Saturday, April 25, 2009

For Every Indian: Don't Be Brainwashed!

Recently a car company’s ad showed how a small girl is being ignored by all her classmates and friends, but when her father buys a new car everybody starts taking notice of her. Should people buy expensive cars, just so they are noticed? Is the self worth of a person depended on the car he or she drives? A person should be noticed, loved and respected for who they are and not for what car they drive. Today the West and America are bankrupt because for the past three decades such a materialistic message has been promoted in their society. Society has been brainwashed and made to believe that without that expensive suit or fancy mansion, their life is incomplete. Unfortunately most Americans are suffering because of this brainwashing and propaganda. When a life is lived on the basis of paying EMIs and debt to have useless things, it is then that life becomes really incomplete. I find it a disgrace when investment bankers and Wall Street guys continue wanting to ask for huge bonuses while their entire nation sinks into the worst bankruptcy mankind has ever seen. When your life has no purpose, no spirituality, no love and no family, the only thing that matters are artificial and temporary sources of happiness. Our life is meant for greater things and is a very special gift. 

Unfortunately today the very same type of thing is starting to happen in India. Everyday we are bombarded with images of fancy cars, cell phones and several other things. The media and advertising play a major role in shaping and influencing our modern lives and what has been used since decades to brainwash people. At the same time the education system is also in tune with such a philosophy, no wonder there isn’t enough focus on financial literacy and leading a balanced life. The crash that happened is very good because it finally helps millions of Indians realize that the American dream of excessive consumerism fuelled by toxic loans– is not a dream but a nightmare. I feel sad for millions of Americans who have lost everything, because of a system that works only for a select few and ignores the rest. 

No matter how intelligent someone thinks they are, when they buy a new cell phone every 6 months, even though they don’t really need it, they are being brainwashed into giving their money away to big capitalistic corporations based outside India. I have always believed that the downfall and bankruptcy of the West has been because of such a lifestyle. When children start comparing each other on the basis of what car their family drives, we know something is terribly wrong. 

When I was a child, none of us cared what car a family drives. My family didn’t even have a car, but by the grace of God, we had a happy and healthy childhood. A life where people are working as slaves for 16 hours just so that the money they earn can be spent back on overpriced ‘commodities’ will seem insane to anybody logical. People are made to believe that an expensive cream or big diamonds will make them feel better, look better and be happy. But we all know that this isn’t true. Happiness comes from within and not from driving big cars that pollute the environment. 

What I am saying is truly a modern way of thinking, because old world capitalism is extinct – and that is a good thing. In a modern world, the principles that India’s civilization have stood for thousands of years, need to return. Life needs to be more balanced because just living a materialistic and consumerist life leads to unnecessary stress, depression and a sense of emptiness. Today everybody in the world needs to be a Happionaire first, it is the need of the hour and then people can choose to be millionaires and billionaires. 

A lot of people have loved Cash The Crash, however there has been a small minority who have shown a lot of resistance to the ideas shared and believe it or not, I have even got a few hate messages from these people. For instance I had a builder telling me how I am responsible for a real estate crash, because I have revealed things that weren’t spoken or written about in the mass media and now potential buyers are quoting my formulas and logic to them. I have had a few foreign investment funds and rating agencies, telling me how I did a wrong thing by revealing their methods of sending false signals through the media and tricking investors into buying overpriced stocks. I have had a financial advisor telling me how I am simplifying finance so much that people are now asking him questions that they would never ask before. 

When people become smarter, it becomes harder to fool them and trick them into buying unnecessary ‘investments/insurance, etc’. They are feeling scared, because the writings are so simple and interesting that a much larger percentage of the population is getting access to such ideas. Earlier such ideas were known to a very elite few, because financial language was filled with jargon meant to confuse and dissuade the masses from learning more. Besides finance, even fields like law purposely complicate things in order to maintain exclusivity and intimidate the common man. 

