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Free Preview of STHW and The Time Expansion Program

I have been having a lot of fun and I'm happy to share I have just finished writing - Succeed The Happionaire Way (STHW). I feel blessed and thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the Happionaire family for inspiring me to make this happen. I get inspired to keep going further and further thanks to you. The Happionaire Way exists because of you and all our friends all over the world.

All of you who are connected with me on Facebook would have known that I am sharing free previews of STHW. I was filled with humility and gratitude to read the initial reviews. They have been truly phenomenal and incredible.

If you have still not read the free preview of Succeed The Happionaire Way - simply let me know, I will share it with you. I would love to have your feedback and comments.

Sharing a free preview of STHW also inspired me to share a free preview of our audio learning program Time Expansion - in order to access all you need to do is click this link, fill in your email id and you will get to experience it. Also instead of the usual price, there will be a special price for all those who have experienced the free preview.

I have been more active on social media as compared to our blog. In case you have not yet connected - do connect. I would love to hear from you.

Have fun! Enjoy the rains (or the sun!) and have a beautiful time ahead.

Lots of smiles and love,

Yogesh Chabria

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Is Your Company's Work Culture Increasing Happiness? - Yogesh Chabria, Happionaire


I'm happy to share my recent feature in People Matters and would love to hear from you!

Is your company's work culture increasing happiness?

Yogesh Chabria, a renowned business strategist, motivational speaker and authority on success shares his valuable insights with People Matters in this exclusive feature.
Are your personal values the same as your workplace? Do you want to lead a balanced life, while your company values workaholics? A clash of cultures could be stopping your personal and professional growth!

The HR Head of a reputed IT Company reached out to me after reading one of my articles. Some exchange of communication and a phone call later, he candidly shared the challenges the company was facing. What was emerging to be the biggest concern, according to him, was that he felt the employees lacked motivation, passion and were becoming increasingly difficult to train. 
He pinned this down to the slowing financial incentives to the employees, due to a reduction in profits. As a result, the overall morale and happiness levels were at the lowest and the attrition rates had never been higher. The atmosphere at work was palpably stressful and a solution was needed urgently. 
Each company and organization have their own metrics of gauging different parameters at work. For me, the key to understanding human issues like morale, happiness, productivity and so on, is to have a more holistic and human approach. I believe that the human touch is very important to break barriers and get to the root of the problem.
For me to step in, it was important that I had direct contact with the employees – with the people who went behind making the company and not an analysis of some dry results of a survey or a feedback form. While it was not possible for the company to have all the many thousands of its employees at a single platform at once due to logistics, it was decided to have a selection of around 500 people from the various sections and divisions of the company who were going to be representative of the diverse mix at the company. 
A two-day seminar at a nice five-star hotel was organized which had in attendance people ranging from senior leaders and mid-level executives, right to newly recruited engineers, marketing and sales teams. It was the first time all these people were meeting each other in this sort of an environment. 
Through the course of the two-days, the idea was to not only have me share practical strategies that could be implemented by each one of them to increase their potential, but more importantly to get them to open up and share their own goals, values, fears, challenges and passions. Of course, at first, everyone is hesitant, but as we built a rapport and they felt they were in a secure environment, they started sharing more and more, giving a deeper insight into what the real issues were. 
It’s astonishing what the simplest of questions can unearth in such an atmosphere, as sometimes all that people are looking for is their voice to be heard.
For instance, when I asked “What makes you unhappy?” the responses I got revealed one of the primary, yet unspoken, points of divergence between the company and its employees. 
“I couldn’t make it in time for my daughter’s 12th birthday as I had to be in the office till 9 in the night”, said someone, as a tear welled up in his eye.
“I barely ever get any time for myself. I want to exercise, I want to eat better, I want to be healthier but there never seems to be any time. I have a severe backache but I’m not able to do anything about it”, responded a lady in her mid-30s, visibly frustrated and dejected by what seemed to her like unsuccessful attempts at managing her own life.
“I always feel stressed out by some thing or the other. It feels like there is an inner battle going on between what I believe in and what I find myself doing”, replied someone in his 50s.
For most, it was an intense experience with lots of different emotions and ideas flowing. There was also a lot of laughter and jokes, selfies and smiles. And the fulfillment of the purpose of this experience. 
While it was extremely satisfying to see so many people feel empowered at the end of the day, what was equally valuable was being able to discern how this company functioned. Amidst all the conversations and opinions, it became easy to identify the real reasons for discontent among the employees. It was something much deeper than the reduced financial incentives.
There was a massive clash of cultures.
The company’s culture, simply put, was very different from the culture of almost 90% of its employees. While the company valued workaholics who were tied to their desks with focus on numbers and figures, most of the employees were yearning for a more balanced life where they could leave work on time and share the important moments in the lives of their loved ones, and create some moments of time for themselves where they could do what they needed to have a healthier state of mind and body.
The company never drew its attention on the personal, mental and social wellbeing of its employees, and had a singular goal of increasing profits.
It is crucial to recognize and respect, for any company, that its employees are not mere machines or robots and are real people with all the attributes that come with being a human being. The solution, therefore, lies in ensuring the corporate culture evolves to include more holistic values. 
Once the employees feel mentally, physically, socially and financially secure and happy, their performance levels automatically increase. Attrition rates come down and they work with more passion for the overall success of the company and their teams.
That one seminar was like a seed that was planted into the minds and hearts of people to think about a new direction. I am happy that since then, a lot of major steps have been taken and there had been an overhaul in the company’s approach towards its employees. There are visible changes with increased happiness levels, renewed passion and productivity at work. 
The world’s most successful and profitable companies bear testimony to the fact that investing in their people indeed does give the highest returns.
Is your company’s work culture focused on increasing your happiness? What sort of investment are they making to make this happen? I would love to hear from you! 

