Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For Market Watchers!

I have got several e-mails from people who really are entering panic mode with their investments-that's the reason I am writing this for all of you. Lately the volatility in our markets has become extremely ruthless. Once day a 500 point rise another day a 500 point fall surely causes a lot of losses for a few people who are actively trading.

However not just trader but even investors tend to get a bit panicky in such times. I am sure many of you who might have invested in quality stocks or even mutual funds might be feeling a bit hesitant and wondering what to do.

My simple advice would be if you have invested in quality, don't worry and stop looking at the market every day. It won't help you. In the near term we can see more such issues as USA still has lots of problems, but India's economic growth is still pretty strong.

Stop listening to people talking about doomsday and on the other hand also stop being carried away by people talking about companies rising ten fold-even though they have no fundamentals to them today.

I got some interesting answers to my previous post Who Is A Happionaire According To You?
feel free to share your views.

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Happy wealth creation!
Yogesh Chabria


Anonymous said...

Your writings help us remain sane and think about creating wealth in the long term. It is really amazing how simple, but yet so important what you say really is Yogesh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yogesh,

It was much needed and even though we know you believe in long term investing, it kinda makes all of us feel better when you reconfirm that we are not headed for doom.

I think you rock and are a real "The Rock Star" in the world of investing!

bujji said...

hi Mr. Yogesh

i am a newcomer to this market world, and have just started reading ur blog.
it really helps and keeps me thinking, am i a late comer.
but ur writings say i have a future.
so thank u


Anonymous said...

I'm in full agreement with you Rajeshwari. Even i'm just starting out but as Yogesh says that the long term is good.

Am looking fwd to read Invest The Happionaire Way and learn more about investing.

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

Thanks Samir,Sameera, Rajeswari and Gita.

I too am looking forward to have all you wonderful people read, learn and have fun with Invest The Happionaire Way. I'm sure it will change the way you look at investing, money and finance forever.