Tuesday, December 15, 2020

JSW Presents Yogesh Chabria LIVE


Yogesh Chabria JSW Live Jindal Steel Works Connect Seminar

I hope you have been having fun and growing your sales.

JSW (Jindal Steel Works), one of the world's fastest steel companies worth over $15 Billion is sponsoring our next Happionaire Sales program.

So you can get it abosutely FREE and benefit in real time to grow your sales, plus you get to ineract with me and ask questions.

We are going to have a capcity of 3000 people, but we are sure to cross that in registrations.

So be there. And benefit so you can increase your sales, persuasion and benefit.

Here's the link to register - 


It's happening on Thursday, 17th December 2020 - 4 pm IST.

See you! 

Yogesh Chabria 

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Happionaire's Bounce Back Program Is Here

Happionaire's Bounce Back Program - Yogesh Chabria
I have been interacting with people from all walks of life.
I have been getting emails as well as messages on our various social media platforms - specially LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube. 
People are facing challenging times. Some people have lost jobs, businesses are down, salary cuts have happened and for some it's just the stress of working from home and balancing everything.
I believe the more we help people, the happier we feel and the more we grow.
We designed a brand new program keeping the current challenges in mind.
It's the Happionaire's Bounce Back Program to help people and organisations get back stronger and better.
It covers four main areas - Mindset, Health & Vitality, Realtionships and Business and Finance.
It's completely online and easily accesible for anybody. 
Take care, stay strong and make the most of now. 
Yogesh Chabria 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Era of Average Is Over

People have been asking me, “Yogesh, what’s going to happen to the economy?” “What is the future going to look like after this Coronavirus thing ends?”

Well let me tell you a fact. I am not going to sugar coat things. I am an optimist, but also believe in seeing the reality and not hiding behind false illusions and fantasies.
Lots and lots of businesses all over the world are going to go bankrupt. It’s going to be worse than 2008-2009, it’s going to be worse than the Asian financial crisis, it’s going to be worse than 1929 for many people. Yes, worse than 1929, which has been the worst recession in the history of mankind.
It’s going to affect all sectors. Real estate, aviation, automobiles, finance, banks, events, media, restaurants, hotels, retail, stock brokers, mutual funds, crude producers  – I see over 50% of businesses globally going bust. Businesses have already started defaulting on debt payments. Retailers have already stopped paying rents as they have brought in a force majeure clause.
There will be a spill off effect. Magazines are going to shut down, Playboy just published its last magazine. Physical newspapers are going to be wiped out.
This will of course lead to millions of jobs being wiped out. Companies that shut will fire everybody. Companies that survive will keep only the very best.
I know someone whose company lost over $1 Billion, they have started firing people who aren’t the best. Everyone average is asked to leave. Earlier, companies kept even people who were ‘average’ – but now things are different. Unless you are excellent and performing to your highest level, you won’t survive.
The survival of the fittest theory always wins in the long run. You need to be fit mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually to really succeed.
The way we know manufacturing will change. New businesses will prefer using technologies like 3D printers, instead of hiring people and contract manufacturing in China.
More automation and technology will be used. So let us assume you are an just average accountant or lawyer, you won’t really be needed as technology will easily replace you.
Only ‘star performers’ will be needed. So unless you are a high profile lawyer that is excellent, companies won’t hire you. Routine tasks will be done by technology.
Routine manufacturing will be replaced by 3D printers.
Digital marketing agencies that don’t bring in innovation will go bust.  Companies like Google and Facebook would directly start dealing with clients.
The way business has been done is going to change, and most people who don’t adapt will be left out from the progress that is going to come.
The ones who survive, most of them will be struggling financially. They will constantly be trying to pay their debt obligations, salaries and rents.
But a very small minority who adapt and will make even higher profits. Even higher returns and benefit more. These are companies and individuals who understand the power of excellence. These are people who invest in themselves as well as change with times.
And this is where the biggest opportunity is going to be. You will see an emergence of a new class of people in every domain. There is also going to be a global shift away from China.
Countries like India will benefit immensely as foreign investors move away from China and start setting up manufacturing units in India.
In times like now, it is very important to start becoming excellent in every area. Become fit in every aspect, from your business, to marketing, to sales, to finance to your physical and mental health.
Only the toughest are going to thrive in this new world. And a lot more new ideas and growth is going to come.
Are you going to be ready for this and charge forward or are you going to be left behind? Are you going to look and benefit from opportunities? Are you going to act on a brighter future or be bogged down by problems?
History has shown after any major catastrophe, there is a new beginning. Germany became the strongest economy in Europe, after it was destroyed and lost during the 2nd World War. Japan grew into an economic power house, after it had been nuked.
The worst periods of our life, can make us stronger and lead us to greater success. That’s why it is never enough to be just average. Be excellent. Be strong and succeed.
Yogesh Chabria

P.S. – I am so happy to read the wonderful feedback and views from all of you, after having listening to Happionaire’s Sales Secrets. I’m happy we were able to make it free for everyone for a limited time period.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Register For Your Free Seminar

Yogesh Chabria Free Seminar HCIPWe have been doing lots of interesting things during this global quarantine.