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His personal mentorship, seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires. To be a part of this vision, visit: or connect on &

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How I Grew My Sales By Over 100 Times By Asking Crazy Questions - Yogesh Chabria

Have you ever asked yourself a crazy question? How did it feel? What happened to you when you asked yourself a crazy question? Did it make you think better? Did it exercise your mental muscles? Or did you stop because of people around you?

I ask myself the craziest questions all the time. I even ask crazy questions to everyone I meet. These could be my private clients and entrepreneurs who are looking to rapidly scale up their business or people who attend our Happionaire Success seminars or just people I meet on a day to day basis. 
As a young boy, I would ask so many questions, that I had been nicknamed “Mr. Why (Y)” – many times people would even get irritated by me, but I wouldn’t care. Questions have immense power and the right questions have the power to change our life.

History has changed because people asked crazy questions. Right from “How can we fly?” to “How can we communicate with people on the other side of world?”

I’ll share one of the many times, I used the power of questions. The reason I am sharing this is so that you too can implement this power in your day to day life and increase your sales, business, earning potential and further upgrade your life.

When I started consulting and mentoring entrepreneurs and businesses, I wanted to reach the maximum number of people and change their life with what I have learnt and practiced, in the shortest time period. I like having dominance and mastery in everything I do and bringing real value.

I asked myself, “How can I increase my sales by 100 times in a month?” 

As soon as I asked myself this question, I felt myself being challenged. Mentally, emotionally and even physically I felt my muscles tighten.  (Try asking yourself a challenging question. How does it feel? Do your muscles tense up too?)

But then, gradually, I calmed down, and then got excited. I started looking at possibilities and asked myself more questions such as these:

“Where do my clients spend the maximum time?” 

I found out that my clients spent most of their time on a few mainstream business magazines, newspapers, TV channels and websites. I also found out the seminars and conferences they attend. I found out the associations they are a part of.

“How can I constantly be seen and heard by my clients all the time?”

Now they that I knew where my clients spent their time, I immediately started contributing articles, appearing on the TV channels they watched and speaking at seminars and conferences they attended. Soon they knew Yogesh Chabria and were well aware of the The Happionaire Way and what it could do for them.

“How can I gain trust and establish a rapport with my clients so that they know I can be of massive help?” 

I made sure my articles, videos, books, radio interviews and TV appearances were all meant to add real world value to everyone who invested precious time. After hearing me or reading what I wrote, my clients had to get immediate benefits by taking action. As soon as they benefitted, I would gain their trust and establish a rapport.

Now they knew I could help them increase their sales, motivate their employees and bring in positive energy to move up to the next level, they knew I was there for them. It was like giving a free sample to let them know how much more they could benefit.  

“How can I make my clients realize that they absolutely have no risk using my services and they will benefit at least 100 times more than what they pay me?” 

I am very passionate about what I do. I get satisfaction when I see real world results. I wanted my clients to know this and that’s why I offered them a solution where they had absolutely no risk while paying me. If they didn’t get massive benefits, they didn’t have to pay me. The secret to selling well is to provide a benefit so large; that they can’t resist your product or service. Also it goes against my personal values to take anything from someone, if I am not giving them much more.

The above questions, gave me answers which brought me as well as my customers great breakthroughs and results. I don’t believe I have super powers or am particularly more intelligent than anyone else. In fact, in many ways I love taking the simplest, shortest and easiest route to achieve my goals.

Try asking yourself similar questions I asked myself. Turn off your phone and make sure nobody disturbs your for at least an hour.

