Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let Us Make The Youngest Billionaire On Earth Even Richer!

I’m sure most of you must be knowing about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and the youngest billionaire in Earth’s history. He is just 23 years old and already is a billionaire. With the growth of the internet, the future is surely going to have several more billionaires just out of high-school. Anybody with a great idea or innovation can access tremendous amounts of wealth today.

The internet automatically helps those who have something unique and automatically eliminates those who aren't offering something that is needed. Companies like Facebook haven’t spent millions on advertising on TV, instead they have used the power of people and communication to grow and evolve.

For those of you who might still not be aware, Facebook is a social networking site that lets people connect better with each other, besides offering a lot of other interesting applications and tools. The Happionaire Way has just got a brand new Facebook page where all fellow Happionaires can connect with each other, share ideas and have fun and what is better is that joining us is absolutely free. I love listening to what everybody has to say and most of what happens here is thanks to the feedback I get. As I have always said The Happionaire Way isn’t about me, but about us.

What’s more is that all those who join us on Facebook will get the opportunity to win signed copies of Invest The Happionaire™ Way through an online contest. Details of which shall be posted soon.

Visit us on Facebook here!

(You would need to create a free Facebook account in case you don't already have one!)

Keep smiling and innovating!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,

It is a great idea. I am just trying to find out how Facebook works. It is good for old people like me to learn more about these new technoliges.

Your earlier post was so touching. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

It is a very interesting idea to use Facebook. I'm looking forward to it.