Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happionaire's Investing Strategies

I’m sure many of you might be curious to find out more about selecting and finding companies on your own which would help you create wealth. At the moment the market is filled with companies which are quoting at prices two or three times below their actual value.

I have decided to share a few of my methods and strategies used as a Happionaire investor in selecting a particular company which has assets worth much more than its stock price today. However what is more important just finding out the name of this company and investing in it, is the process and mindset that goes in selecting a company.

You will find out what made me invest in this company and you can use the same principles to pick companies on your own. It is much more fun when you use your own intelligence and select companies, because I feel it helps calmer and more at peace.

If you know all about your company, you won’t get scared no matter what analysts on TV say.

This company is a value buy and I have been investing in it, only on the basis of fundamentals. At the moment the stock price has fallen very sharply, thus making it very attractive. If you are looking for a ‘get-rich-quick’ method to invest please do not download this report and waste your money, as it is meant only for people who are eager to learn and invest for the long term. It isn't like a traditional report you might have seen and is extremly personal with a focus on helping you learn more.

You can find out more about it and learn how I selected this company by downloading this report here. You would be directed to a Paypal page where you can pay securely via credit card/Paypal and once the payment has been received you will be able to download the report online.

Happy Wealth Creation!

Yogesh Chabria

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Anonymous said...

Yogesh, I just went through the report and as usual it was very interesting and written in your personal style. I am still trying to understand the figures you have mentioned better though, but it was very useful.

Anonymous said...

I simply loved it Yogesh. It was priceless and I will surely look at investing on the basis of what I read.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sameera the report was truly priceless and gives us insight into a thought process which is so simple yet so powerful. I really hope that more people who invest use such a method to study companies.

Anonymous said...

I run a hedge fund in the UK and I surely would love to share these ideas and this stock with fellow investors. It is an interesting way of looking at things.

Anonymous said...


This report was very diffrent from other reports I have read because you are explaining how your mind works when you select a company. Please share more such reports and companies.


Anonymous said...


Good analysis and pretty well forecast. Like the same "hotels" i hope media and entertainement sector also need to be re-looked. also Let's hope this underpriced stock will boom in the next green revolution and make us wealthy.


Anonymous said...

Yes RamG even I have been looking at media and entertainment. The analysis was wonderful Yogesh and as usual meant for everybody to understand. I hope everybody benefits from your research and creates lots of wealth in the long term. I have been studying and researching more on the basis of your thought process.


Anonymous said...

I have always been scared to read reports and balance sheets because they have always seen so complicated for a person who doesn't have a commerce and economics background (I'm in IT.) But this one was a pleasure to read and pretty simple to understand. I still need to learn a bit more about PE ratios though. I really like The Happionaire Blog and the way things are done here- I fully support your views of not spoon feeding, but rather empowering us with knowledge so we can find out companies on our own.

Please do share more such strategies and companies-not just because they would make good investments-but more so because they will help all of us understand how you think and apply those principles.

Anonymous said...

I'm an MBA student at IIM-A and sir, what I read today was really very helpful to me. I shall be telling all my professors and students to visit your blog and get the report. It makes a lot for everybody in the world of investing to look at the "Happionaire" way. We all know how big investment banks went bankrupt in spite of following supposedly better and complicated procedures.

All of us need to get back to the basics and think the Happionaire way. I feel confident that it is possible to create wealth in the long term based on what I follow here. You are truly my Guru.

Thank you and please don't stop doing this wonderful service and sharing of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I posted the message below in the wrong section. Really sorry for the goof up.

"I'm handling a private India fund from New York and after reading you report Yogesh, we would love to look at this company. The level of simplicity in your thought truly is amazing. I have realized that at the end of the day it isn't us sitting in the office with laptops that matter- but what is actually happening on the ground.

Please continue sharing such reports so we can bring sanity and simple logic to the world of investing."

Anonymous said...

Great research and great stock picking style. Will surely use it in the future to pick companies on my own.

Thinkbig said...

How much I should pay for one report.

Is it usd 49 per report or for all reports.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the way you select companies and bought into what you shared. Am already making over 20% thanks to you. I am looking forward to you sharing more such companies.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yogesh,
I am around a week old to this blog.
i just came across this post of yours. I was interested in getting the report here as it talks about the fundamentals of Investing!
However, this post is quite old and i am not sure if i should go for this particular report or the other recent one you had put up.
Could you please suggest?


The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Hi Sweta,

The reports are educational in nature and you can surely go in for this one to start with.

In terms of prices, almost all the prices have become lower ever since the reports were shared.

Best of luck and happy investing!


Unknown said...

Hi Yogesh

I did download Today Hotel Report, Report looks fine but still my thinking while buying it would talk about the stock value/target..

I think Report was created for information purpose not to provide your purchase price/target price .

Report should contains detail such as how to decide buying price/target price..based on existing company balance sheet,


Jason Webb said...

Amazing! I think passion always need in each and every work,

Jason Webb