I have no hate towards anybody, and I have openly mentioned that all these people can create much more wealth if they follow ethical ways. If they really look beyond the surface, they can understand that being ethical can help them win many more new clients and grow. But I guess there will always be such people in the world who try to resist and oppose what is right. In fact a part of me is very happy, that our vision of educating people to become financially responsible and literate is having an impact.  Happionaires are gaining power and influencing the real economy. We still have a long way to go and we need the Happionaire way to spread to more people. If we need to make sure that our nation is not destroyed by the same forces that destroyed America, we need to spread principles of leading a Happionaire life, with your children, friends and loved ones.  

We need to discourage people we know from taking loans and spending on unnecessary things. We need to make sure they save and invest wisely. The money saved can be used for much better things and for building a society that values and respects resources. Since our childhood we have been taught to respect Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi, we can’t let anyone destroy our way of life and brainwash us with their propaganda that wants everybody to be bankrupt. We will not let this happen and should make sure no Indian gets brainwashed. 

A car is just something that gets us from point A to point B, our children don’t need a car to make them feel special, loved and cared for by the world. They need our time, attention and love. 

Keep smiling and keep learning! 

Yogesh Chabria 


naina said...

I felt the same way when I saw that ad Yogesh and I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone is looking at such issues. I have been a Happionaire for over a year now and it has been wonderful. I will be introducing more and more of my friends to the Happionaire way of life and I discouraged my husband from buying a big car and bought a small hatch and we saved over Rs. 4 lakhs.

Today my family is having a more secure future because we don't have EMIs and live a happy and balanced life.

Anonymous said...

All the people who sent you hate messages need to know that you are not alone and there are Happionaires all over the country and can never put our knowledge and power down. If you ever need any help just let me know and I will be there. I'm sure not just me but the millions of happionaires all over. I have gained immensely from this blog and your writings.

I will also make my 11 year old son read this.

Dr. Sunil Chauhan

jason said...

Why is it that you people in the third world always feel jealous of us Americans and try to criticize us? We drive big cars and enjoy our life, unlike you Indians who dance around trees and live in slums. There is no country as great as America and we are richer that you.

naina said...

I feel sorry for you Jason.

Yogesh is talking about love and universal brotherhood. If you read his writings and his book, you will see that he has written things in favour of common Americans and criticized only unethical politicians and Wall Street Fat Cats. Most likely you are another American who has been brainwashed and have a very limited world view.

Grow up. The world isn't America and I guess you have never been to India so you don't know that the quality of our life is much better than of Americans who are high on drugs all the time and have lose morals. You have been brainwashed, I will pray for you to get some intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Naina, so you have been to America, then?

Sunil said...

Yogeshji nice post we'll talk about it later, firstly I need to give back someone, something that he deserves.

My Friend Jason if emerging powerhouse like India was really jeasouly of Bankrupt countries like yours then I really dont think that the Indian community would had been there in such a large numbers, secoundly my friend we do accept the fact that we have a small numbers of slums here (I am sure you knew about them only after watching Slumdog Millionare, otherwise you guys dont even bother to check if someone is dead or alive in your neighbourhood and here I am talking on much bigger level) like you guys have the highest crime rate in the world, highest Divorce cases, highest domestic violience, highest teenage pregnancy, highest drug consumer in the world and so forth. So similary even have some problems here, as you know it that no country is perfect we have to try and make it Perfect and despite the slums and the trees that you are talking about, you would be surprised to know that highest FDI is coming from America to INDIA

As far as your big Gas guzzling cars and the richness of your world is concerned we all have seen that in last 15 months or so and we really dont need to get in that argument. Thank your stars President Obama is using Protectionism policies, otherwise you know it pretty well that what potential and talent people from India have it so as to compete at International level (Incase if you dont know that then please have a word with those People whose Jobs were BANGLORED to India)


Anonymous said...

Just check this link for Whats happening in Wall street........ Yogesh ji your vision will help lot of indians to save and make great place to live in country i love most, its just my INDIA.

Load lots of EMI would never help anyone. i am honestly telling you just unload the pressure of EMI out of your life and you will have happioner life the way i am enjoying.

Thanks & Regards

sanjay said...

Very well put Suniljii, Amarjii and Nainaji.

We Indians are the most peace loving and warm and friendly people ever. However, if we know about love we also know about the great Mahabaratha where Arjun with the blessing of Lord Krishna destroyed evil.