Keep asking yourself questions and write it down on a paper. You will be pushing yourself mentally and you will start getting incredible answers. No matter what business you are in, whether you are a financial services provider, manufacturer or consultant – every business on the planet is a sales and marketing business.

Without sales and marketing, you can’t move up to the next level and create a brand. Today because of the Happionaire™ brand that has been created over the past 10 years, I have a major Domination Advantage (DA) ™. A competitive advantage is short term – but a Domination Advantage is long term and almost impossible for anyone else to replicate.

I know everyone who takes action right now, can achieve their goals and targets. I speak from experience, as there was a time in my life when I was struggling in every area of my life; and it all changed when I change my psychology and took massive action.

Will you be taking action right now to move to the next level? Will you grow your sales by over 100 times? Will you ask even crazier questions? If I heard a Yes, which I hope I did, I am sure you will succeed!

Experience Happionaire's Business Mastery  

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His personal mentorship, seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires. To be a part of this vision, visit: or connect on &

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This article first appeared on NetworkFP

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Want To Increase Your Sales With Happionaire's Sales and Business Mastery Program?

Hi friends,
"Happionaire's Sales and Business Mastery - The Ultimate Sales and Business program is here to change lives. Be a part of this revolution!" 
I am happy to share the dates and details for our Happionaire's Sales and Business Mastery one day program. This program has helped people increase their sales, business and influence in the most practical ways. 

Are you interested in knowing more on how you and your team can really benefit from it?  
Have a great day ahead and happy selling!
Yogesh Chabria

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Do You Want To Work With Us?

We are growing faster and faster - this growth is thanks to the love, support and blessings of wonderful happionaires like you. We are now looking for incredible people to work with us. 

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Have a great day ahead and make the most of every opportunity! 

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How A $30 Million Event Brought In Billions Of Dollars In Profits!

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Is an events company just a company that takes care of logistics, sound systems and stage design? Is it just someone who brings in entertainers and motivational speakers? Or is an Event meant to create a spark that inspires a revolution? Is an Event meant to change history and the destiny of millions of people?

Yogesh Chabria, a world-renowned business strategist, motivational speaker and authority on success shares his valuable insights with EVENT FAQS in this exclusive feature.

I looked at the sea of over 1000 people who had gathered for a sales seminar celebrating top performers in the company. Before coming on board, I had insisted that all the participants should be able to come with their families so that they get fully involved and immerse themselves completely in the two-day experience.

At the end of the event after people had experienced amazing breakthroughs, the Director of the event company that had organized the event came and thanked me.

He told me how happy his clients were with the seminar and that they had in fact hired his company to organize 12 more events through the course of the year. I smiled and humbly replied that he was giving me too much credit and it was perhaps one of the true stories I had shared during the seminar that might have triggered this incredible outcome and made the company realize the importance of investing in such Events.

I would love to share the same story with you and hope it benefits you and your company.

The year was 2008, when the world was facing a deep economic crisis and businesses worth billions of dollars were going bust overnight. During this seemingly dark, difficult period, one company stood up to the challenge like no other and put the money where its mouth was. It decided to invest $30 million dollars for an event for its employees.

Yes, they got 10,000 of their employees for a Leadership Summit aimed at inspiring and motivating them. It was designed to instill the values of success and achievement in them.

They did this even though they were facing a financially challenging market. They did this even though the competition was heating up. They did this even though margins were falling and they were losing money. They did this because they knew the power of investing in their own people.

They knew the power of investing in experiences that have the power to change history.

Do you know what the impact and result was of this one event?

It became the spark that changed the fortunes of this company. The event was like a breath of fresh air for the employees that rejuvenated and inspired them. They started behaving differently and began thinking like winners. This got reflected in how they interacted with the customers. Sales went up, profits jumped and this led to an increase in the share price of this company. They were soon able to dominate over their competitors.

Today that one investment of $ 30 million was the seed that lead to a complete turnaround in the company and got them billions of dollars, enabling them to open thousands of new stores all over the world.

Any guesses which company I am talking about? You probably have had their coffee recently.

It is a company I love personally - Starbucks. This happened under the leadership of Howard Schultz, a great guy and a visionary.  He realized the power of one event.

Throughout history, all it has taken is one event to change the course of mankind. The greatest battles are won because one military leader inspires confidence at a single event. Winston Churchill was able to inspire his people to fight and to not give up at a massive rally during World War II. This one event was the reason they were able to win against Hitler.

Countries got independence because a statesman made one speech that changed the way people thought. Mahatma Gandhi’s call for freedom and independence rallied 350 million people to fight against the British Empire using non-violence. His ideas and events were innovative where he even told people to go out and make salt as a way to protest against the British.

