writings before they go to print…

Anyway, take care my dear friend and remember, if it’s language and beautiful phrases you want, read Salman Rushdie. And yes, in case you ever need someone to help you out with basic grammar, do feel free to contact me. Just give me a shout-out here.

I hope there comes a day when I get to read your book, or even your blog, with all its ‘proper words’.