Jason, we have nothing against anybody and it is your ignorance. India was rich before the British used unethical ways against us. We are all one. I will share this post with each and every Indian and we will not be tricked into a life of EMI slavery like you Americans.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Jai Hind! and Jai Happionaire!

kunal said...

Jealous of you Jason? Good joke.

What do you have to be jealous of:

No family values
No character
No peace of mind

Stop trying to break the unity of Indians and Yogesh here is trying to help even Americans like you. May God bless you.

raju said...

We Indians are a country headed for economic growth and it is very clear that others don't want this. The best thing we need to do is ignore others and work even more to make sure our country and people progress.

I agree with Yogesh's views. Why wear a SWISS watch just because of the country name instead why not wear Indian TITAN and buy INDIAN and be proud. We are the most superior race in the universe and this is proven fact. If anyone looks with wrong eyes at us we should teach them a lesson.

May the Happionaire way grow and empower millions more. These traitor politicians also need to be made straight.

Jai Hind!!

sonia said...

Anonymous- You asked Naina if she has been to America. Well, I have been to America and yes it is nice. But below the surface, I sensed people are not really happy with their lives. Under all those flashy lights and cars, there is a lot of sadness.

On the other hand here in India, we are always smiling and enjoying family life. I live in a small city Jaipur, but we enjoy life and spend time with family. And just in money terms it is wrong to say we are poor. We are richer because we aren't in debt. We are Happionaires.

I should thank people like Jason because he makes millions of us realize how small Americans think and only care about their own lives.

Slumdog Millionaire was a disgrace to India. We aren't only slums and are rich nation and culture.

Sisir Saikia said...

Dear Yogesh ,
Your blog is ever enriching ! I never miss a single one . Hoping to read 'Cash the crash ' soon .
Sisir Saikia
Reliance Mobile GSM Service

Ghalib Sarkar said...

Yes very true what u say.
I hope mankind has learnt a lesson or two from the collasp of the world's economy which to put it down to simple and basic bottom line was greed.

Ghalib Sarkar

Anonymous said...

I am an American and to be honest I don't agree at all with Jason. Our nation(America) as Yogesh rightly said has been brainwashed by big corporations. I find it worse when people like Jason make America and Americans look even worse. They have become slaves of a dirty system.

I just want to request my friends here that I am an American and love India and the culture and spirituality. I have been a big fan of Deepak Chopra and love to meditate. Now I am discovering the writings of Yogesh. I can sense the love and energy here and I pray that my country becomes enlightened. I want to read your book here but I have nobody in India to send it to me.

It seems like a wonderful book that will change lives.

May there be love and peace.

An American Happionaire.

Sunil said...

My fellow Happionaires, just to set the record straight that I (we) have nothing against anyone, we are here to learn lot of new things and enrich our lives through the knowledge that we acquire.

srinivas chakravarthy said...

Hi Yogesh,

I wish - let your tribe increase!!

Siva said...

Brother.. this was terrific.. you have penned things in such a way, it makes me wonder if you have read my this was by far (my belief), the best blog i have read... i keep telling people i know things similar to what you have written, but they just do not seem to understand.. i seen friends buy flats at unbelievable prices and now they just happen to be in the flat and have no happiness because whatever they earn they have to return back as EMIs.. and if for some unfortunate reason if that guy is laid off from work (which seems very common these days) he gets himself very conviniently into a catch 22.. well lots of examples i can give..

but the point is that this is a very great article and hope it reaches millions of young indians who are tempted to get into this web of EMIs...

Again, great work.. keep it up..


benudhar moharana said...

A nice article. India , with its thousand year world value system should never get corrupted by the silly ideas imported from ele where.Our basics a re alright . We should stick to them

hormuz said...

I have been enjoying my life very much as a Happionaire and have shared these wonderful thoughts with my wife and children. They too have realized the beauty of living this type of life.

I agree with all the other Happionaires here who have shared a similar vision. If we live this type of life, we will no longer need to work as slaves who have to pay EMI. We can leave our job if we have no satisfaction and start our own business also.

sameera said...

Sunil you are right. We are here to share ideas, smiles and love. However, if someone comes here and says thing that are not right we should raise our voice.