In fact, using technology, our business has grown. And I will be sharing how you too can grow in every way. 

I believe challenges can be wonderful opportunities and had written a book called Happionaire's Cash The Crash during the 2008-2009 financial crash on how to always discover opportunities.

Now, we have an even bigger opportunity, with which we can create massive wealth and growth.

I am doing a free online seminar, called Happionaire's Communicate, Influence & Persuade (HCIP)™ - click here to register, we have limited seats on first come first seve basis. 

All those who register, also get free access to Happionaire's Sales Secrets. 

See you.
Yogesh Chabria 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Volunteer - Happiness For All

The way human beings are taught needs to be changed.

I see how since a very young age, children are programmed to be fearful and afraid. They are told that if they don’t study hard, they won’t get a job. If they don’t top their exams, they will be failures.

They are told that they need to stop living in a dream world and start getting serious. Parents are filled with fear and start applying for admission to nursery and school even before the child is born! They are afraid that if their child doesn’t get into a good school, their life will be doomed.

Do you know of someone like that?

The irony is that this is exactly the kind of programming that makes people miserable in life. They might end up becoming engineers or doctors or lawyers or whatever else the society wants them to be, but deep down, they aren’t satisfied.

They aren’t in a state of mental, physical or spiritual bliss.

It isn’t their fault. It isn’t even the fault of their parents. It is the fault of the education system that was designed on the basis of fear.  A system that was designed by the Colonial Rulers who wanted to rule over people.

It wasn’t meant to enlighten people or ensure they lead a blissful life, but instead to condition them to never question, obey orders and function like machines.

Human beings are meant to laugh, joke, play and live a full life. Success doesn’t mean you have to be serious. Have you seen a child play? The child is filled with energy, joy and laughter. It is this creative and dynamic energy that can help us achieve anything we desire.

Children and adults need to be given knowledge that is relevant in a rapidly changing world. We are living in a golden age of knowledge – and yet, only a very tiny percentage of people benefit from it.

Everyone needs to realize the powerful laws that work in nature that lead to success, health, happiness, love, bliss and peace. Everyone needs to realize that we are all one. The world needs to realize the wonderful benefits of giving and having empowering emotions.

In order to achieve our missions of Happiness For All, we have started a volunteer program. We launch it first in Mumbai, and then spread all over.

The first thing needed is a venue volunteer.  So if you have a venue (or can recommend someone with a venue) do let us know.

In addition to venue volunteers, we also welcome volunteers with expertise in social media, video recording, editing, logistics, IT skills and management.

The ideal volunteer is someone who just wants to give back. Click here to fill in the Volunteer Form

You don’t have to be a volunteer to attend the Happiness For All sessions, they will be completely free for everyone to attend.

I am excited (as always!) – let’s get started and get people to smile more and have a lot of fun!

Yogesh Chabria

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

6 Life Changing Teachings of Lord Ganesha - Yogesh Chabria

Everyone in India (and the Indian community elsewhere!) is celebrating Ganesh Utsav. 

I have always been inspired by Ganesh ji and am happy to share 6 Life Changing Teachings of Lord Ganesha in Hindi.

Which teachings did you connect with the most? Would love to hear from you!

Stay happy, healthy and prosperous always!

Yogesh Chabria 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Women Power

Eid Mubarak, hope you enjoyed some delicious kesar sevia and had a great Father's Day! 

I was recently with Marshall Goldsmith and was happy to see his focus on women with his new book How Women Rise. I have personally believed the feminine has immense power. The power of both  Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge  are what define success.  (Here's one of my videos showing the power of both these feminine forces and how they work together.) 

Even in Succeed The Happionaire Way, I shared my conversations with several women such as Neerja Birla, who shared the importance of taking action and how she pursued her education several years after getting married or a young girl who decided in order to lose weight, she needed to learn to love herself first. Some of my biggest mentors and supporters have been women, from my mother, to my wife to even my publishers at CNBC, who are largely female! 

Keeping this spirit in mind, I am very happy to share about Marshall's event in India on How Women Rise with his co-author Sally Helgesen. I'm going to be there and we are going to make it all about empowering women (and men!).

Go ahead and click here to register for it. I'm looking forward to seeing you there and having lots of fun!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Yogesh Chabria