Monday, February 4, 2008

I Have Questions

How do I start investing?

What is The Happionaire Way all about?

I have never investing in the stocks markets and am working as an IT professional. How can I start?

Which Mutual Funds are good to invest?

Which stock is good to invest?

Can you give me stock tips?

Your new blog doesn’t have a lot of information. Could you please tell me more?

Where will your book be available? I would love to buy it.

I have just started working and want to know how I can invest?

Can you tell me how can I open a demat account and invest?

Can you give me some advice?

Which all books are good to red to learn about investing?

How and where do I start learning about investing in stocks?

I have investing in RPL, is it a good company?

I have been investing for the past 10 years but want to learn how to invest better, what do I do?

Can you tell me how the new IPOs are?

Where do you think markets will go from here?

What are your views on the IT sector?

Do you have an institute where you train people?

How can I become a Happionaire investor?

All of you have asked me questions like the ones above. It is always nice to ask questions and very important for success and wealth creation. I love asking questions, because till we don’t ask we don’t get answers and we don’t learn.

I might not be able to answer all your questions via a personal e-mail since I have got over 600 unanswered e-mails at the moment; however I have surely been able to read almost all of them and the above questions shall be answered shortly through this blog, The Happionaire Website and my writings. It is much quicker for me to interact with you through my blog-feel free to leave comments.

I’m sure many of you might be very curious. Being curious is great, because it makes everything exciting and interesting. When I started investing in the stocks markets I was very young and very curious. I didn’t have anything much besides a burning desire to learn and an infinite number of questions.

Even today I have an infinite number of questions and I am sure I will always have newer and newer questions popping up in my head. I’m sure many of you will help me find answers to my questions too.

The Happionaire Way is about questioning, because as we all know till we don’t ask we won’t get anything.

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Anonymous said...

I would be certainly looking forward to answers to all those questions Mr. Chabria. I read your article on moneycontrol and am one of your biggest fans. Just wanted to share my 50 paise!!!

Anonymous said...

Sir. I have heard and read a lot about you. It is very nice to find your blog. I know you must be very busy, but I had a few questions about options. WHen you get time pleasae write something on it so we can nderstand it in a simple system.

You have the gift and power to make the most difficult so easy and simple for us retailers and Nadiajii I loved that article of sir too where tells how to buy one rupee coins for 50 paise.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Emaar IPO views. I would be following what you said.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you on your nice way of helping the common people invest.
Keep it up!!!!!

anonymous said...

Recently I was just wondering to invest some small amount of money. And I happened to read your article on Reliance IPO and came to know about your blog. Thanks for lending a helping hand to all those novice investors like me out there. I will regularly visit your website n blog for information on investment.

Anonymous said...

i instantly fell in love with your investing style as soon as i read your article on the Reliance IPO. it is nice to see someone who is optimistic about the fture. add me to your list of fans!

Anonymous said...

You are truly an inspiration and a big guide for millions of retail investros in the country. You are not tretaing us like fools by just telling us to buy or sell btu actually sharing your own strategies so we can pick stocks on our own.

I am another of you bigest fans and you are amongst my role models after Warren Buffett.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

When I started investing, I too did not know anything about the stock markets. I learnt gradually and even today am learning.

It is always nice to know that my ideas are of help. Inshallah I will be sharing many more ideas and together we can spread knowledge and help each other create wealth.

Anonymous said...

We finally have a change from the past. Let us welcome this new revolution which will finally empower all us Indian investors to be smart and not get trapped by cheats and frauds on the stock market. I'm another of your biggest fans.