Friday, January 25, 2008

The Happionaire Way Begins!

It feels really nice to write my first post on The Happionaire Blog. Something inside me tells me that we are all going to have a great time together here as Happionaires and all of us are surely going to learn a lot from each other.

I know that many of you might be wondering what The Happionaire Way is and how you can benefit from it, while others might be curious to find out more about the first book under the The Happionaire series-Invest The Happionaire Way.

It shall all become clearer with time. There is a lot that needs to be done, and together I am sure we can do it. Even though I regularly share my ideas through various media outlets-several time I feel the need to connect with all of you on a more personal level. This is where it is going to be done.

The Happionaire Blog isn't just about me-but about all of us. It is about sharing ideas and sharing knowledge while having fun. Feel free to ask questions, share your ideas, give me feedback or just speak your mind out. I love learning as much as I can from everybody around me. I think everybody knows something that I don't. It could be in the field of investing or in life.

Presently Invest The Happionaire Way is going through its final edit, and if everything goes well, it should be going for print in a few weeks. It would still take a couple of months for all of you to be able to read it though. You will get to see the actual book cover and more details about the book here soon.

Cheers to a life filled with happiness, health, wealth and abundance as Happionaires to all of us!


vinay said...

It has been great reading your views and ideas on investing. Thank you for sharing them with us. I wish you all the best and really look forward to finding out more about The Happionaire Way!

mahesh said...

I am so happy to see the word "Happionaire". It is the thing today we all need. I think i know what it means.
I'll be telling my wife that I too am a Happionaire-not millionare as yet!!

kavitha said...

Congratulations!! I started investing after reading your articles on Moneycontrol. I'm sure your book would be just as interesting and knowedlgable.

manish raheja said...

Invest The Happionaire Way is surely going to be revolutionary sir.

I don't know if you remember me sir but I have attended your seminar and the way you shared your ideas change my entire outlook to life. I too am a Happionaire from now on.


I pray to god for a grand success of "HAPPIONAIRE" and I am sure it would be a most knowledgeable book for the people who invests in Capital market.
God bless you.

Milan Datta

sonia said...

This book will create a revolution in the world of investing. I have heard you speak at our college and loved the way you present and explain things. All the best.


My ernest request to you is to have a picture of yours on the COVER PAGE of HAPPIONAIRE. Hope you won't cut my thought down.

Milan Datta

mahek said...

Yes it would be really nice to have your picture if not on the cover at least inside the book. Best of luck and congratulation!

chirag. said...

Sir this is an excellent work by you.
Your writings are excellent.Congrats!!
keep on going..Best of Luck.

chirag. said...

Sir this is an excellent work by you which you brought it out on the right time the word "Happionaire". As these days the markets are weak. So sir best luck and keep on going.....!

Yogesh Chabria- The Happionaire said...

Thank you so much for the warmth shown by all of you.
Milan, my friend, thank you for the suggestion-the book is a lot more about us than just me and knowledge is what really matters. I'll have a small picture of me at the end mostly.

Markets are never predictable by anybody in the short term Chirag and once we all know that we don't know a lot it will help us a lot.

I am glad to see so Happionaire investors here!

malini said...

Dear Mr. Chabria,

What you have done and are doing is much better than telling what to buy or sell. You are giving all of us retailers the power to select stocks on our own.

Only after reading you I know that knowledge is really the most important thing.

Happionaire Investing is not just going to be a revolution but it is going to help millions of Indians invest!


raj said...

I've used ur ideas to get really good returns. With u it is good because you give idea and reasons-then we think for ourselves and invest.

I also stopped doing trading in futures and all which caused many people to suffer huge loss. I have not only earner but also saved.

Really eagerly waiting to buyThe Happionaire Way !

dr. chopra said...

I have always wanted a word to explain myself-today I have found it thanks to you Yogesh.

I'm a Happionaire!

sameera said...

Hi Yogesh!!!

I've got a small PR company and at our firm I've made it mandatory for all our employees to read what you write. It is really helpful to all of us who don't have a finance background.

The thing about you is that you can make the most boring things in the universe seem interesting.

Invest The Happionaire Way is going to be kick ass. lol I hope I am allowed to use such words.

If there is anything you ever need do let me know. I would love to help. I'm a happionaire too thanks to you!

Chiro said...

Hello Sir,
I do write couple of blogs..
But you write with heart.Your wittings are touchhhy....
Dats an excellent work by you...
Keep on goin..
Sir plz vist me..
Thank you......

nagrajan said...

I agree with all the other people here and am very curious to know more about "Happionaire."

naresh said...

I agree with you Chiro- Yogesh just writes so honestly and directly from his heart. It is as if he is speaking to us just as a friend. Oh also I checked out your blog kinda empty nuddy-but best of luck to you too.

hitesh said...

Hey Happionaires!!!!

Just wnted to say 'hi' and tell you that this place is gonna rock.

karthik said...

I fully agree and support what you are saying Yogesh. We can all do a lot more for this country if more people investedd there money wisely. Best of luck from me too you too!

Jayant said...

Any creation requires the individual to be creative. You are the one indeed. Right from the blog name, the book name, everything reflects your personality and creativity.
I wish you good luck.

Yogesh Chabria- The Happionaire said...

Thanks for being so supportive and kind. It means a lot to me.

I feel everybody is creative and has unlimited potential. As humans all of us are very special. All we need to do is believe in ourself and things will happen.

Happy investing!

kirti said...

You are truly humble and very kind. The truth about Happionaire is that not everybody might be a millionaire or a billionaire, but we all have the power and potential to be Happionaires.

I am a Happionaire now itself. B

rahul said...

I have read your articles Yogesh sir on moneycontrol and you are the only person today in India who explains in such a nice and simple way to us retailers how to invest. I am looking forward to learning much more from you through your book.

gaurav said...

Can you please tell me where I can buy your book? I am based in Dubai. I really weant to read it.

You have just changed my entire otulook to invvesting.

Yogesh Chabria- The Happionaire said...

Once again thank you for the extremely kind words.

Invest The Happionaire Way has not yet been released and should be out in a few months. You will surely be able to buy it online and it will be available at all leading bookstores around India to begin with.

radhika said...

You are a great teacher and what is so special about you is that you make everybody smile through your writings while also making us learn new things. It is nice to see such a thing.
The Happionaire Way will surely be a super hit bestseller.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any good valued investment ideas here.

Pradeep said...

Thanks for coming up with a blog on "Investment". I am sure it would be interesting and useful to everyone, interested in investing. Expecting more inputs and valuable suggestions from you on this blog site.


Yogesh Chabria- The Happionaire said...

Thanks for the feedback anonymous and Pradeep.

A large part of my ideas on value investing are shared through websites such as and will be shared here too with time. I have been busy getting things in place for my book- Invest The Happionaire Way and want to make sure that it helps all of you be better investors.

However more ideas shall surely be shared here and feel free to ask more questions and give me feedback.

rajeev ahuja said...

Hi Yogesh,

I'm a doctor in UK who is looking to start investing a part of my income in Indian stocks. Your writing is very impressive and easy to understand.

I would like to know if your book would be available in UK?


Deepak Kumar said...

It is so incredible seeing your journey Yogesh and wonderful seeing this first post. We all need to learn and be inspired by you and you are one of the best motivational speakers and really know how to bring in much needed change!

Proud to be a Happionaire!