Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why Happy People Are More Successful?

Is it easier to succeed at work, business, investing and life, if you are happy? Let us look at how happiness influences success. 

I have always believed that the most important ingredient to make successful people, organizations, relationships, work and investing is happiness. I have witnessed this over the years and experienced that people and companies that have happy people are always more successful than those who are not.

They are able to make better decisions, because they can handle challenges and stress better. Happiness also causes them to have happier relationships and thus they can think better. 

Their mind is clear of any negative emotions that restrict thinking freely and benefiting from the incredible opportunities around us. They are more confident about themselves and are better at winning deals that benefit them as well as those around them.

If you look at the world's best companies - from Starbucks to Google, they have all focused on making sure people who work with them are happy . They know, the happier the people are - the better they will perform. They know that the mind needs to be alert and charged up to face challenges and happiness ensures this is possible. The happiness being experienced by the employees automatically influences the customers.

Thus if I got to Starbucks for a coffee and the employee serving me is happy, it automatically influences me as I can experience the happiness.  The cheery smile is genuine and real – no amount of training can replicate genuine happiness. Once I experience this happiness, I will automatically become a dedicated customer.

Companies in all sectors – from healthcare to banking and finance can easily replicate this phenomenon of bringing in happiness into their organizations to ensure success.

Even when it comes to investing and finance, if you are happy from within you can make better decisions, your mind will be more balanced and you will not be tempted to spend on things simply to search for happiness. (I shared this in as a part of The Happionaire Talks here: Are You Spending More To Be Happy?)

Think about the time you made your best decisions - whether it was related to careers, business, studies or investing - I can guarantee you were in a state of happiness and receptive to positive thoughts that helped you make the right decisions.

I believe every organization, institution, university, family and individual should encourage spreading happiness to make a better world where we can create wonderful things and contribute to the economy. 

There can be no success without happiness and without happiness, success has no meaning.

Keep smiling and stay happy!

Lots of love, 

Yogesh Chabria 

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Anaya said...

Loved the beautiful post Yogesh. It made me smile and this is truly what the secret of real success is. I look forward to hearing you speak and meeting you. Smiles and happiness to all fellow happionaires!!!

Kritika said...

I am so happy to see that besides simply investing you are sharing ideas on vast areas that truly influence our life ......Yogesh as more and more people read this they will see how simply being happy can make us move ahead in every space. And am so happy to know you will be speaking at the WEF where so many large world leaders are going to be present to listen to you share these lovely ideas.

Sid said...

Would you choose happiness or knowledge to succeed?

Tim said...

I'm based out of New York and love the incredible thought process that you are sharing. Do you do any talks in New York also? We would love to have you here.

Harish said...

Dear Yogesh Ji,

Surely happy mind does help you in every aspect of the life. Happiness can not take away problems of life but surely it can help you face them much easily.


Harish Rijhwani