I am assuming by now, the person has realized that we are extremely passionate people and will not tolerate anybody trying to stop us.

I have sent this post to all my friends, because it is the need of the hour. I request all other Happionaires to forward this beautiful post to their loved ones.

It is high time we stop being brainwashed.

Let the love of Happionaires grow.

GS Kooner said...

Dear Yogesh Ji.
This article about brainwashing is ultimate.

In Punjabi We call it Shekhi Marni (to falsly show off).
To live happily one needs to first save and then spend (when needs arise) but today MNCs, banks and corporate culture is promoting the theory of First spend than work like donkey to pay EMIs. Happy living is encapsulated in an Indian saying "Chadr dekh ke pair pasaro" means Stretchs ur legs by the lenght of ur covering.

jason said...

I am sorry for what I wrote. I think I wrote it because it seemed you were attacking all of America. I am an American and love my country. But now I can see that you were only attacking the guys who have made our life so tough. Love wins over hate. Now that I think of it, to a certain extent we have been brainwashed. The politicians and unethical bankers are the ones who need to be blamed.

I once again apologize to my Indian friends here. Please forgive me. And as all others said, let there be peace and love. I think I too am becoming a Happionaire now.

Sunil said...


We all whole hearteadly welcome you to Happioanaire club! My friend

The Happionaire™ Blog said...

I am happy to see that love truly has more power than hate. People are intelligent and they just need to be shown the right path.

I am smiling after reading the views of fellow Happionaires. Even when I was a little boy, my mother would say "Chadhar dekh ke per phelao." This means see how much you have and only then spend. This simple philosophy can save millions of people from becoming EMI Slaves and in fact could have saved America.

These lessons taught to us as children have more power than doing a PHD course in finance.

Keep smiling!
Yogesh Chabria

kapilok said...

Hi Jason and Fellow Happionaires,

It is extremely heartwarming to see and read the comments on this thread.

Please remember that no country is perfect. America and India can both learn so much from each other. I'm not sure the politicians and the policy makers will do so, but the businessmen and entrepreneurs are surely doing it, and eventually they will influence the politicians, so we'll get there somehow. It's only a matter of time.

I travel to America few times a year and interact with very smart and enthusiastic Americans. They too really respect Indians for our values and professional abilities.

So, it is now upto us at the "global community" level to solve global problems and I really thank Yogesh for spearheading this initiative.

The power of masses is astronomical, and I believe in the happionaire community making a BIG difference in times to come.

Jason, take care. We care about America, too ;)

Regards to all happionaires,

naina said...

It is beautiful to see people from all over the world adopting the Happionaire way of life.

Yogesh, I just wanted to ask you what are your views on USA telling Reliance not to deal with Iran. Specially since you have had a personal experience dealing with all the nations involved. Once again please not I am not targeting individual Americans(many of whom are today fellow Happionaires) but politicians there.

Don't you think this is pure bullying by them and dictating terms to us?

Anonymous said...

Fellow Happionaires,

Most of us don't even know who is contesting elections from our respective constituencies, let alone knowing their basic profile, which might keep some of us from voting for the right candidate or voting at all. But thanks to the proactive initiatives being taken this time around, you can now find out more about the candidates from your constituency by clicking on the below link:

Please vote & exercise your democratic right responsibly!

Take care & God bless!

Shobhit said...

Hi Folks !

I am a newbie to this club, and stumbled upon the "Happionaire" concept purely by chance. And I'm so grateful that I did.

Though I have not yet read your Cash The Crash, but looking at the quality of your ideas and vision, I can surely say that this is one book which should be included in the CURRICULUM of each and every student of India. We need these fertile ideas to be inculcated right from the time the kids step into real world. Thanks for taking the initiative to create this much needed financial awareness. God bless !

Cheerios :)

maraja85 said...

Yogesh, with due respect to your views i am very happy that some around is making an initiative to make people understand or educate the efficient use of money over the bankers who are ready to offer a 95% loan of the victim's salary

I had been a victim to the same but slowly and steadily recovering and now i warn/educate my friends on happy living without all the luxuries which are just temporary hapiness. The joy of a new car would vanish when you dont have money to pay the first year insurance along with your Car loan EMI and home loan EMI