Martin Luther King inspired generations to fight against discrimination by inspiring them with a single speech where he spoke about his dream of a world where people of all castes, colours and religions unite and live together.

Companies have changed their fortunes because of one single event. Think about Steve Jobs launching the first iPhone or Mac - these were all historic events that went on to create a massive revolution.  

Our life too is remembered as a series of events. As an events professional, the next time someone asks you what you do, tell them you are responsible for creating history, and then ask for $30 million for creating an unforgettable event!

I would love to hear your views on the most memorable event you have created or been a part of. Feel free to write to me at or connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires. To be a part of this vision, visit:

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What Is Real Wealth And Success - Yogesh Chabria

This article first appeared in BSE Forum Views 

Is real wealth only money? Is success only increasing sales, revenues and profits? Or is it much more?

Yogesh Chabria, a world renowned business coach, motivational speaker and authority on success shares his valuable insights with BSE Forum Views in this exclusive feature.

A very powerful CEO and his wife had come to me for guidance and advice. They desired complete personal confidentiality, which is something I always take very seriously for all my clients.

Everything in their life seemed perfect on the outside. They had all the money in the world, they didn’t have any debts and EMIs to worry about. Their children were well placed and doing well. They had a beautiful house, a wonderful lifestyle and the most luxurious cars.

They knew some of the most famous and influential people on the planet – from political leaders to sports and movie stars. They got invited to the most glamorous parties in the city. To anyone looking on the outside, their life was perfect – and yet they didn’t feel happy. Something was amiss.

They gradually opened up to reveal their inner lives. After years of being together, they felt they had drifted apart and no longer felt that spark in their relationship. Constant fights and arguments over the smallest of things had become commonplace. They barely spent any quality time together or had any conversation.

The husband’s phone had become his constant companion instead – business calls, Whatsapp, and the Internet had taken over every moment at home. While his career had rocketed up, his personal life had spiraled down. He was filled with anger, stress and anxiety, which in turn gave way to daily pills for hypertension and cholesterol.

The wife, on her part, confessed how she felt empty inside. She loved her husband, but felt that over the years, he stopped responding to her love. No matter how much she asked him to not spend so much time on the phone or the Internet and take more care of his health, he just would not listen. She had all the material wealth, but no peace of mind. Because of the atmosphere at home, her health, too, was affected – she felt depressed and hopeless.

I meet so many couples who are facing similar challenges. On the surface, we see the sheen of their success – they are high performing corporates and professionals, well-established doctors, lawyers, engineers and well-acclaimed entertainers. But the inner turmoil, the feelings of being lost and hollow inside, the internal conflicts often go unnoticed to others around them. They barely ever laugh together or even speak to their spouse and feel all hope is lost.

But there is always hope and there is always a solution. Life can be changed in an instant – if we really want to. It has always been my conviction and belief and something I have experienced not only in my own life, but also seen to ring true for millions of people all over the world, who have succeeded in changing their lives in amazing ways.

The first step to bring in change is to understand what really is true wealth and success. Is it simply achieving career growth and earning a lot of money? Or having a huge house, expensive cars, chic clothes and a lavish lifestyle with frequent holidays and dining out?

If it was only that, then this CEO and his wife, and so many others I know would not be unhappy or depressed. While material wealth and financial prosperity are very important, what matters even more is a state of fulfillment. A state where we realize that real success and wealth means a state where every aspect of our life is in harmony and balanced.

As human beings, we need to feel fulfilled not just financially and materially, but also mentally, personally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Somehow, these are values and topics that very few people are ever taught about. As children, society puts pressure on us to get good grades and then good jobs – we are rarely taught about the value of happiness and peace of mind.

People spend 15-20 years of their life achieving material wealth and career growth, and once they attain it, they suddenly feel lost and empty.

Luckily, it’s never too late to change. It is time to take control and break the mold. Now is a new moment and a new beginning and anyone can change!

I am happy to share that once this CEO and his wife understood this, they had immense change in their life. They feel happier, a sense of gratitude and peace of mind. They feel fulfilled. This inner transformation also helped them strengthen their bond and discover a new connection with each other. They have a new hope and desire to make the most of this wonderful life, together.

While they thank me for this change, I always tell them that it is not me, but they, themselves, who are responsible for it. I might have been a catalyst or a small spark, but everything else is a result of their own thoughts and actions.  The human mind is like an unlimited supply of fuel – sometimes all it needs is a small spark.

I want you to ask yourself - What Is Real Wealth and Success for Me? I would really love to hear your answers!

Yogesh Ch
abria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, ranked as one of India's best motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires. To be a part of this vision, visit: